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Chapter one: Announcements and Introductions

I lifted a fork to my lips and took a rather large bite of my favorite dinner; Filet Mignon. With some difficulty, I fought the urge to throw down my eating utensils and dig my carefully manicured fingers into the plate and stuff my face. My aunt kicked me under the table, reminding me that a princess always practices the best manners, especially when in the presence of company.

I glanced around the table, to see if anyone noticed my almost-unlady-like behavior. Thankfully, no one was looking my way. To my left sat my father, a crown teetering precariously on his balding head. He had dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, a sign of stress and sleepless nights. Tonight was his welcome home dinner. He'd just returned from a rather embarrassing defeat on the battlefield. Father spotted me looking at him and smiled sadly. He'd seen too much. Over the years it seemed that father had never gotten any happier. Mother died five years ago. Though I was only twelve at the time, I remembered her loving expensive necklaces, and dresses. She would force me into the most uncomfortable gowns saying I looked lovely. Father was deeply in love with her. They had met at sixteen and married soon after. Mother had become sick with influenza. I gave my father a happier smile in return, hoping to transfer some of the joy from my constant reservoir of emotions to him.

On his right was Billy Black, my father's best friend for years. Billy fought alongside my father on the battlegrounds and was unfortunately wounded in the most recent war. His legs no longer worked. Billy was a Quileute Indian, and a very superstitious one at that, but all in all, he was a kind man. He helped my father through the tough years after my mother's passing. Billy's son Jacob was next to him. Though two years younger than I, he was at least half a foot taller and still growing. Jacob and I had become fast friends due to the fact that my dad and Billy we're constantly on fishing trips. Jacob always insisted on keeping me company during these frequent outings. He was a happy kid, a smile never leaving his face. When he caught me staring, he grinned and quickly raised his hand to wave.

I returned my attention to my plate and once again scooped the delicious morsels into my mouth. Suddenly, my father stood up next to me, clamping a hand down on my shoulder. His hand shook and was sweaty with nervousness.

"May I have everyone's attention? I have an announcement to make," he cleared his throat. As you all know, this past war against England was not our greatest," He paused seeming to prepare himself for what he was going to say next. "Fortunately, we were able to make a peace offering." Applause broke out for my father's great tactics. He didn't smile. Instead, he glanced at me. "Bella," he said surprising me. I had no idea how his war effort related to me. "You are the peace that will keep our countries linked," my father turned to me. He stared into my eyes, his brown ones mirroring my own irises. I saw pride, but hidden behind his pupils there was a secret pleading. One I knew I wouldn't refuse, though I was beginning to worry about the way this evening was turning out. A sick feeling, like a fifty pound stone being dropped into my stomach, started to creep inside me as realization hit.

"Bella," he faltered, this time looking away from the table of guests and glancing out the window into the gardens as he attempted to hide the tears in his eyes. It was a noble attempt, but I was able to catch a stray droplet trickle down his wrinkled cheek. He took a deep breath, keeping his voice surprisingly calm as he tried again. "Bella is to be wed to the prince of England."

Disbelief colored my face, though I had already guessed my fate. The room was silent as everyone quickly took in my expression. Aunt Lizzy recovered first and, for the second time that night, kicked my leg under the giant dinning room table. I composed my face as best I could and, as society demanded, thanked my father for providing me with such an honor. He forced a sad smile, sat down and kissed my forehead. He motioned for the guests, who were still staring open-mouthed in our direction, to continue eating.

After five minutes of forcing the now chalky tasting potatoes and carrots down my throat, I decided it was alright If I excused myself. When I cleared the doors of the dining hall, I picked up my skirts and ran as fast as I could out to the gardens. I burst into the night air and was finally able to breathe regularly. Something cold tickled my face, I had begun to cry. Tears streamed down my skin as I made my way to a bench so I wouldn't fall. How could my father so quickly cast me out of his life, just to help himself? He should have thought, and planned his invasion. He could have had better defense. I sobbed harder because I knew that it wasn't his fault. He didn't want me to leave; he just wanted to spare the few soldiers he had left. I internally kicked myself for thinking that my father could ever disown me. He loved me, and I knew that I would do whatever was needed to help him. I leaned against a tree silently as water pooled beneath my eyelids. It was dark outside, just past twilight, and I knew it wasn't proper for a lady of my status to be out alone this late at night. Dejectedly, I gathered my bearings and made my way back to the castle.

I jumped when I heard a noise behind me. Whipping around, I sighed with relief that it was only Jacob.

"I apologize, I didn't intend to frighten you," he said quietly, "I just noticed you running out and I thought maybe, with your history of falling, I could be of use." I smiled in response as Jacob took my arm and led me safely back towards the castle. "How are you holding up?" he inquired.

"As well as can be expected, I just never would have guessed that my father would send me away." I stammered

"You know as well as I do that his highness would never do that unless he had no other choice. He loves you, we all do, but now you must do this for your country."

"Wow Jake, you're beginning to sound like a real patriot," I teased.

"It's only that I hate seeing you upset. I know my words offer no comfort, but I'm trying."

"Who is it, that I'm…marrying?" I questioned. I instantly regretted asking because Jacob's face lost all traces of joking, and quickly turned dark. A cold look entered his eyes.

"Jake, what is it? What's wrong, you can tell me." I prompted.

As if he realized that he had scared me, Jacob forced a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes and said. "Oh it's nothing, Billy told me some stories, and you know how superstitious he can be, believes anything the old man."

"What does it have to do with the prince that I'm marrying?"

"It's really nothing to worry about Bells," he said, using my childhood nickname. Then he seemed to think twice, "Just be careful around the royal family, they aren't like us."

Seeing that he didn't want to pursue the subject further, I asked him one last question. "Well, would you at least be kind enough to tell me who I'm going to be bound to for the rest of my life?"

He smiled, his happy nature back, "Sure Bells, his name is Edward Cullen."

"Hmm," I gave a noncommittal reply. Jacob led me back to the palace and up the stairs. He clasped one of my hands in his and brought it to his lips.

"Goodnight Bells, sleep tight," and he left to go back to the party.

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The week had passed in a blur; I honestly couldn't tell you what I did for those too-short days. I was leaving for London this morning. My wedding was in two days, and I was depressed. My gowns were promptly packed away. It took a total of fifteen minutes for the dresses, and another thirty for the rest of my most treasured possessions. My favorite silk fan, the one my mother left for me, was packed in my reticule. It was a deep blue with black flowers embroidered on it. Whether it matched my dresses or not, I took it everywhere.

I was never a lover of expensive clothing, a big disappointment to my maid Madeline I'm sure. She had never owned more than one special occasions dress, and I should have had many but the few that I did own looked more like something a peasant would wear on the street. I plopped, very unlady-like, onto my bed on the ship that was to take me to my doom. Earlier that day, I had kissed my father, cousin and the Blacks goodbye. No one else at the palace was close enough to me that I'd miss them. My father had assured me that he would come for my wedding and visit frequently. He said he loved me, and he wished there was something he could do.

Madeline, who would accompany me to England, helped me out of my daisy yellow gown and slipped one of my more elegant dresses on.

"Miss Bella, aren't you excited to meet Prince Edward?" Madeline questioned excitedly as she laced my stays. "He's incredibly handsome," She gushed.

"Wait," I whipped around to look at her, "you've seen him?" I asked incredulously.

"But of course, I was born in England, the Cullens have ruled for quite a number of years." She informed me. I blushed, only now remembering that she had told me that twice before. I turned around and allowed her to continue tying my dress

"Oh yes, he is quite the young man," she added dreamily, though I could detect a hint of jealousy in her voice. She pulled a little tighter than was necessary. I choked on a breath of air. She finished and turned me toward the looking glass.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen will just die to see you in this," she added again voicing her jealous feelings. I let my gaze wander over the person in the mirror who was not me. The dress was a deep blood red, plastered too tightly to my body to allow me any comfort. It had black sequins woven around the bodice, and dark chiffon on the skirt. It belonged on someone with more of a figure. I preferred loose, creams and browns, something only peasants would wear, but of course to meet my fiancé, this would have to do the trick. My eyes wandered upward to my face. Pale as always, I stared into my deep brown eyes, they were littered with unhappiness. This was not what I wanted. I needed to fall in love with someone, and then marry. Not the other way around. I turned away from the mirror, not wanting to wallow in self pity. This was something I had to do.

The boat docked and I was escorted by the captain to a carriage. I was locked in the small space with Madeline chatting incessantly about the Cullens, how prince Edward was definitely the most good-looking. I suspected that she secretly wished she had been subjected to an arranged marriage. I was starting to despise this Edward Cullen. He had stripped me of everything I knew, forcing me to cross oceans just to keep him from killing our soldiers. There was no way I was going to fall for him and become the bumbling idiot that Madeline was.

The horses thudded up and down pulling us behind and in no time at all, made it to the palace. A white gloved hand reached into the carriage as it came to a stop and helped me onto the uneven cobblestone. Our luggage was carted up before us as we made our way into the entry hall.

As the doors opened, I caught my breath. Columns twenty-five feet tall supported the highest ceiling I'd ever seen. The walls were made of gold, paintings of previous kings and queens adorned them. The castle was spacious, glass mirrors and windows made it appear even bigger. Rugs made of tiger fur were strewn about the wood floor. But as my eyes scanned the architecture, they were immediately drawn to the inhabitants.

Carefully, so as not to trip and embarrass myself in front of my future in-laws, I made my way to the royal family. I held my breath as I gazed at the seven most beautiful creatures ever made. My eyes widened as I drank in their beauty. They were all sitting demurely on sofas and high backed chairs. The first to stand, hesitantly reached out and shook my hand. His grip was cold, but that could have been because my hands were so warm and sweaty from nerves.

"Hello, you must be Princess Isabella."

"Just Bella please," I managed to choke out as I tore my eyes from all the god-like faces.

"I'm Carlisle, the king of England, and this is my wife Esme, and our children." He explained, as he pointed out a beautiful woman, who looked too young to have so many older children, on his right. Carlisle went down the line of gorgeous beings and listed their names.

Alice was on his left. She was a short, though taller than me, girl who looked to be around my age. She had black fairy-like hair spiked out in all directions, and was wearing a vibrant dress that closed around her petite figure like it was made for her. Alice was bouncing up and down excitedly as she stepped up and kissed my cheek. I tried to suppress the crimson blush that was spreading up my face at her sudden contact, but failed miserably. Next to the bubbly Alice was a man named Jasper, he put a calming hand on Alice's shoulder and she immediately stopped jumping. Jasper waved slightly at the sound of his name, though he kept his distance, the polar opposite of the girl next to him.

Then came the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She rivaled even the most famous models. Her name was even exquisite, Rosalie. She had ample curves, and radiant blonde hair. She was wearing a tight black dress that made her stand out. When Carlisle said her name, she simply glared at me. Wondering what I had done to deserve this unjust treatment, I blinked confusedly. The hulk of a man next to her jabbed her in the ribs and she forced a smile that could be better classified as a grimace. The man next to her was named Emmett. He had strong arms with biceps that looked to be the size of large tree trunks. He gave me a warm smile and stepped forward to engulf my hand in his dinner-plate-sized one.

Last in line was my fiancé. He stood up from the chair he was sitting in and stared at me, his butterscotch eyes boring into mine. His bronze colored hair caught the light of a candle, and he quickly grasped my hand at the sound of his name. He continued staring at me as he brought my burning hand to his magnificent face. Madeline chose this moment to make her presence known and walked into the palace. A gust of wind accompanied her. I couldn't breathe as his lips suddenly touched my skin. Before my head started spinning and I saw spots, I noticed something change in his expression. As he kissed my hand, his nostrils flared, and his eyes went back, he glared at me and quickly dropped my hand. Gasping for air, I felt myself spiraling down to the ground. Before I could hit the hard wood of the floor, I felt cool arms wrap around me pulling me back into the air.

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