Fandom: NYPD: Blue

Character: John Kelly

Title: Thoughts of the Future

Prompt: 076 Who

Rating: PG 13

Word Count: 238

Summary: John reflects on the decisions he has made in recent months.

Disclaimer: I don't own the character. I'm just taking him out to play with and I'll put him back when I'm done. Making no profit off this endeavor.

Author's Notes: A missing scene fic.

Thoughts of the Future

John Kelly slammed into the detectives' locker room wanting to destroy something, so he punched his locker instead. He punched it hard and the sound reverberated in the empty room.

Who the fuck did Martinez think he was thanking me? John asked himself as he sunk down on the bench. So, I helped him get his shield, but did I do him any favors by doing that?

He flexed his hand a few times to work the stiff pain from his fingers. It wasn't the first time he had taken his frustrations out on inanimate object, and it wouldn't be the last.

What kind of a cop am I, if keep helping Janice destroy evidence concerning her connection to Marino? he pondered in self disgust. He dropped his into his hands as he felt a headache coming on. What kind of role model does that make me?

John lifted his head and studied his locker. The door had several deep dents in it. They were evidence of his Irish temper getting the better of his self-control.

He snickered at that thought.

"If I had any self control, then I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in now," he whispered.

Tired of his own company and feeling the sudden need to drown his sorrows, he broke off his contemplation of his locker. He pushed off the bench and made his way out of the precinct.

The End