Author: Jusrecht

Pairings: Kira x Atrhun, Dearka x Athrun, past Dearka x Yzak and future Shinn x Cagalli

Warnings: Male/male relationships and everything that comes with them, not very explicit but not exactly implicit either. You can see the rating I put on this one. Other than that, there are curse words littered all over the fic, though not many. OOC-ness should be expected too. I really have no idea what I'm doing with them in this story.

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine and neither is Gundam SEED. I only own this small, humble fanfiction.

Summary: (AU) Dearka doesn't know what he has done when he invites Chairman Zala of PLANT to his New Year masquerade and introduces him to General Yamato of ORB (Kira x Athrun, Dearka x Athrun, future Shinn x Cagalli)

A/N: Kira and Athrun are both 22, so they're in legal age to do stuff mentioned in this fic XD This is an AU because they don't know each other previously and there are a few differences you will notice in the story, like the existing tension between Coordinators and Naturals and the fact that Dearka's ship is Voltaire. By the way, this fic will be much sappier, much more focused on romance and whatnots compared to 'Crossfire' which really has a plot. That should count as a warning. Anyway, if you're still interested at this point, do continue reading.


Chapter One: Bound


Dearka Elsman loves trouble. Many will agree to this statement, including the subject himself who hardly does anything to prove the opposite and gives it his heartfelt support in various ways instead, for example with having a Natural girlfriend once.

He grins, taking another sip of red wine from his glass, and rises from the couch. He walks to the window which looks over to the garden's estate and pulls open the heavy velvet curtain halfway. The sky is dark still – it is around four in the morning – and in the distance, he can see the colourful city light. He always likes coming here to the chairman's estate, one of the most obvious reasons being the feeling of isolation it always brings him. Aprilius One – and the entire PLANT in that matter – relies on technology very much and their modern environment more than testifies for it. A place like this, a piece to remind what the beautiful Earth looks like, is a rare gift he is only too eager to claim whenever the opportunity arises.

The other reason is currently sleeping in the large bed in the middle of the room, oblivious to all these thoughts running in his head. Like he has admitted earlier, Dearka really loves trouble. Sleeping with the chairman of PLANT is only one of the proofs – although a big one at that – and he is perfectly aware that this mad feat will only get him into more troubles later.

If one asks why, he will grin and say that the chairman is so irresistibly fuckable. The truth is, it just happened. Around a year ago, he found out that the one he loved would soon be engaged and he could do nothing about it. More than that, Yzak never actually tried to show him that their relationship was more than a casual fling and he raised no objection to the engagement plan either. Dearka may be stupid in a lot of things, but he knows a lost cause when he sees one.

But he came to the party. It was the engagement of his best friend anyway, to another friend of his no less. The problem is, Dearka genuinely likes Shiho Hahnenfuss. She is sensible, very straightforward and an exceptional pilot, something that he always respects. They could be good friends if this didn't happen, but he realizes that one cannot always get what he wants.

So yes, he came to the party, congratulated the couple and got himself drunk. It wasn't polite, but he really couldn't care less at that time. In the end, it was Athrun who took him home early after arguing for ten minutes with the head of his bodyguard squad. He only remembered being hauled to the backseat of his car and left there to tend to himself as someone drove him back home. His apartment was dark, but the small bedside lamp Athrun had turned on made him realize how pretty his friend was and that was that.

Well, he was drunk.

The full realization of what he had done didn't hit him until the next morning. Dearka woke up with a killer hangover, naked and alone. If there wasn't such a mess in his bed, he might not realize that something was wrong, but he noticed and everything started to come back slowly.

It was the second morning Dearka had ever contemplated committing suicide. Besides, his crime should be enough to get him a capital punishment, shouldn't it? Molesting the chairman of PLANT wouldn't look good on any resume except for going to jail. Or the gas chamber.

He knew he had to talk to Athrun, but the ridiculous thing was, to meet with the chairman of PLANT even for something as important as this, he had to make an appointment. No exception. Dearka couldn't imagine how his face must look when Meyrin announced that Captain Dearka Elsman was here to meet with the chairman.

Athrun looked small and tired sitting behind his enormous desk and Dearka asked himself how the hell he could ever bring the topic up. Maybe he was just dreaming, but then his friend asked if he was feeling better and he knew that he had to know what had happened, even if it was just for himself. He threw the question and Athrun looked back at him steadily.

"The question should be whether I did something to you."

At that point, Dearka was already confused. He might be drunk, but he still remembered some of the details, which suddenly made him want to hit his head on the wall over there. It looked pretty sturdy.

"You were drunk," the younger man explained and Dearka went into a rambling of how it still didn't excuse what he had done, not only because Athrun was the chairman but also you are a friend, damnit. And suddenly Athrun smiled and pointed out that he was also Yzak's best friend, or was it a different kind of friend? There was no way Dearka could contradict that and so he only stared, openmouthed as the other man rose and approached him.

"I know how you feel about Yzak," he said, "and I'm sorry for what happened. Last night was a mistake. I knew you were drunk. I promise it won't–"

Dearka knew that he must have gone crazy because at that moment, he kissed Athrun.

Everything started from that one kiss. Sometimes it would be in his apartment and sometimes the chairman would plainly order Dearka to come to his estate. Once it happened in his ship because Dearka would never, ever miss a chance when his friend came out of the shower dripping wet like that, but it was never in the office. For Athrun, his office was sacred and Dearka thought he understood why. It went on and on. He tried to forget Yzak, but he never deluded himself with the thought that Athrun might love him. Still, he never asked why.

Until four months ago.

Athrun was particularly desperate that night, again and again wanting him harder, faster, and while Dearka did not mind, he couldn't help but to be puzzled. He kissed Athrun's neck when they were done and finally asked. His friend's laugh was bitter and he told him about responsibilities, pretenses, frustration. I trust you, he said, that's why I can let you do this to me without fearing that you will blabber and destroy me.

Dearka remembers thinking that night that if he hadn't fallen in love with Yzak, he might fall for this blue-haired beauty.

As far as he knows, no one realizes the true nature of their relationship except Shinn Asuka, the chairman's head of security. Or if anybody knows, they must be keeping their mouth shut. Dearka loves trouble, but he will rather die than getting someone important to him in trouble.

"What are you doing there?"

Dearka smiles and puts his glass on the table before walking over to the bed. Athrun is looking at him with half-lidded eyes, looking annoyed for some reasons. Unsure, he sits on the edge of the bed and decides that he isn't really expected to answer that question.

"It's only four. You should go back to sleep," he says softly. God knows his friend loses a lot of sleeping hours in the last few weeks because of the escalating conflict between Coordinators and Naturals.

"Yeah, I have to get up at seven," Athrun mutters and looks up sourly at him. "You don't have anything to do today, do you?"

Dearka hides a little smile. "We have vastly different responsibilities, Sir. I can't help it if mine is much smaller than yours."

"Oh, shut up," the other man grumbles and settles deeper into the bed. Dearka takes it as an invitation and slips himself back in, wallowing in the warmth left by his friend.

"I was threatened by Asuka yesterday," he says, not exactly knowing why he brings up the subject at four in the morning.

"He doesn't like you," Athrun mumbles, disinterested.

"And do you know why?"

"Should I?"

"Of course," Dearka assumes a deeply serious tone. "It concerns you, my friend. Have you ever heard of this catastrophe called jealousy?"

That gets a more definite reaction from the chairman. Athrun turns around and gives him an incredulous look. "Shinn? Are you out of your mind?"

Dearka raises his eyebrows in question. "What then?"

"You disturb his duty and you always attract trouble."

The quick, no-nonsense answer takes a grin out of him. "A fair point."

"Now I can't sleep anymore," Athrun accuses like it is his fault. Which may have a ring of truth in it.

"We can always play," Dearka suggests innocently, which earns him a dry look from his friend. He grins in return. If there is something he knows about Athrun, it is that he never can get angry with Dearka, who unfortunately for him never hesitates to play this card whenever the need arises. Like now.

The blue-haired man sighs and the next thing Dearka knows, he already has a pair of emerald eyes looking down at him, complacency nothing but evident in them. For a moment he is unable to react as the familiar weight settles itself more comfortably on top of him. Athrun smiles at him, the kind of smile that makes Dearka feel that his pants are nothing but a nuisance, and leans down, lips tracing the outer shell of his left ear.

The table is turned, he realizes with giddiness crawling all over his body.

"You want to play?" the other man drawls in a voice that always makes his hair stand up on its end, his breath hot and tempting. "Then we'll play."

Dearka is all too happy to oblige, but Athrun has put a finger on his lips. "I have one question first. Someone told me that you're having a New Year party in your house. Can I come?"

If nothing else, the triviality of the question throws him overboard. "You're doing this just to get an invitation from me?"

Athrun gives him one of his I-know-I'm-an-enigma smiles. "Who knows?"

"Don't you have anything important to attend, Sir?" Dearka shoots wryly. "You know, all those chairman-ly stuff."

"You mind me coming, Captain?"

"No, of course not," he feigns a heavy sigh. "It's just that you always steal all the women."

"I thought it's a masquerade."

"Does it make any difference to you?"

"No," Athrun answers with a smirk. "I know nobody can resist my charm."

And that is about the point when Dearka feels another barrier collapsing and pulls the other man down to a kiss. Athrun doesn't fight him. Instead, the way his lips move suggests an entirely different thing, but Dearka abandons his train of thought at that because a more pressing matter is at hand, namely his friend's tongue. For a long moment, his brain refuses to accept any other thought until the kiss is broken and Athrun stares down at him again, looking even more molestable than before.

"So, do I receive an invitation?" he repeats the question, green eyes promising a lot of things he cannot even begin to imagine. Dearka always knows that the last thing about Athrun he is able to resist are those eyes, and it doesn't help that they are looking at him like that. Still, he has to hold up his end of bargain.

"That depends on what I get in return," he tells the younger man solemnly.

"And pray tell, Dearka, what do you want in return?"


Athrun looks genuinely amused. "As in?"

"Your body, soul, everything."

"You only want the first," he accuses, mocking a pout.

"How well you know me, Sir," Dearka replies with a grin and slips a hand under the blanket, thrilled when a new light comes into his friend's eyes.

"Then we have a deal," is the whisper he hears before Athrun kisses him again.

End Chapter One


Notes: So, if anyone is confused about the role of the characters, I'll explain a little here. Athrun is the Chairman of PLANT. Dearka is a ZAFT officer and the captain of Voltaire, which in reality is Yzak's ship in Gundam SEED Destiny. Yzak is a council member representing Martius City. They were war buddies, like what happened in SEED (minus Kira's involvement and the ending of the war) before Athrun and Yzak involved themselves in politics. Meyrin is Athrun's secretary and Shinn, as has been explained above, is his head of security who deals with the chairman's safety wherever and whenever. The rest will appear in the next chapters.

'Fuckable' is not a word, I know, and neither is 'molestable'. I just can't resist them...

Okay, so Kira hasn't made his entrance, but don't worry. He'll claim Athrun in the next chapter. About updating, 'Crossfire' remains my topmost priority, but I will definitely continue this story. Thanks for reading and please review!