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Chapter I

Falling In ... Like?

It was September, Uchiha Sasuke's favorite month. Sure, he was in school for what felt like twenty-four seven, putting up with creepy teachers, hormonal girls, 'roid-shooting jocks, having a bag of homework weighing more than he did, and at the end of the day he had no one to come home to... But September was still a good month. It was cooling down, which meant he could finally wear a hoodie and not get bitched out by the other kids for being a "vampiric emo retard." Or so his classmates so delicately put it.

School sucked for Sasuke. He was a junior this year, though. Meaning that the agony of being an underclassmen had subsided. Instead, Sasuke replaced the bullying he got with not being noticed at all. Which wasn't exactly that bad. Well, then again not everyone ignored him. He did have some people who hung around him. Mainly the quieter kids of Tsubasa no Hari High School. Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Neji and Hinata, and Sabaku no Gaara.

Sasuke sat in a comfortable silence with Shino one day at lunch, biting into a sandwich. Shino cleared his voice, and stated plainly, "There's a new boy in our grade."

Sasuke swallowed his bite of sandwich. "Hm." He replied, "Name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Is he even any cool?" Sasuke asked.

Shino thought a moment, and replied, "Not sure, but he fell down a flight of stairs this morning and then got trash-canned by one of the big jocks. All before second period."

Sasuke's eyebrows raised. Although, he certainly would not be the one to 'recruite' him to the team, nor did he even want anymore people around him, he was interested. Interested in what the fuck that boy's problem was.

Soon Sasuke had gathered his bag and nodded his 'good-bye' to Shino. He headed off toward his fifth hour class with a sigh. Rounding the corner to go up the staircase, he considered how much he hated Algebra class. 'Letters should stay in the alphabet and shapes should stay in kindergarten,' he remembered a friend saying long ago.

Before Sasuke could get his foot to the second step, he felt himself being thrown back down the stairs by a heavy body, and slamming into the cement wall behind them. He rubbed his head and groaned, looking down at the reason for his pain stretched over his lap.

It was a boy, with golden blond hair, and a tan complexion. He couldn't have been older than Sasuke, and had a lithe build. The boy sat up, cursing to himself, "Kusou!"

Sasuke caught sight of his face. He had strange, dark, whisker-like scars on both cheeks, quickly intriguing Sasuke. But he didn't have time to consider them, as before he knew it, the Uchiha was caught up in this boy's eyes. Two sparkling, clear sapphire eyes. They had to have been the most beautiful things Sasuke had ever seen. He was soon snapped out of it, as the boy blinked, and sat up. A deep crimson blush was across both of their faces. "I-I'm sorry! Gomen!"

It wasn't two seconds after that the boy was gone.

Sasuke took a minute, still concentrating on the blond's face, before he finally realized he was still sitting on the floor, his mouth dropped an inch. Quickly, he stood up, and took off up the stairs, jetting to his next class before he was late.


The final bell of the day rang, but Sasuke wasn't about to jet out of his last class just to get trampled. No, he knew the routine. Leave when the bell sounded, get trampled. Leave a minute after, get stepped on. Leave after two minutes, it was safe.

He followed his philosophy and soon found himself standing at his locker, expertly twisting the combination into his lock he'd had since freshman year. He couldn't help but think of the boy from the stairs, and how he had made him freeze up like that. He didn't like the feeling. It was a feeling of vulnerability. He couldn't control it.

Just then, he saw him again. Or more, he heard him before he actually saw him. He was at the end of Sasuke's chain of lockers, practically beating the shit out of one on the end. "Bakaa! Open you stupid locker!"

Sasuke unhooked his own door and it swung open. The sound must have gotten the other teenager's attention, because the blond quickly looked over at him. "Heh... Sorry!" he laughed, going back to his assault on the locker.

"Do you..." Sasuke started, but pausing as the teen looked back at him, "Do you want some help there?"

The boy smiled, and blushed. Sasuke casually walked over, and spun the dial according to how the blond dictated. It popped open.

"Thanks," he smiled, "By the way, I'm Uzumaki Naruto!"

Sasuke nodded, "You fell on me in the stair well. I'm Uchiha Sasuke."

"Oh," Naruto sweatdropped, "Real sorry about that, I can be so clumsy sometimes! That was actually my second time falling down the stairs today."

Sasuke looked away, "See ya," he replied, walking back over to his locker and putting some books away, gathering his things.

Naruto looked down, "Do you walk home?" he asked.


"I was just thinking... Maybe we could walk together if we lived near each other."

Sasuke adjusted his bag, "Yeah, I walk. I live about four blocks away, on Yukino Boulevard."

"Really!," The boy mused, "I live just a street over! Can I walk with you?"

The raven haired boy sighed, and gave a slight nod, warning, "Fine, but don't piss me off."

Naruto smiled, and jumped a little. He grabbed his bag out of his locker and slammed it shut. The two boys headed down the stairs in silence.

As they were walking out the door, Naruto looked over at Sasuke, trying to make conversation, "So, are your parents nice?"

Sasuke cringed slightly. Naruto was confused, "What?"

"I don't like talking about them," was Sasuke's only reply.

Naruto shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans, and watched the ground as they passed a patch of well-groomed daisies. Sasuke, on the other hand, was looking down at Naruto, who had to have been a full three or four inches shorter than his own height of 5' 8''. His golden blond hair blew gently in the breeze, which wafted a scent of flowers and apple to Sasuke's nose. He closed his eyes a moment, facing back toward the street. His hands were resting in his hoodie pocket as the two were turning the corner down Sasuke's street.

"So, do you like it here, in Konoha, I mean?" Sasuke asked, uncharacteristically.

Naruto snapped his head up to Sasuke, grinning, "Yeah! It's really beautiful. It's so sunny here."

"What about the school?" Sasuke asked, avoiding eye contact in fear of another situation from earlier.

"It's..." Naruto started, his smile fading a bit, "The classes seem good... But...They call it Tsubasa no Hari... Glass Wings, right? It's supposed to signify an elegant place. But all I see is ugly behavior in an unfamiliar place."

Sasuke felt a connection. He couldn't have said it better himself. Comfortingly, he replied, "You get used to it, Uzumaki."

Naruto looked over at a house Sasuke was eyeing, and figured it was where he lived. "That's your house, isn't it?"

"Mm.." Sasuke replied.

Naruto sped up a bit, toward Sasuke's walkway, playfully challenging him. Sasuke noticed and chased after him. Naruto faced forward once again from facing Sasuke, but felt himself abruptly stop. His foot caught on an uneven patch on the sidewalk and he was about to fall. It was like slow-motion, he was slipping, his footing giving out...


Sasuke was crouched down in front of him and had hold of Naruto by the shoulders, supporting his weight. They locked eyes for the second time.

'What is this feeling?' Sasuke wondered.

Naruto blushed.

Slowly, the boys moved both moved forward, senses numbing. Their lips brushed for just a second, but that was all it took for Sasuke. He pressed his lips firmly against Naruto's, feeling panic and lust. He could feel Naruto give in, and maybe even kiss back. But only for a second. They broke the kiss at the same time, looking terribly embarassed.

"Sasuke?" Naruto started, but it was useless.

Sasuke helped Naruto up, offered a 'gomen', and rushed into his house. Naruto stood there, shocked for a moment. He wrapped his arms around himself and kept walking home, all the while his mind racing about what had just happened. Was it a dream?

The Uchiha slammed his door and ran into the kitchen, filling a glass of water and chugging it.'What is going on?'

He put the cup down and walked over to his couch, sitting down roughly. "Did I actually just kiss him? I don't even know him!" Sasuke lectured himself.


Sasuke had drifted off to sleep, but was abruptly awoken later that evening. It must have been around eight p.m., Sasuke figured, the sun was setting. He rose off the couch and headed to the door, sliding it open.

Naruto stood wringing his hands, a hard blush on his face. "Sa-Sasuke... I wanted to apologize about what happened earlier."

"No," Sasuke paused, seeing a bit of shock on Naruto's face, which seemed even tanner in the orange glow of the horizon, "I'm sorry, you're new here, and we just... slipped. I lost my footing and we fell. I'm sorry, Naruto."

Even Sasuke wasn't convinced by his own words. Nevertheless, Naruto forced a small smile, "Yeah. Okay, thank you, Sasuke. I'm sorry to interrupt your evening."

"It's alright," Sasuke replied, "I wasn't doing anything anyway."

Naruto was about to turn to leave, but stopped, "Iruka-san would like to know if you would come to dinner sometime this week?"

Sasuke's face met a tiny blush, "I'm not sure..."


The Uchiha paused a moment. 'It's not like I have parents to tell me what I can and can't do...'

"Alright," he finally answered.

"Cool!" Naruto said, seemingly returning to normal, "I'll see you Thursday?"


"See ya tomorrow, Sasuke-kun!" Naruto waved, dashing off back to his house.

'Sasuke-kun...' the words reverberated in Sasuke's head, and he smiled.

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