I'm Sorry

Summary: It's robins birthday
and starfire tries to give him
a present but robin looses his temper
with her now she's been kidnapped and he has
to find her by the deadline and learn how to say I'm sorry

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans (But some day I will okay probably not but hey a girl can hope)

(Starfire was pacing back and forth back and forth back and forth trying to decide what to give robin for
his birthday of course it had to be special but what?)

"Starfire could you stop pacing your making me dizzy." raven remarked

"Oh I am sorry friend raven (sigh) as you know Tomorrow is friend robins

Day of birth and I want to get him something special."

"why don't you just make something starfire." raven suggested

"make something like what?"

"I don't know look whatever you make I'm sure robin will like it."

"really? are you sure?"

"(sigh)yes starfire I'm positive."

"Then I know just what ill make thank you friend raven(with this the princess flew off)"
(In her room there is metal and scissors ribbon one of robins batarangs a piece of his old cape
glass glass cutters and from cyborg blue chips(you know the things he charges with) )

"I hope friend Robin likes this" starfire worked and worked and worked after 14 hours of hard labor
her master piece was complete"(she held it up to inspect it perfect! she wrapped then went to find

(she knocked on his door)

"Robin friend robin?"

"Come In"
(she opened he door and saw files upon files with the words who is slade printed in big bold letters)

"Hello friend robin"

"what do you need starfire"
(she was taken back since he wasn't as friendly as usually but she quickly recovered)

"As you know tomorrow is your day of birth and I need to give you something"

"Ok ill get it later."

"Oh could I not give it to you now?"

"No Starfire i'm busy."

"But it is important."

"I'm sure it is but finding slade is more important."

"He is more important than me she asked quietly"

"Yes he is."

"Um robin I know your busy but could we at least talk for a minute? I need to ask you something"

"Starfire for the last time i'm busy go ask someone else "


"Starfire how may times do I have to tell you no! leave me alone

I don't care about some stupid present I don't care "Robin" Don't

robin me why can't you just shut up and leave me alone your so annoying

"I just" no leave me alone starfire just get out take your stupid present and get out
he yelled"

"why are you yelling and being mean to me you your being a korfblag she half yelled"

"I don't even know what that means just leave me alone
and get out! gosh your so pathetic when ever you get sad your totally useless
and you know what I don't care about this present and I don't care about you!
oops"(the look on her face would make slade cry)

"very well I am sorry I am such a bother ill go now she said quietly"

"oh no star star wait come back "(he ran after her the other titans had come in to see
what all the yelling had been about just in time to here robin yell the words that could end his relationship
with starfire)

"Starfire wait star stop"

"(sniff) lea leave me alone robin"

"star just let me explain"

"explain what? that you don't (she paused for a second)just leave me alone robin"

"starfire I I didn't mean to I mean I don't"

"I said leave me alone!! she shouted (she's starts crying hysterically) I I Hate You!!"

(she runs into her room and slams the door shut)

"Oh Boy what did I do?"

"Yo rob what how how could"

"How could you say that to her robin you told her she was pathetic! what's wrong
with you? raven Demanded"

"seriously dude everyone knows how sensitive star is and you said that to her? dude you have issues"

"I didn't mean to she wanted to give me (he sees the package on the ground) she wanted to give me this

it was for my birthday." he finished sadly

"well i'm going to go see her nice going boy blunder". raven hissed

"woah dud raven is ticked off at you." beastboy said

(In starfires room raven is talking to starfire )

"star you know he didn't mean that he was just mad that's all

"no he truly hates me and I hate him "

(outside the boys are listing to the girls conversation )

"Man they've been in there for like half an hour and stars still crying way to go robin beastboy said sarcastically"

"you guys I never meant to hurt her feelings what am I going to do?"

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