I'm Sorry

Summary: It's robins birthday
and Starfire tries to give him
a present but robin looses his temper
with her now she's been kidnapped and he has
to find her by the deadline and learn how to say I'm sorry
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans

"Go talk to him Starfire he needs you just like you need him." Starfire gave Raven a small thank you hug before flying off to talk to Robin when she arrived at his door she knocked softly and waited for him to open it

"Yes??" Robin opened the door to find Starfire!!!!

"Oh Uh Hey."


"Um why are you here?"

"If you wish for me to leave then..." She turned to leave but Robin grabbed her arm

"No! I mean I just though you were you really mad at me I mean you still are." Robin had a very sad look on his face Starfire sighed she hated when he looked like that especially knowing she was the reason she looked down and noticed that in his hand was a package the package she had given him for his birthday

"You have not opened your day of birth present?"

"No I didn't think it was right for me to open it and you weren't here and now I really think I don't deserve it so here." he tried to hand her back his present but Starfire just shook her head

"It is for you..you should open it after all your day of birth only comes once."

"Are you sure?" she nodded her head Robin slowly opened the package when he did he was stunned it was a picture frame but much more beautiful the sides were made of steel and the frame was sapphire blue the same color of Robins eye's the picture wasn't really so much a picture more like a holograph it was a picture of Robin and Starfire then it changed and it was A picture of the Titans and then Finally picture of his own Family his real family

"Wha Where did you get this?" He asked quietly

"Friend cyborg helped a little the picture I got from the Batman through the E of mail."

"You made this for me?"


"Why it must have taken so much work!"

"It was worth it."

"I really don't deserve it Star."


"No I don't Star and you know what you have every right to be angry with me I was a total jackass I yelled at you I called you horrible names which I didn't mean that but that doesn't matter because I still made you cry "Robin?" and then I got you tortured and kidnapped by Slade I don't know why I do half the stuff I do you know I really don't and then you don't help you know with you being so perfect"Robin I am not..." I'm serious you never do anything wrong and if you do its only an accident"But you..." not like me I just lash out at the people I care about maybe I'm so board line obsessed with Slade is because I'm worried he'll hurt you and the other Titans but mostly you and the worst thing is all you tried to do was give me a birthday present you were just trying to be nice!! and what do I do I throw it back in your face I treated you like dirt and I loved You can you believe I treat the one person in the world that I love like dirt I really am an idiot not to mention..." Starfire slapped her hand over Robins mouth to stop his rambeling

"What did you say?"

"Oh I said that you were perfect and that I care about you and..."

"No the last time before the saying that you treated me like dirt and that you were an idiot." She gave a small smile

"Oh I said I love Oops!!! I uh Love er um(What rhymed with you goo food nah she was an alien but she wasn't stupid) er uh um..."

"I believe you said you...if I recall correctly." She added quietly

"I uh Starfire listen I'm Really Really Sorry I never meant to hurt you like I did."

"That is what friend Raven said."

"Oh Uh well um er uh what do you say?"

"Friend Raven asked me if could picture life without you and the truth is I cannot you are my best friend and although you did hurt my feelings and you were a korfblag I think I might be able to as you say try again."

"So uh does that mean you forgive me?" Starfire did not answer him instead she gave him a kiss which he eagerly returned as they parted Robin said "So I guess that means a yes?" Starfire once again did not answer him but instead kissed him again while three very happy Titans watched them

The End

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