Due to the fact that I am sure one or two of you may want the sequal to come sooner rather then later...lol...here is the sequal to Turn back Time, I can promise just as many twists, turns, and cliffhangers then the last story had, so be ready for anything. As always I will not update unless I believe I have gotten a good enough vrop of reviews, so if you really want an update quickly, give me a good reason and review. Thanks ever so much for such a positive amount of reviews for my last story, made me wanna write the sequal quickly. Well Enjoy and review!!

When Dean finally came to, he felt as though his head had been run over repeadtely by a semi truck. He sat up from the floor and said in a pin filled and irrated voice. "Hey Sammy, did you get the liscense for that truck?" He was trying hs hardest to remember what happened and what had caused him to feel such pain. It couldn't all be from that damn hangover could it?

"Oh look, he has finally come around." He heard one familiar female voice. Another chimed in. "About time." Dean had to be dreaming and if the one woman was who he thought it was, he didn't want to wake up. He opened his eyes and spots exploded in front of them, any sudden movement made him dizzy and only served to worsen his already horrible headache. When his vision got a little better, he saw that there were two beautiful faces looking down at him, they both wore matching looks of confusion and concern, not to mention hot nurses uniforms.

Dean gave a lopsided grin. "Hey Jinnie, I knew you cou'dn't stay away long." Jinnie rolled her eyes and Nikki groaned, so Dean added. "Oh yeah, nice to see you too Nikki." Nikki scoffed and looked to Jinnie. "He seems fine, though I thought that hole in his head would let some of the hot air out."

Dean ignored Nikki and got to his feet, the wave of dizziness making him nearly fall again, but Nikki steadied him. "Dean, you need to tell us what happened, where is Sam?"

That got Dean's attention, all this time he hadn't noticed that Sam hadn't been there. What had happened?

Suddenly Dean remembered, the hangover, the creature breaking down the door, and then Sam being cornered before Dean was knocked out. Sam was taken and it was all Dean's fault, if only he hadn't gone and gotten drunk, then Sam might still be there.

Jinnie saw the look on Dean's face and knew she saw guilt and realization in his eyes, but what had occured? "Dean, what happened, please tell us."

Dean looked up, not wishing to shed any tears in front of the angels. "Um, something large broke in through the door and sent me flying, then went after..." He didn't want to think of his brother dead, not after everything they had already been through, Dean had seen Sam die too many times and couldn't bear to have it done again without any chance of Sam coming back. "It was my fault, I had a freakin hangover." The unbidden tears filled Dean's eyes as he blamed himself.

Nikki bit her lip and tried sensing her friend Sam, but for some reason, she was unable to. That alone scared her for usually there was two reasons that a charge was kept from her senses, death or a demon.Seeing as how this was Sam, she wasn't sure what was worse.

Jinnie tried comforting Dean as best she could, but Dean would have none of it. He pushed away any comfort offered, so Jinnie walked over to Nikki. "What are we going to do?

Hundres of miles away in a remote area of Fletcher, Pennsylvania, a young waitress Eliza Gringle was driving along the deserted back roads on a dark night on her way home from work. It was then that her headlights picked up the form of something on the side of the road unmvoing. Being an avid savior to wounded animals on the road, she thought it to be an animal and stopped her car, keeping the form in the headlights so she could see what she was doing.

She jumped out of her car and grabbed the first aid kit she always kept for such an occasion and ran over to the laying form intending to find a large dog or bear cub like the week before. What she did find surprised her immensly, it was not any such animal but a man who laid on the side of the road.

Fearing that perhaps he was dead, she knelt close and put her head to his chest, searching for a heartbeat, she was relieved when she heart a faint heartbeat and felt his chest rise and fall. He was alive, thank God.

She took a flashlight from her kit and shined it over the man to see his injuires and perhaps find some sort of I.D. The man had to be in his early twenties, a large gash graced his forehead though it appeared the blood had dried. He had short brown hair and all in all was not a bad looking guy. She searched his pockets and all she found was a picture of a man holding a young boy and the boy holding a baby.

She felt him stir and backed up to give him some room, he sat up groaning and looked around, a look of confusion is his beautiful dark green eyes. He looked at Eliza who gave a shy smile. "Are you alright?

The man looked up at her and simply nodded, not realy sure what to say. She was relieved at that, but she still didn't know who he was."What's your name?"

The guy again looked up at her, staring blankly. "This may sound really weird, but I don't know."