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Dean opened the door to the hotel he and Jinnie would be staying in and slammed his stuff on the ground, he just couldn't keep his temper from showing as his mind was on finding his brother. If Jinnie noticed his apparent anger, she said nothing about it, she merely walked around him and sat on the second bed, being that there was two in the room. Jinnie laughed at the look on Dean's face when they had first come into the hotel and he wanted a room with one bed, he had a red mark on his face now.

"Alright, now that we have a hotel, shouldn't we go out and look for Sam?" Jinnie asked as she tugged a knot out of her hair. She was so worried about the younger Winchester brother, not understanding how he could just disappear from hers and Nikki's radar, it didn't make sense. The demon had been in this earlier, but she doubted he worked this fast, though demons were tricky and known for their persistence.

"Yeah, I'll search around here, since it is a small town we can probably stick together, though no distracting me by flirting with me, I know you have a thing for me but.." He didn't get to finish before having to duck her fist, he like how fiesty she was. She glared at him, even though she enjoyed these sort of fights with Dean, she really did like him and it kept him from breaking another wall like he had before, but this wasn't the time. "You are impossible Dean." She said as she stormed past him towards the door.

Dean laughed and followed, he was glad she came along for the trip or he would be in a much worse mood. He closed the door and locked it behind him, following her out to the Impala, he would find Sammy, he just had to and having a cranky sexy angel at his side made it better.

Sam sat in the dinner with his head down, the sunlight hurt his head really bad, he had on and off sleep since arriving at the dinner that morning. He had refused Eliza's kind offer of sleeping in her house, sleeping in the car instead, no matter how much she argued, he didn't feel comfortable in her house with these nightmares he kept having, if someone was after him, he didn't want to put her in danger. His head hurt like crazy, but Eliza had done a good job bandaging his head and the aspirin was helping to fend off the headache mostly.

Eliza came over with a smile on her face and a coffee mug in her hand. "Thought this might help ya Jake." Sam looked up with a grateful smile, she was such a sweetheart. "Thanks Liz."

She nodded and walked off to give other patrons their coffee and whatever they wanted. Sam leaned back in his seat and tried to get a grip on what he was feeling, he couldn't get the nightmare out of his head and the face of his supposed killer. Why did he have the feeling he knew him? He ran his hand through his hair and sighed, no use thinking about it now. He heard the bell on the door ring, announcing new customers, he didn't bother to even look that way, knowing the blinding sun that poured in when the door opened would only serve to worsen his pounding head.

He heard a light voice begin speaking with Liz and he turned to see a beautiful blonde woman speaking with her, she appeared to be in a bit of distress and he heard her mention a name Sam. Why did that voice sound familiar, did he know her? He sat up and looked at her again, something about her was familiar, maybe he should go talk to her. He started to get up when he heard the door ring again and this time a man walked in, he was short and had short brown hair. Sam gasped and hid behind his bench, it was the man from his nightmare! Oh shit! Was all he could think, what the hell was he going to do now.

How was he going to get out of there with both people standing right in front, he had to make a quick sneak before Eliza led them right over to him. He slid out of the booth he had been sitting in, not noticing that he forgot his wallet on the table and made his way out the back door of the diner, his heart racing at the thought of getting caught.

Sam made it out of the diner and paused to take a breath, his mind reeling from fear and the unknown. It was then his headache went from pounding to feeling like it was ripping him apart, his vision becoming blurry as he fell on his knees. Suddenly he began to see things that weren't in front of him now, like a broken television, images flashing on and off in front of his eyes. He cried out in pain as the images came together better and soon he saw a horror unravel in front of him.

Eliza paced around her living room, a worried look on her face. She held a wallet in her one hand and Sam's photo id in her other hand. "Sam where are you?" She asked herself, she wore a robe over her silk nightgown, fuzzy slippers on her feet. After a few more moments of pacing she set the wallet and id on the table and slowly climbed the stairs up to her bed. Suddenly she heard something pound on her door loudly, like an animal or something like that. A scared look appeared on her face and she ran up the stairs and locked the door behind her as she reached her room, she grabbed her bedside phone and tried dialing 911. To her surprise the phone wire was cut, she covered her mouth to keep from screaming as she heard her front door give way and glass breaking as whatever had been attempting to break in succeeded. She hid inside her closet and hugged her knees, praying to God that she was spared.

She held her breath, trembling as her locked door gave way to whoever was intruding and now she was alone with whoever it was. The heavy footsteps came closer to the closet and she found it harder to keep her beating heart from being heard, tears fell down her cheeks as she waited. Suddenly the footsteps stopped and the closet door was ripped open. Eliza looked up and screamed in horror as something picked her up. Last thing Sam saw was blood being splattered on the walls and Eliza's vacant eyes staring up from the floor.

The images went away and Sam was able to see straight, his breathing slowly returning to normal What the hell was that!

Dean and Jinnie walked into the local diner and began talking to an energetic young woman named Eliza. She seemed kind and wanting to help, when Dean showed her a picture of Sam she gasped and almost dropped the pitched of water she held. "You mean Jake?"

"Jake?" Dean was now confused, who the hell was Jake.

"I found him on the side of the road last night, he had a nasty cut on the side of his head and couldn't remember a thing."

Dean began to get excited, sounded like Sammy, but where was he? He looked around and could have sworn he saw a pair of dark green eyes staring at him from behind the booth, but before he could investigate, his attention was brought back to Eliza. "Are you saying this might be your brother I picked up?"

Dean nodded, not knowing that while he talked to her, Sam was escaping. It wasn't until he heard a cry of pain that he broke away from Eliza and went to the booth, but he was gone. "Damnit Sammy." He swore to himself. He heard another cry of pain and headed toward the back of the diner, wondering why Sam had left in the first place. The sight that welcomed him as he opened the door and saw Sam laying on the ground, a dazed look on his face. Dean jumped down and knelt next to Sam while he went through his vision. "I'm here Sammy." He said softly, he couldn't believe he found his brother, but from what Eliza said, he didn't remember anything. This was going to be rough.

Sam looked up to see who knelt beside him, thinking it might be Eliza, but to his shock, he stared at the face of the man from his nightmare. Instinct took over, causing him to miss the look on his face, he pushed the man away and took off, Dean sat on the ground for a second before getting to his feet. Why was Sam so scared of him, it didn't make sense. "Sam wait up!"

Sam kept running, looking back at Dean, Sam didn't notice where he was running and suddenly heard a horn beeping loudly and looked in time to see a car coming straight at him, he froze for a second and watched as the car came closer.