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This was turning out to be one of those days.

Her father had caught her sneaking out again. She wouldn't be surprised if he'd installed something on her windows: he was a security expert, after all. He'd rushed outdoors and yelled at her to come down.

She wondered what he would take away this time. She'd already lost TV privileges, since he'd figured out that she would head out whenever the local news showed yet another ghost attack no matter what he threatened her with. Last time it had been internet access.

Didn't he realize that the more he took away her pastimes the less stuff she was left with to occupy her at home? The less she wanted to be at home?

He'd won the argument about homework, she was doing it, she was attending class and passing now. Why couldn't he be happy with that?

He just didn't understand. Gone were the days they had talked over ice cream. At first, he had let her hunt. Now? After seeing that footage of Phantom blasting her suit? That could have been her in there! She'd replied that it hadn't been her, but the thought haunted her nightmares as well.

And to top it all off, the ghosts had already disappeared. Phantom was getting quicker, which meant it was getting harder for her to get there in time to have any hope of catching him. How long had it been since they'd fought?

Since that day.

Damn ghost kept ruining her life.

She really needed something to shoot. So she kept flying. Where was a ghost when you wanted one?

When she went home, she would have to deal with her father. When she went home, she would want to talk to Danny but she couldn't even IM him. She needed to talk to someone, but there wasn't anyone except Vlad and she couldn't let her father know his boss and the Mayor was the one to give her the first set of ghost-hunting gear.

So she kept flying.


She kicked the board into max and was there in an instant. Phantom!

"I'm here to kick your butt!" She fired, he dodged. Their battle resumed, blasts lighting up the sky like the Fourth of July, waking up half the town, not that she cared.

He was a ghost, ghosts were evil: hadn't he proved that by ruining her life? Trying to kill her? He, he was why she had to break up with Danny, she couldn't let Danny get hurt. He would try to help her fight if he found out, and he got beat up by Dash! He wouldn't last a minute against Phantom. Phantom would hurt him to get to her. She couldn't let that happen.

He said he was a good guy, but actions spoke louder than words.

She had to fight him. This was all his fault.

It was all his fault she was so alone. Paulina's crowd had rejected her when she lost her money, Danny's friends must really hate her now, her Father…

She focused on the battle. Maybe this time she would win and not have to go home still a loser.