A/N: This story is my way of attempting to fight against common pairings in the Bleach section. I mean, some fandoms are bad, but it is nearly impossible to find a Bleach fic with any pairing other then yaoi or Ichigo/Rukia. Hopefully, you will enjoy the story and join the revolution. I urge you all, write something that that pairs Ichigo with someone other then Rukia or a guy.

Loli Parade

It was a peaceful time in the Soul Society. Things had calmed down a bit since Aizen's betrayal, and at the moment, Aizen was unable to move forwards with his plans. Some captains were busy working in preparation for what was to come, but most were left with little to do. It is in this situation that we find one pink haired little girl sitting on the roof of a building, her legs dangling over the edge.

"I am so bored…" The girl said to herself as she collapsed on to her back, staring up at the sky. Kenpachi had been sent on an assignment, and Ikkaku and Yumichika were both busy with their work. There was nothing for her to do. And then, inspiration struck.

"I've got it!" She proclaimed as she sat up. She had the perfect idea for how to keep herself amused.

Nemu, Soi Fon, Matsumoto, Isane and Hinamori all sat at down at their respective seats as Nanao stood in front of them. She cleared her throat before she began to speak.

"Well, it seems that our president has called for an emergency meeting, so let's see what she has to say."

They all silently groaned upon hearing this. Whenever the president of the Shinigami Women's Association called for an emergency meeting, it was rarely a good thing. She only called for these emergency meetings when she was bored and needed entertainment. They all watched as Nanao took her seat and Yachiru moved to where Nanao had been to speak.

"Ok everybody, I've brought you here today for this…" And with that, she grabbed her zanpakuto and pulled it from its sheath.

"Kawaiify, Loli Wand!"

Before this point, no one had actually seen Yachiru actually release her zanpakuto, so it came as quite a shock to all those present when her zanpakuto turned into a frilly pink wand upon release. It was at this point that all the women present face faulted onto the ground. In all honesty, they really should have expected something like this from Yachiru, but they still found it hard to believe that a zanpakuto like this with such a ridiculous release phrase belonged to the vice-captain of the 11th division, known for its combat prowess.

As all the women present began to recover from their shock and lift themselves off of the floor, Yachiru began to run around the room, tapping all of them on the head with her pink wand. After tapping everyone on the head with her wand, she began to giggle before she ran out the door.

As Yachiru began to vanish into the distance, multiple screams could be heard coming from the Shinigami Women's Association, though they seemed slightly higher pitched then normal.

Unohana Retsu was making her rounds, checking on all of the injured shinigami in the care of the fourth division. She rather enjoyed her job, even though some of the other squads didn't look all that favorably upon the fourth division. Every time that she saved a life, she felt a sense of accomplishment, as well as the joy she felt for having saved someone's life. However, while she enjoyed her job, she did feel rather lonely. She was always so busy with her duties as a captain, and her duties healing other shinigami, she had never found the time to find a man. She was a soft spoken and simple woman at heart, and had always wanted to find a husband and live happily with him, but she just never had the time. She had tried to ease her loneliness by treating all of her subordinates like her children, but it just wasn't the same.

It was while she was lost in these thoughts that she felt a tap on the back of her head. She turned around and caught sight of a giggling Yachiru running off into the distance, holding some kind of pink wand. She smiled at the thought, Yachiru was such a young child; she deserved to have some fun. She turned around to get back to work when she caught sight of herself in a mirror hanging in the room.

Another scream could be heard throughout the Soul Society.

Yachiru was running around giggling wildly, this was lot of fun. She only wished that she could have stayed to see the looks on everyone's faces once they found out what happened. She was now running around outside of Soul Society, enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing past her as she ran. As she was running around, she noticed a strange house that had two large stone arms at the sides. She decided to go in and have a look, and inside, she found two women asleep on the floor. Based on the bottles littered across the floor, she assumed them to be passed out after drinking. One of the women has tan skin and purple hair, while the other had a rather large chest and one arm. She decided that she might as well have some more fun and tapped both of them on the head with her wand. She let loose some more giggles as she took off into the distance.

Some time later, many high pitched curses and death threats could be heard coming from the house; they were even audible throughout the Soul Society.


It was a couple of hours later that the Shinigami Women's Association finally calmed down to the point that there was only the occasional death threat murmured in regards to Yachiru. As they began to gather their composure, they began to think about possible ways to fix this problem.

"Well, the easiest way to figure out how to get back to normal would be to ask Yachiru, though I don't think that she will be too willing to respond…and that is why we will use force to get the information out of her…" Soi Fon suggested as her hand gripped around the hilt of her zanpakuto.

"I don't think that the Research Institute has created anything for a situation like this…" Nemu responded.

"Umm…why don't we see if Unohana-taichou can do something about this…?" Isane suggested. After taking a moment to think they decided that this was a reasonable course of action and left for the fourth division headquarters. However, upon their arrival, they saw something which caused their hopes to fall.

"Unohana-taichou! She got to you too!" Isane called out as she ran towards her captain. Unohana simply sighed as Isane began to rapidly check her condition.

"Yes, Yachiru came by and did this to me, and it looks like you all have had a similar encounter with her."

"Well, we were hoping that you might know of some way to fix this…" Nanao mentioned.

"Well, I am sorry to say that I have no idea what to do about this. I have been trying just about everything that I can think of for the past few hours to return to normal, but nothing I have tried seems to have had any effect." Unohana replied.

They all began to try to think of what they should do next to try to return to normal, when outside they heard a great commotion accompanied by large amounts of high pitched swearing. They all went outside to see what was going on, only to find two more people in the same situation as them.

"Yoruichi-sama, she did this to you as well?" Soi Fon asked.

"Oh no! Not you too…umm…who are you?" Hinamori asked Yoruichi's one armed friend.

"I'm not in the mood to deal with this, just tell me who did this to me…" The woman asked in barely contained rage.

"Calm down a bit Kuukaku, they are in the same boat as us. Soi Fon, who did this to us? I have to kill whoever it was now, as well as find a way back to normal." Yoruichi questioned.


"Look Kuukaku, we've all been turned into 12 year old lolis. We know how you feel, but we need to calm down a bit, and find a way back to normal…and kill whoever did this to us." Yoruichi supplied.

"Well, Yoruichi-sama, it seems that Yachiru is responsible for all of this. She was most likely bored and thought that doing this would be fun. Apparently this is the power that her zanpakuto has." Soi Fon answered Yoruichi's earlier question.

"DAMN IT YACHIRU! YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE, I'LL KILL YOU!" Yoruichi screamed in anger.

"Weren't you the one who was just saying that we all needed to stay calm…?" Matsumoto muttered. Yoruichi took a deep breath to compose herself and calm down. She lifted a hand and held the bridge of her nose as she shook her head.

"If Kisuke or Ichigo ever hear about this, they are going to have a field day with it." She said to herself. A sudden voice from the rooftops drew everyone's attention.

"Ichi-san…why didn't I think about that before. I'll just go visit Ichi to stay entertained." All the girls present watched as Yachiru got up from her sitting position on the roof's edge, "thanks for the idea, bai bai!"

"DAMN IT YACHIRU, GET BACK HERE AND CHANGE US BACK TO NORMAL!" The girls all screamed as Yachiru took off running.

They knew that they should have started chasing after her, but all of them were lost in their thoughts at the mention of a certain orange haired shinigami. Well, all except Hinamori, who had never met him, since she was in the hospital at the time that most of the girls met him.

"Well, at least now we know where she is going. She will probably make up some reason to get Yamamoto to send her to Karakura, and then go to see Ichigo. We will just have to go after her. Kuukaku and I both have ways of getting there, so we should go find her." Yoruichi finally spoke up. Everyone agreed, though most were still lost in their thoughts about Ichigo.

'Hmm, Ichigo was pretty cute, seeing him again will be fun. Perhaps I can garner his interest, since none of the other girls can compare with me. What straight male can resist these…" Matsumoto thought as she moved her hands to lift her breasts a bit…only for her hands to hit air. She looked down and to her horror, remembered that in this loli form, she lacked her original chest size. Her eyes began to tear up as she collapsed to her knees. 'Nooooo, they're gone!'

'Ichigo…I believe that was the name of the boy who invaded Soul Society to save Kuchika Rukia. He certainly created a lot more work for me with his infiltration, I wonder how I can make him make it up to me…' Unohana thought.

Both Nanao and Isane had become a bit enamored with him due to the fact that he was willing to take on all of the Soul Society just to save one girl, and they wanted a love like that. Isane had also seen a bit of just how powerful he was when he had beaten her and two other vice captains without even drawing his zanpakuto. Nemu held a bit of a crush because he had been nice to her when she met him, something she wasn't really used to, having been around Mayuri so much. Well, the Quincy boy had been somewhat kind to her, but he wore a cape. Who wears a cape?

Soi Fon admired his strength, but didn't really think that she had much interest in him, she just wanted to get back to normal, as well as help Yoruichi-sama. Kuukaku also admired his strength, and did get off a bit from hitting him, though she would never admit to any of this. Yoruichi did care for the boy. To what extent she wasn't sure, but she did care. That and she just loved to tease him, he was just so innocent and easily flustered.

All of them went to go prepare for their trip to Karakura, hoping to be returned to normal, but also with thoughts about meeting with a certain young shinigami on their minds.