All the girls had finally settled down and Ichigo finally managed to have the situation at hand explained to him.

"So basically, you are all telling me that Yachiru managed to turn all of you into Lolis, and that she got the idea to come here to play with me, and you all came here to catch her so that she could turn you all back to normal, is that right?"

"Yeah, that's about the size of it." Yoruichi answered.

"But what I don't understand is, if Yachiru left before all of you did, then how come she hasn't made it here yet…"


Meanwhile, back at Soul Society, Zaraki Kenpachi had just returned from the mission that he had been assigned to, one that he was not very happy about. There had been no opponents worth fighting on this assignment, nothing worth doing at all; he was downright pissed to have wasted his time like this. Not only that, but no sooner then he had gotten back, the old geezer was calling him to see him, probably for another boring assignment. He simply wanted a good fight, was that so much to ask? Unfortunately, the old guy was his boss, and no matter how much he didn't want to go and meet with him, he had to. He gave a sigh as he made his way into the old man's meeting room.

"Kenpachi, something terrible has happened and we need your assistance dealing with it." Yamamoto told him.

"Bah, come on old man, can't you get someone else to handle this for you? Unless I can get a good fight out of it, then I have no interest in it."

"Kenpachi…Yachiru has released her Zanpakuto…"

There were few things that could send a shiver of terror down Zaraki Kenpachi's spine, and this was one of them. There was a reason that most people had never seen Yachiru's Zanpakuto…

"Ken-chan! Ken-chan! I did it! I finally released my Zanpakuto!" An excited Yachiru proclaimed as she made her way to Kenpachi.

"Eh, calm down already. Just go ahead and show me what it does…"

Yachiru took a deep breath as she held her sealed Zanpakuto out in front of her. Suddenly, a large amount of Yachiru's unusual pink colored Reiatsu burst for the from beneath her. The amount of reiatsu released was enormous; exactly what kind of horror did she release?

"Kawaiify, Loli Wand!"

Kenpachi's eye began to twitch. All that reiatsu, all that show, and the result of it all was the changing of her Zanpakuto from a sword to a frilly pink wand. He had held so much hope for the child too. He was about to speak when he felt a tap on his head. He looked up to see that Yachiru had tapped his head with the wand. He was going to ask her just what the hell she thought she was doing, but for some reason, something felt…different…Did the ground always seem so close? Why was he eye level with Yachiru? Why did everything just feel so…wrong…?

Yachiru's uproarious laughter broke him out of his thoughts, the pink haired girl was holding her sides as she rolled on the ground laughing. He began to lift his sword…was his sword always this big? Anyways, he lifted his sword a bit and looked at the reflection in it.

"Boy, that is one ugly little girl."

He paused for a moment as he examined the ugly little girl further. The scarring…the eye patch, the pointy hair…as everything began to come clear, his eyes widened in horror. He rushed inside the 11th divisions headquarters to find a mirror, and what he saw looking back at him in the mirror was the ugly little girl that he saw in his sword's reflection. A shout that was a mixture of both a manly and girlish voice came from the headquarters as the lolified Kenpachi rushed out and lifted Yachiru off the ground by her collar as he shook her repeatedly.

"Turn me back to normal damn it, or so help me I will destroy you Yachiru!"

"Hahaha…well Ken-chan…I haven't quite…learned how to change people back yet." Yachiru managed to get out through her laughter.

Kenpachi dropped her to the ground as he held on to his head…this was going to be a long day…

"Yachiru…we are going to go right now and find a way to change people back. Once I am back to normal, then we are going to have a new rule in place. You are not allowed to release your zanpakuto as long as I am within a 500 mile radius."

"But Ken-chan…"

"This is not up for negotiation Yachiru; now let's go find a way to get me back to normal…"

He still got shivers up his spine recalling the feeling of having been turned into a little girl. As he was thinking, Yamamoto began to speak again.

"While you were away on your assignment, Yachiru decided that you were far enough away, so she released her Zanpakuto for fun. She has is now on assignment in Karakura town at her own request. Kenpachi, I need you to go to Karakura town and stop Yachiru."

"Alright old man, I'll go make sure that Yachiru is stopped, some horrors were just not meant to be unleashed on this world…"



Yachiru looked over at the man to her side that had just sneezed. Silly man, he shouldn't be walking around with a cold like that.

Yachiru had gotten into the gigai that she was assigned for her assignment and was making her way down the road singing as she walked towards where she sensed Ichigo's reiatsu.

"Going to see Ichi-san, going to see Ichi-san, going to…oh, a kitty!"

Yachiru stopped as began to pet the cat off to the side of the path. After getting petted for a while, the cat began to move away, at which point Yachiru began to give chase for a while, before she remembered that she was supposed to be going to visit Ichigo.

"Going to see Ichi-san, going to see…oh, a puppy!"

…and the process repeated itself again, this time with the dog that was off to the side of the road. Back on track again, she began to move onwards once again.

"Going to…Pigeon!"

…needless to say, it was going to be a long trip for Yachiru…


The next day came and Ichigo found himself walking along with a young Yoruichi by his side.

'Why exactly am I doing this again?' Ichigo thought to himself as he walked with the smiling lolified woman. 'Oh right, because it was either this or watching all the girls get into more fights.'

After the fight between the girls began to wind down, an agreement was reached that instead of fighting over spending time with Ichigo, he would take each of them out for one day. Wanting to avoid another fight like the one that had just taken place, Ichigo reluctantly agreed in an effort to placate the girls.

'This is going to be a long week and a half…'

As Ichigo reflected on his misfortune, Yoruichi walked along happily until the reached their destination.

"Here we are" Ichigo stated.

As Yoruichi looked at their destination, she pulled back a bit and began to hiss.

"Oh come on Yoruichi, it is just a water park. Besides, you are not really a cat, no need to hiss when you are upset."

"I've spent a long time posing as a cat though, and I don't like water all that much."

"Yoruichi, I've seen you get in the water back when you helped me with my bankai training, you can't tell me that you hate water."

"But that water was hot and calm, this water is cold and moving fast and I don't like it…"

"Hmm, I guess that I was wrong" Ichigo though out loud, "I thought that a fun-loving energetic girl like you would enjoy going somewhere like this, but I guess I was wrong…"

Yoruichi was a bit surprised that Ichigo had put some thought into this. She had figured that he would just take the girls to the first place that he saw and try to get all of his "dates" over with so that he could move on. After knowing that he had put some thought into where to take her, she was reluctant to simply refuse to go to the water park.

"Well, if it is with you, then I suppose that I can give it a try…"

The pair made their way into the park and separated for a moment to change into swimsuits. Ichigo had finished changing and was waiting on Yoruichi. Yoruichi came out soon after wearing a string bikini. Ichigo could only sigh and hold his head in exasperation.

"What? Is there something wrong with my swimsuit?" Yoruichi inquired.

"Yes, yes there is…"

"But this is the kind of swimsuit that I always wear"

"Perhaps, but those times you didn't have a little girl's body, not to mention the fact that a swimsuit like that is not a good idea for a water park…"

"Details details, come on, let's go have some fun." She proclaimed as she grabbed his hand and led him along.


"I don't know; I don't feel right about this…"

Matsumoto sighed as she explained it to the group of girls once again.

"I told you before, out of all of us, Yoruichi has already spent the most time with him. That in addition to being the first to go out with him is bad for us, so we have to keep an eye on them, and if need be, possibly sabotage some situations."

"You do realize that I have no intention of helping you, I just came to make sure that you don't cause any problems for Yoruichi-sama" Soi Fon replied.

"Soi Fon, let me paint a picture for you about this situation." Matsumoto responded, "Imagine if you will, that Ichigo enjoys the day that he spends with Yoruichi, that they plan more dates between just the two of them. Soon, they are spending all of their time with each other. Tell me Soi Fon, where does that leave you? While the two of them are together, you are left all alone. Do you want to be abandoned by both Ichigo and your beloved Yoruichi-sama?" Matsumoto knew that it wouldn't be that extreme of a situation, but she needed Soi Fon's help. She was the commander of Soul Society's Special Forces after all, and as such, she would probably be a great help in any possible sabotage attempts.

Soi Fon thought about what Matsumoto said for a moment. She was not very knowledgeable when it came to romance, Matsumoto would know far more about these things then she did. Would she really be left all alone if they got together? That was not what she wanted at all. She wanted to be together with Yoruichi…and Ichigo…just the three of them…

Her face turned crimson as her thoughts turned to something less then wholesome. She didn't want to do anything to Yoruichi, but at the same time, she was worried about being left alone, so her resolve weakened and she eventually caved in.

"All right, I'll help…"



"Yes Yoruichi?"

"I thought that you said that we were going to have fun here?"

"Yes, I did say that."

"Then please tell me, what exactly is so fun about standing in line?"

While Ichigo had thought that this would be a good place to bring Yoruichi, it had turned out to be a bit busier at the water park then he had anticipated. The wait was not terribly bad, but Yoruichi was not the patient type, she wanted to have some fun, and she wanted to have it now.

"Sorry Yoruichi, but don't worry, it is almost our turn to go."

Meanwhile, up at the front of the line, the attendant for the ride didn't notice two little girls sneak up to the height requirement sign and raise it higher up. After having to wait in line for so long, only to be turned away, Yoruichi would be sure to get upset and throw a fit, ruining the mood of the date.

Finally, Ichigo and Yoruichi reached the end of the line for the main attraction of the water park, a rather large and somewhat intimidating ride. As they stepped towards the ride, the attendant stopped them.

"Hold on a second, that girl is too short to ride by herself. If you are with her, then she is going to have to ride along with you."

Ichigo gave a sigh as he conceded to the situation. After waiting in line for so long, it would not do well to tell Yoruichi that she couldn't ride, so he would just have to let her ride with him. He settled in to go down the water chute, followed by Yoruichi who settled herself in front of him. He was a bit nervous about the way that she seemed to be rubbing against him as she settled in. Obviously, she had no problem with this situation. Did she really have to rub against him so much as she settled in front of him? This was starting to get a bit awkward…

Yoruichi couldn't have been happier with this turn of events. She wasn't too pleased about going on a water ride with the cold rushing water, but now she got to go down the chute along with Ichigo, sitting right in front of him, between his legs. While her body may have been that of a little girl, her mind was still that of an older woman, so she could not resist the urge to squirm around a bit, rubbing up against him. While she looked oblivious to what she was doing to him on the outside, inside she was as giddy as a school girl.

When they were finally ready, the two of them moved forward and went down the chute. Yoruichi shouted in glee as they made their way down the chute. Who knew that rides like this could be so much fun? She may not have cared for the cold water, but any chills she may have felt from the water were more then made up for from the warmth she felt as she pressed back against Ichigo. They soon came out the end of the chute and landed in the pool of water at the end of the ride. Yoruichi began to jump around excitedly.

"That was great! Can we do it again Ichigo? Can we?"

Ichigo didn't really mind, he didn't really have anything else to do for the rest of the day. Besides, although he would never admit it, he was actually having a bit of fun with Yoruichi today, and at least it was something to do.


"Damn, that plan backfired horrendously. This date is going badly for us; just look at how well the two of them go together." Matsumoto said to the rest of the girls present, "we have to do something about this."

The girls spent some time thinking about what they should do to slow down the progress of this "date." However, most of the girls did not really know much about this kind of thing. Matsumoto let out a sigh; it looked like it was up to her to figure out what to do. She thought it through for a moment until she finally reached a conclusion. The easiest way to end this date would be to cause Yoruichi to lose her swimsuit.

"Soi Fon, come with more for a moment."

Matsumoto led Soi Fon off to the side to explain her plan to her.

"Soi Fon, we need to end this date soon, and for that, I need your help since you are the commander of the Special Forces. I need you to sneak up on the two of them and cause Yoruichi's swimsuit to fall off."

"WHAT! You want me to strip Yoruichi-sama!" Soi Fon shouted in embarrassment and dismay.

"Shhh, quiet down Soi Fon. I didn't say to strip Yoruichi, all you need to do is untie her swimsuit, and everything will work out after that. It should not be too difficult since Yoruichi is distracted by their date, and Ichigo was never the best at sensing things."

"I can't do something like that to Yoruichi-sama…" Soi Fon replied, still reluctant to take part in this plan.

"Do I really need to go over this with you again Soi Fon? Do you want to be left all alone?" She felt a bit bad about manipulating the girl like this, but it was for Soi Fon's own good, and for the other girls, and most importantly, for her own benefit.

Soi Fon continued with her own inner turmoil over the issue for a while until she caved yet again and agreed to the plan.

She proceeded to tail the pair, waiting for the right moment to strike. This task was not likely to prove difficult, since Yoruichi was distracted by Ichigo, and Ichigo was not all that talented in sensing things. Still, she needed to be careful, for not only did she need to untie Yoruichi's swimsuit, but she also needed to avoid being seen. She did not want Yoruichi or Ichigo to know that she had been involved in an attempt to sabotage their date. She watched as Ichigo was in the process of buying a drink for both himself and Yoruichi and saw her opportunity. Ichigo was focused on dealing with the vender and Yoruichi was beside him, excited as can be and from the day's events and lacking focus on her surroundings. This was the opening she needed. She snuck forward and made her way to within arms reach of Yoruichi. Muttering a silent apology in her head for doing something like this to Yoruichi, she reached out and gently pulled on one of the strings which held her swimsuit in place. It was not completely undone, but loosened enough such that it was only a matter of time before it came undone. With the deed having been done, she quickly made her escape.

Yoruichi looked around as she thought she had felt something, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. She pushed the thought aside as she went back to focusing on her date. She was a fun loving girl at heart, and today was the most fun that she had had in a while. Who'd have that that a water park could be so fun, but she knew that one of the main reasons that she was enjoying herself so much was that she was with Ichigo. Despite the uncaring attitude he tended to exhibit, he really was a kind person, and she was enjoying this day with him immensely.

The pair finished their drinks and headed off towards another ride at Yoruichi's insistence. As they made their way towards the line, Ichigo happened to catch sight of the ties on Yoruichi's swimsuit slowly coming undone. Just as they were about to come undone completely, Ichigo quickly reached down and grabbed the ties. Ichigo released a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding as a disaster was averted.

"Yoruichi, you really need to be more careful about your swimsuit."

"But these things are such a pain. If it wants to come off so much, I say let it."

Before Ichigo could make much sense of what she was saying, Yoruichi had reached down and grabbed her swimsuit, only to throw it off.

"There, much better. Clothes are such a pain; I much prefer this to wearing clothes."

Ichigo began to panic as he heard the whispers coming from the people around him. He quickly grabbed a towel from out of the hands of a nearby kid and threw out around Yoruichi, apologizing as he did. He breathed a sigh of relief.

'Catastrophe averted.'

As he allowed this thought to cross his mind, his eyes caught sight of two girls whispering off to the side. They looked familiar, he knew he had seen them somewhere before.

'Those two, I think that they are friends of Orihime. I think their names were…Ryo and Michiru. What could they be whispering about…oh crap!' Indeed, nothing that they could be whispering about after seeing him with a momentarily naked little girl could be good…

He probably should have talked to them about it, he probably should have told them it was a misunderstanding, but instead, he panicked, grabbing Yoruichi's hand and fleeing. This only made the situation appear worse to the two girls, but all he could think about right now was getting away from them.

Finally, he felt that he had run far enough. He turned towards Yoruichi as he began to speak.

"What were you thinking back there Yoruichi, you can't just throw your clothes off in public like that."

Ichigo's anger quickly vanished as he looked into the face of a teary eyed Yoruichi.

"I'm sorry Ichigo; I didn't think that it would cause so much trouble."

He knew that he should be angry with her, not let her get away with this, but when it came down to it, he just couldn't stay mad at her. He was so weak willed against little girls…

"It's alright Yoruichi, just please don't do it again."

All sadness and tears disappeared as she launched herself at Ichigo in a heartfelt glomp.

"Hey, calm down already. Were you just faking those tears all along?"

"Maybe…" She responded in a sing song tone.

As they shared this little moment between them, the manager of the water park came to inform them that due to Yoruichi's actions, they were being kicked out of the park for the day. The two of them made their way out of the park and continued on with their day.

The pair continued walking down the street, no real destination in mind, simply enjoying each other's company. It was a peaceful moment, something that Ichigo hadn't been having much of lately. Needless to say, it didn't last very long…

"I finally found you, Kurosaki Ichigo!"

Ichigo turned around to see who it was that had called his name, only to find an odd looking blonde haired boy that he could not recall ever meeting before. With him were two girls. One had blonde hair in pigtails, while the other had short green hair and seemed to be dressed like some kind of superhero. He had no idea who these people were, or what they wanted with him, so he turned towards them cautiously, prepared to defend himself at a moments notice. The boy took notice of his caution and held his hands up in a placating matter.

"We aren't here to fight with you, Kurosaki Ichigo. I simply came here with a proposition for you."

"I have no idea what you want with me, but tell me who you are first." Ichigo demanded of the stranger.

"Me? My name is Hirako Shinji, and these two are Sarugaki Hiyori and Mashiro, and we are just like you Kurosaki Ichigo."

"What do you mean by that?"

Shinji said nothing at first, simply producing both a shinigami Zanpakuto and a hollow mask.

"We are like you in that we have the powers of both a shinigami and a hollow. We simply want you to join us, those of us like you who know what it is like to have a hollow inside of us, the Vizard."

Ichigo was a bit surprised that there were others out there like him, and he was a bit concerned about the hollow inside of him, but he had no idea who these people were and no reason to trust them.

"No thanks, I have no intention of joining you guys. I'll deal with this myself."

"Oh, but I wouldn't ask you to join for nothing." Shinji replied with a smirk on his face. "We have seen that lately, you have shown quite an interest in a number of young girls. So I make this offer to you; join us, and I'll give you this little girl right here." As he spoke, he pushed Hiyori forward towards Ichigo.

Ichigo watched in confusion as the strange boy pushed this young girl towards, only to have the girl attack the blonde boy as she came to terms with what was happening.

"Shinji you dickhead, you never said anything about this when you asked me to come with you. What the hell is wrong with you dumbass, trying to offer me up to some pervert so that you can get him to join us."

Ichigo watched as the girl continued to beat the boy with her sandal. He began to walk away when he heard Shinji yelling towards him again.


Ichigo turned back towards Shinji to listen to what he had to say now.

"Ok, so Hiyori isn't exactly the best loli since she is a bit of a tomboy, but if you join us now, I'll throw in Mashiro too."

Hiyori hadn't taken that comment all that well either and resumed her assault on Shinji. Ichigo had decided that he had had enough of this and began to walk away. He hadn't noticed the concerned look on Yoruichi's face at hearing about Ichigo's condition.

Meanwhile, Shinji was trying to contemplate what he should do next since his plan failed, though it was difficult to think when he was being pummeled by a sandal.