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WARNING: Slash, Time travel, bad spelling /grammar, AU from OotP. (Because Sirius is NOT dead!!!! Nor is Dumbledore, I don't care if you don't like him, I do.)


My Vacation in 1977

Chapter One: Give a Savior a Break

Harry Potter had done a great many things in his short life. He had become the only survivor of the killing curse and gained the title of the Boy-Who-Lived, defeated a mountain troll, the youngest seeker in a century, encountered Voldemort more times than he would have liked and lived, used a time turned to rescue his convict godfather, been deemed worthy to ride a hippogriff, discovered he was a parseltongue, ventured into the Chamber of Secrets, defeated a Basilisk, got bitten by said Basilisk and lived, defeated Tom Riddle's diary bound memory, used a time turner, experienced the "privilege" of having a house elf "save" his life, blew up his Aunt Marge, accidentally set a snake on his cousin Dudley, the youngest competitor in the TriWizard Tournament, youngest competitor to win the TriWizard Tournament, lived through Voldemort's rebirth, saved the Philosopher's Stone, learnt to repel the Imperious Curse, gone through training with Mad Eye Moody and lived, gone through training with Albus Dumbledore and stayed sane (Though he did have a rather peculiar obsession with lemon drops now…), cleared his godfather's name, successfully survived learning occlumency from Snape, helped the Weasley Twins create Weasley Wizard Wheezes, kept his temper even enough to survive Hermione and Ron's arguments (They WILL become a couple and I WILL win those 20 galleons Draco!), became an animagus, with the help of Dumbledore made the Malfoy family see the light, became friend's with Draco Malfoy, freed a house elf, defeated Voldemort in the summer before his seventh year, gained an Order of Merlin First Class, and was thus named the Wizarding World's Savior.

And of all the things he had done throughout his seventeen year old life, Harry had never once taken a vacation.

And he for one thought he deserved a break. Just a little one, like oh say…A year long vacation to somewhere far…far…away.

It's not like the Wizarding world was completely helpless, they still had Albus and the Order. But the public along with the Ministry continued to hassle him. It was always "Oh Harry could you please recapture the Death Eaters for us?" This was reasonable, but when it became "Oh great Harry Potter, rescue my kitty from a tree!" That's where he drew the line.

The Ministry had gotten far too reliant on other people to save the day. A good long vacation was exactly what everyone needed. It would give Harry some relaxation time, and the rest of the world could learn to take care of itself. Harry decided a stereotypical vacation would suffice. He could see it now, sitting in a beach chair on golden sand with crystal clear waves and a light cooling breeze.

Unfortunately, Albus thought that this sort of thing was incredibly boring so he scheduled Harry and trip twenty years in the past. And he couldn't even say no! Just as he was about to leave for his tropical paradise (Seventh year of Hogwarts be damned!) Albus had the gall to jump him, explaining for a few minutes how time traveling was the way to go and that he had already made the proper precautions and arrangements for him, then Albus, the sneaky bastard that he was, threw a chain of flowers that would act as a port key to the past over his head.

And this was how Harry Potter, now temporarily renamed Harry Lionheart, found himself being announced to the Hogwart's population of 1977.

The Albus Dumbledore of 1977 was just as cunning and as strange as the one in the future, he knew exactly why Harry was here and who he was and he would know until he left at the end of the year. From then on the memories would be blocked until the day came when Voldemort was defeated.

Dumbledore cleared his throat, and stood after the first years had finished their sorting.

"It is my extreme pleasure to announce that a new face will be joining our seventh years. He has already been sorted into Gryffindor, so please give a warm welcome to Mr. Harry Lionheart." Dumbledore gestured with his hand for Harry to step foreword from his place hidden in the shadows.

Harry walked steadily to the Gryffindor table. While passing the head table he gave directed a minor glare to Dumbledore, whose eyes only twinkled. He sighed as he sat down at the far end of the table, keeping to himself. Sirius had told him plenty of stories of his seventh year and he liked none of them. Apparently, because it was their final year the Marauders were trying to give their last hurrah before they left, by causing an impossible amount of pranks. This was also the year his mother and father started dating, though this didn't happen until mid year. On normal circumstances he would have been thrilled to meet his parents, but if he met them, then he'd meet Sirius, Remus, and Peter, who were bound to remember him in the future if he became too close to their group. Besides, it would seem suspicious if he just disappeared after the year's end. He was perfectly content to slack off this year and watch the show. At least this way it would feel like he actually met them.

With this is mind he helped himself to a decent serving of mashed potatoes. He'd lived through worse things he could live through this.

James Potter inspected the new student with delight. It was not everyday that Hogwarts got new students like this, and during his final year too! How lucky was he?! If he had been in any other house he would have paid no notice but he was in Gryffindor, and how could he not be with a last name like that? Lionheart, Lion Heart, he was perfect for Gryffindor!

Beside him Sirius whistled, "Well isn't he cute?"

And James had to agree. Although not incredibly tall, he was a decent height, with nimble hands and feet and a slender waist, seemingly wind tussled chin length hair curled at the ends to frame his peach colored face, cute pink lips were currently frowning, and his eyes were almond shaped with small oval wire framed spectacles placed on his nose. What James admired most though were his eyes, a vivid forest green that could have given Lily and run for her money. Of course he was bias, but that's just the way it was.

James smirked, "What? You like him Padfoot?"

Sirius returned the smirk with a coy smile, "Maybe."

"Oh, don't tell Remy, he might get jealous."

Beside him Remus snorted, "I wouldn't lower myself to his league."

Sirius pouted, "Oh Remy you wound me!" Clasping a hand over his heart Sirius pretended be in pain then proceeded to knock his head against the table in an imitation of death. Peter took this time to flick mashed potatoes into his hair. Sirius sat up and brought his hands to his head.

"Hey, what was that for?!"

"For knocking the gravy onto my plate." Peter motioned to his ruined food.

"What is this, pick on Padfoot day?"

"Never my dearest friend," James through and arm around Sirius' shoulders, "It can't be picking on Padfoot day because it is always picking on Padfoot day! So really, it's picking on Padfoot Year."

Sirius pouted again but then looked down the table to the new student. He seemed bored, his eyes half lidded, like he wasn't paying attention at all. Was Hogwarts that boring to him? Well, they'd just have to change that! He was about to go over to greet him when a red haired girl beat him to it.

Lily Evans, a pretty emerald eyed red head whose wavy hair fell to her mid back where the ends curled gently walked over to the new student with a smile on her face.

"Hello I'm Lily Evans, current Head Girl and I would like to welcome you to Hogwarts." Lily held out her hand for him to shake.

Harry looked at the hand for a moment before hesitantly shaking it. "…Harry Lionheart."

"Would you care to join my friends for dinner? We could show you around Hogwarts."

"I'd rather not, thank you though."

"Are-are you sure? I mean it's your first night here, you don't want to be alone do you?"

"I'm quite sure. And I've already been given a tour of Hogwarts by the Headmaster. Good night Miss Evans."

Standing up abruptly, Harry made his way out of the Great Hall.

Walking down the corridors of Hogwarts Harry sighed. He knew he was a bit cold with his mother just now but he couldn't get attached and she couldn't remember him under any circumstances. A part of his mind said he should take the chance to talk to his parents but he was here for vacation, and getting involved in the entire time stream was stressful, and that was the last thing he wanted on his vacation. So Harry assured himself that he was going to relax as much as possible while here, he had to, this could be the last vacation he might have in a while!

Sirius smirked at Lily's shocked face, "He must not like you Lily."

Lily turned to Sirius with a glare on her face, "He'll like me better than you! After all, nothings worse than Potter than his sidekick Black."

"Hey, I resent that! I'm dashing, intelligent, and have wonderful sex appeal!"

Lily snorted, and looked at the silent James. It was uncharacteristic of him to say nothing in Lily's presence. James had a look of deep thought on his face. He than snapped his fingers.

"I've got it!"

"Got what Potter? A brain now?"

"No, a way to show you that I'm not all that bad, then you'll be dying to go out with me!"

"The only dying I'll do is if you ever reproduce, I'll kill myself."

James stood up with a smile.

"Then I propose a bet!"

Lily raised an eyebrow, "What sort of bet?"

"Since you claim that I'm so unlikable, I bet that I can get Harry to be friends with me before you do. If I win, then you have to go on a date with me!"

"And if you lose, you never ask me out again."

James looked hesitant but soon nodded. "Agreed then?" He held out his hand.

Lily grabbed his hand and shook it, "Agreed."

Down in the Hogwarts Dungeons Harry sneezed suddenly and shook. Someone was talking about him. He had a feeling this whole "Avoiding his Parents Younger Selves" thing was going to be a lot harder than it seemed…


LBH: Wow, my story took an unexpected turn that even I didn't know about! And if I do Slash, does anyone have any preference pairings? I have an idea about what pairings I want to do but I'm not completely sure about them.