Hey everyone! So, I'm thinking of making yet another story and but I'm not sure which to do. I'm, really tempted to make 'Always Love' into a story but, I really don't know how I could give everyone happy brucasness with that story lol. So, it's between 'Always Love' becoming a story, or this turning into a story. Tell me which you would prefer!

She walked down the street in one of the worst parts of town. But, her car was currently out of commission, and she didn't have the money to get it fixed at the moment. So, walking was what she would have to do. Besides, it's not like buses ran this late and taking the subway would be pointless considering she only had to walk 6 short blocks to her small apartment.

One of the girls she worked with offered to give her a ride home, but that meant that she would have had to wait till her shift was over which didn't end for another 2 hours, so she decided to just walk. She had to get up early tomorrow morning to try and find a part time job so she could make extra money to get her car fixed.

She reached her run down apartment complex and walked slowly up the steps, before making sure she had a good grip on the small child in her arm. She opened the door and began her ascend up the 2 flights of stairs. When she finally did make it into her small apartment she let out a sigh of relief. She walked into her daughter's room and laid her down in her bed, covering her with the blanket.

After making sure that the door was locked, she went to go take a shower using the little hot water the building had. She had never been proud of her job but it was the only one she had been able to get when she came here. She had gotten a job at a small cafe but after letting a small kitchen fire start, she had been fired. By then, she was too pregnant to be allowed to have a job, so she had gone on unemployment and when her little bundle of joy was 3 months old, she had reluctantly taken a job at the strip club down the street from her apartment.

She'd contemplated going back to Tree Hill many times. She knew there she would be able to get help and not have to subject herself to anything. But, that of course meant that she would have to face everyone she left and she didn't know if she could do that. She'd left Tree Hill almost 5 years ago, the day of graduation. She had nothing to stay for anymore. After the sex tape had been released, everything had pretty much gone to hell and she knew that it was still pretty awkward between her and Haley. And then of course, prom night had made it even more awkward.

She ended up going back to Lucas' after he and Peyton got into a fight. It wasn't like they had gone to his house planning to do anything, they were simply just going to hang out and watch Weird Science. But, she ended up becoming the whore that Peyton said she was. Somehow, her and Lucas got caught up in some moment and ended up sleeping with each other, not a ounce of alcohol in their system. Then, two days before graduation, she found out she was pregnant.

And so, she came to New York (which she learned should be called the City of Devils) to try and salvage what she could. Victoria's Secret had screwed her over royally, and dropped her when they found out that she was pregnant. She had her college money which wasn't spent on anything other then her pride and joy, Henley. That money bought all of her clothing, furniture, baby sitting, everything that she could ever possibly need or want. Just because she didn't have a lot of money didn't mean that her daughter wasn't going to get what she deserved. Her daughter deserved so much more than what Brooke had become.

Henley Madelyn Davis-Scott was the perfect mix of her parents. She had Brooke's dark brown hair and dimples but had Lucas' blue eyes. She also did the squinty thing that Lucas did which Brooke found absolutely adorable. She was a definatly a reader, again, like Lucas. She was constantly reading, or attempting to read, anything she could get her hands on and loved it when anyone would just take the time and sit and read to her. She had her broody moments like her father, but all around was a pretty cheerful child like her mother.

Brooke got out of the shower, having enough of the water that had turned to ice 10 minutes ago. She changed in to her pajamas and went to go watch some stupid infomercial on her small tv in her small living room. This is what she did every night after work, falling asleep by 2:30 after getting home at 2. She would wake up a few hours later at 7 am and make a small breakfast before waking her daughter up to eat, and getting herself and her daughter ready for the day ahead. Her life had become repetitive and disgusting and she really needed to just get out. Get out of the life that she had created, get out of the city she had come to hate. She swore to herself she would do it too. When she woke up she would march straight down to the strip club and quit, pack up all of her things and use the rest of the money she had to fix her car and go straight to Tree Hill with her daughter.

And then, as she was drifting into her slumber, she laughed. She laughed because she knew it was a bunch of crap. She had told herself she was going to get out ever since she took that job. But she wasn't. She was never going to get out of this.