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He looked out at the ocean, scanning the beach to see where Brooke had laid down the towels. Instead of finding the towels his eyes found her sitting at the edge of the water, the waves splashing into her lap. "Dad," Henley said breathlessly from behind him. He turned around to see his daughter carrying the ice chest and it was nearly falling out of her arms.

"I told you I'd get it." She shrugged and ran toward the spot where Brooke had chosen to set up camp. Lucas shook his head, a smile on his face. It was hard to believe that she was already 10. She was tall for her age, her long hair making it's way to the middle of her back. It'd gotten lighter as she gotten older. It now looked more blonde than brown. Her curls had straightened, her locks only slightly wavy now. Her blue eyes remained bright and full of life and her dimples were still as cute as before.

She hadn't changed much from the bubbly four year old she had been when he'd first met her, still staying for the most part girlie. She'd gone through a tomboy phase though, something he was glad had passed. During that time she'd taken up basketball, proving that every Scott born had the gift for the game. Eventually she got bored, going back to ballet and ice skating which both he and Brooke had been thankful for. The two activities wouldn't put a strain on her, making sure that there would be no HCM induced heart attack for her.

Looking back at the water, his eyes found the two girls sitting side by side wearing matching dimpled smiles. They both laughed when a wave crashed into them and he couldn't believe how absolutely beautiful they both look.

As he walked up to them, their laughter growing louder with each wave, he was suddenly glad Brooke suggested they go to the beach instead of just sitting around at home watching ESPN. "Daddy!" He looked down into Brooke's lap to see his green eyed son staring up at him, his own pair of dimples on his cheeks.

Davis Keith Scott was born almost three years ago, entering the world one week early. He was almost the complete opposite of Henley. Bright blonde hair and green eyes, he held more of Lucas's features than Brooke's except for those wonderful dimples. While Henley had been a pretty loud three year old, Davis kept to himself, only allowing himself to become upbeat and loud when he was with family.

Another wave came, splashing Davis in the chest, causing him to laugh uncontrollably as the force of the wave pushed him back against Brooke. "You are such a silly boy." Brooke laughed as she sat Davis back up, straightening the blue hat that protected his head from the sun.

Lucas plopped down next to Brooke, taking Davis out of her lap and placing him onto his. She looked over at him and smiled. His hair was buzzed, his skin already tan. His blue eyes seemed so much darker now as opposed to when they were younger. Instead of reminding her of the sky, they now remind her of the ocean and she honestly believed she could stare into them forever.

After James was born, things has really gotten good for them. They took things slow in the beginning, as slow as they could even though they were living together. It had been so familiar, yet so new at the same time. She'd get giddy when he'd hold her hand and she's melt every time he'd read to Henley.

After three years they began tossing around the idea of marriage. They were comfortable and it seemed like the next step. Then when Brooke found out she was pregnant, they decided to just go for it. They got married in a small chapel with only Henley, Karen and Katherine present. "You know, I'm not going anywhere. You can stop staring," Lucas laughed and Brooke shoved him.

Taking Davis back, she nodded towards the ocean. "Go play with your daughter."

He sat on their large brown couch, sinking into the soft cushions. The beach made everyone tired and it was slowly turning into a lazy day in the Scott house hold. Henley laid on the other end of the couch in an old T-shirt and some mesh shorts, her eyes drooping more and more with each passing second. She let out a yawn as Brooke walked into the living room, Davis on her hip.

Her shoulder length hair was up in a very messy ponytail, some strands that were too short framed her face. She was dressed in her pajamas, old plaid plants that used to be his and a T-shirt like Henley's. She smiled at him as she set Davis down by Henley, the small boy getting up and sitting on his sister as soon as Brooke let him go.

"Get off me fatty," Henley groaned. Davis just laughed and started playing with her wavy hair. Sighing Henley pulled Davis into her lap where he sat contently, Henley's hair still in his small hands.

Brooke slid onto the couch next to Lucas, her back against the arm rest. He moved her legs so that he could lie between them, resting his head against her chest. She kissed the top of his head and leaned back, getting more comfortable. She ran her fingertips lightly over his scalp and he concentrated on her steady breathing.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, his hand rubbing the small patch of exposed skin on her lower back. Her skin was warm against his and when she let out a laugh about something on the tv, he lifted his head to look at her. The sun was coming in through the window, giving her an ethereal glow. It hit her green eyes perfectly, causing them to sparkle more than usual. Her dimples were etched into her cheeks, her lips parted to let out another raspy laugh. She looked beautiful.

She turned down to look at him, feeling his eyes on her. She gave him a soft smile and suddenly that feeling bubbled up inside of her. The one that she'd gotten every so often over the past few years. The feeling that everything is how it should be. Being with Lucas, watching the family she started with him grow. She no longer got the feeling like she was living in a City of Devils. She felt wanted, loved and she was where she belonged. Like Lucas had brought her into a City of Angels.

Their eye contact is broken when Davis jumped on Lucas back, an 'Ugh' sound making its way out of Lucas's mouth. Davis giggled and Henley let out a laugh. "Good job Davy," Henley said through her laughter.

A little while later, the comfortable silence the family sat in was interrupted by the ringing of Brooke's cell phone. She got up with a groan, walking into the kitchen, anticipating who would be on the other line. She answered with a slow 'hello' and the squeaky voiced girl on the other end replied with a rushed voice.

"Oh my god Brooke the caterers are here and they are asking which kind of dressing they should leave. They brought ten because you said to bring a selection but then I lost the list with the specified dressings and now they don't know what to leave. Oh and the tables and chairs came except we're a whole table short and they said that we only order 14 when I know we ordered 15! And on top of that guests have already started arriving!"

Brooke sighed. "Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian, and Vinaigrette. Don't worry about the table, I've got it covered. As for the guests, send them to the bar and if they don't drink then send them to the beach down the way. I'll be there in fifteen minutes." Brooke walked back into the living room, glancing at her family on the couch.

"Carrie?" Lucas asked and Brooke nodded.

"There is no way she will be able to manage without me. I have to go bitch out some people. I'll be back in thirty minutes tops." After working at a small cafe for six months after she and Lucas got back together, Brooke decided to try her hand at event planning. It started off as small parties, a way of getting her name out there. Pretty soon she started getting high end jobs, even planning a few weddings along the way. Carrie had been working with Brooke the longest and as sad as it was to say, wouldn't amount to more than an assistant.

Brooke disappeared into the back rooms only to reappear a few minutes later. She kissed each of the kids and Lucas before walking out the door, Lucas yelling out a 'Goodbye' as she did so.

When the front door closed, Lucas's own cell phone started ringing. He looked at the ID and answered with a smile. "Hey Hales, What's up?"

Henley looked over at him then and watched him nod. "Let me ask. Hey Henley, you and Davis want to spend the night at Aunt Haley's?"

Lucas watched her pretend to think about it. She tilted her head to the side, tapping her index finger against her chin. "I guess so," she answered finally and Lucas chuckled.

"Yeah Haley, they'll come over."

Her shoulder length hair was still wet from her shower and she smelled like water and soap and that smell that was hers alone. She hadn't done her make-up yet and it became even more obvious that she didn't need any. Her dress was form fitting, the floral pattern clinging to her top and waist before flowing out at her hips and ending at her knees.

She stood at the sink, washing dishes and he moved over to her from his spot in the doorway. He slid his arms around her waist and brought her ear in-between his teeth. She giggled happily and pressed her body against his.

She turned around in his arms and for a second he thought that she looked absolutely perfect. Then she got the wicked smile on her face and whispered dirty things into his ear and suddenly all he wanted to do was push her up against a wall.

And that's exactly what he did.

They were up against the pantry door and her legs are wrapped around his waist, his lips on her neck. His hands have already bunched her dress up so that it was around her waist and his shirt was already off. She ran her nails along his back, clawing him in surprise when his hand reached right there. They move and then she was on the counter. In one swoop her panties were off and his buckle undone. Hands were everywhere, touching and teasing. Their lips stay connected to each others, only breaking to release moans and groans.

Her hand reached into his pants, wrapping around him and he gasped in surprise. She smirked as she began to pump him, breaking away from his lips to look at his face. His mouth hung open and his eyes were shut. She stopped her movements abruptly and giggled when Lucas opened his eyes, a pout on his face.

He shook his head and wrapped his hand behind her neck, pulling her face closer to his. "You're such a tease you know that?"

She closed the gap, pulling his bottom lip in between her teeth and then releasing it. "First off, your hand stopped moving once mine started to," she said, motioning to his hand that was resting between her legs. "And secondly, you think I'm cute when I tease."

He laughed. "I just tell you that so you'll put out." She was about to argue but she stopped as two fingers slipped into her. They moved in and out of her before he withdrew his hand.

"Ugh," she groaned loudly, swatting Lucas lightly on the shoulder. "If you know what's good for you you'll put your fingers back."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Really? Well what if I replaced my fingers with something else?"

They hear a laugh then and they both pull away from each other, Brooke pushing down her dress. "What do you want Rachel?" Lucas asked with a irritated sigh.

"Well I was coming over to spend some time with your wonderful kids, but you two have obviously pawned them off." Rachel slumped down at their dining room table and it became obvious that they weren't going to continue.

Brooke slid off the counter, giving Lucas a quick squeeze as she did so. His eyes shut tight and he released a low groan. Brooke laughed, mumbling a sorry before giving him a quick kiss. "You know, it's kinda disgusting that you two do that on your counters. It's highly unsanitary," Rachel said as Brooke slipped on her underwear before walking into the dining room.

"Then I wouldn't lean on that table," Lucas smirked, enjoying the look of disgust on Rachel's face. "I'm going to go take a cold shower."

Later that day after Rachel had left, Lucas walked through the front door, a bag of groceries in one hand, his keys in the other. He heard his beautiful wife curse from the kitchen, followed by the sound of a pan hitting the floor. He smiled and made his way slowly to the kitchen. He leaned in the doorway, watching his wife pick up the vegetables that had fallen. "You know," he said, finally entering the kitchen, putting down the groceries on the island, "you look good from behind Mrs. Scott."

She stood back up, an amused dimpled smile on her face. "You too Mr. Scott." She walked over to him, leaving the rest of the bell peppers on the ground. She hopped up on the island, peering into the paper bag. " I hope you brought dinner because I think I just ruined all the vegetables."

He laughed and moved over so he stood in between her legs. "We'll get take out." She nodded, still looking at the contents of the bag. He noticed she kinked an eyebrow and before he knew it, she held the can of whip cream he'd purchased in her hand. "For dessert." Her eyebrow rose higher and she suddenly wore a very different smile.

"I love the way you think." She pulled him forward by his tie, his lips finding hers instantly. Her tongue grazed his bottom lip, asking for entrance and he more than willingly allowed her to enter. His hands moved from her hair to the hem of her shirt, one slipping underneath. She gasped in pleasure and surprise when his hand reached her breast. His other hand trailed down her leg, finding it's way up her skirt.

Her hands made quick work of his shirt, his tie and her panties already on the ground. She pulled his shirt out of his pants which was proving to be extremely hard since his hands were now doing wonders on both her top and lower half. His shirt finally made its way to the floor as she pulled away from his lips. "God damn Lucas," she breathed out, her nails digging into the skin on his shoulders. He smiled as his fingers continued to work her.

Before he knew it she was moaning his name loudly before returning her lips to his. She begun to undo his belt, her slender fingers making quick work of the button and zipper. Just as her hand slipped underneath the elastic of his boxers, the phone rang. The two groaned at the sound, pulling away from each other to look at the noisy culprit. "It could be Haley," Brooke reasoned, putting her extreme horniness to the back of her mind. Lucas groaned once more and walked the three feet over to the phone.

"What," Lucas answered, aggravated.

"Well hello to you too Luke."

He rolled his eyes at his best friend's amused tone. "Are you in labor?"

"No..." Haley started, confused by the question.

"Are the kids okay?"

"Yes." She didn't get a chance to ask why he asked her those questions because he hung up before she could. Lucas turned around, expecting to find Brooke sitting on the island. Instead, he found himself alone in the kitchen, her pencil skirt on the floor, and the can of whipped cream missing.

He kicked off his shoes before climbing the stairs two by two. He noticed that their bedroom door was closed and he let a smile play on his lips. He pushed open the door to find Brooke lying on their bed, her chest covered in whipped cream. "Hiya Luke," she said in her low raspy voice, letting out a soft giggle when she saw his eyes go wide.

"You look gorgeous," he murmured from the door and once again her soft giggle filled the room. She used her finger to swipe some whip cream off her breast and then licked it off slowly.

"I taste pretty good too." Before she knew it, his pants were by the door and his lips were on her breast. She arched her back, pushing herself further into his mouth. She bent her knee, slowly rubbing him through his boxers. He bit down on her nipple in surprise and she gasped. His kissed his way up from her breast, up to her neck before making his way to her other breast.

When he had licked her clean, she pushed him on to his back, pulling his boxers down his legs. She lowered her head and he let out the loudest moan she'd ever heard escape his lips when her mouth made contact with him. Obviously, the anticipation had gotten to him. His hand found its way to the back of her head, his fingers intertwining with her brown locks.

Just as he was about to reach his peak she pulled away, a devious smile on her face. "Tease," he breathed out as she left open mouth kisses up his chest.

"We don't want this over before we've started now do we?" She asked with a cocked eyebrow, letting out a throaty laugh as he flipped her over and pinned her against the bed. His lips hovered above hers, their noses rubbing softly against one another. "I love you."

He smiled. "I love you too," he said as he slowly slipped into her.

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