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Best Friends

Lilly pushed Miley against the wall hard. Miley's hands were by her face. Lilly grabbed Miley's wrists and effectively pinned her to the wall.

"L...Lilly? Wh...what are you doing?" She asked with fear. Lilly could see the fear and confusion in her eyes. Lilly leaned forward so her mouth was close to Miley's ear.

"Something I've needed to do for a while." She whispered seductively. She pressed her body into Miley and grinned as Miley shivered. She pulled back a little bit and stared at Miley hungrily. She licked her lips sexily. Then, without warning, she crashed her lips onto Miley's. It was a rough kiss filled with want, desire, passion, lust, need. Lilly grinned as Miley kissed back with the same heated passion. She let go of Miley's hands. Miley immediately began running her hands through Lilly's beautiful blonde hair. Lilly started running her hands under Miley's shirt. Miley moaned at Lilly's fiery touch. The sensation was wild. Lilly started kissing Miley's neck.

"Oh God Lilly!" She moaned. Her shirt was being lifted up. Both were breathing heavily with exhilaration. They moved rapidly in their lust for one another's body. Lilly was about to remove Miley's shirt completely when...


Lilly awoke with a jolt. She was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. She looked around her room wide-eyed. BEEP! She shook her head and turned off her alarm. She threw off the covers and swung her legs to the edge of the bed. She looked down and shook her head again, allowing her long blonde hair slap her face gently. She rubbed her eyes and got up to get ready for school.

"Bye Mom! I'm leaving for school!" She yelled as she ran out of the house with skateboard in hand and helmet on head. She quickly clipped the helmet and started down the drive way. As Lilly skated towards school she thought about the dream she had. She groaned. She didn't know what to make of these dreams that she had been having for quite some time. If anyone ever found out that she was having sexual dreams about her best friend Miley...

She quickly tried to forget the subject as she sighted the school. She stopped right in front of her friends.

Miley looks beautiful today. She thought then quickly shook her head What am I saying? I'm not supposed to like her!

She thought then quickly shook her head

"Um, Lilly? Are you ok?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about how i totally messed up a kickflip earlier. I should've ollied higher. At least I didn't fall and get hurt!" Miley shook her head.

"I bet it wasn't even that bad! I swear you're always beating yourself up for the smallest things!" She said with humor in her voice. Lilly pushed her playfully.

"Whatever Miles." She shuddered inwardly as she thought of her dream. Just then the bell rang. "Come on, let's get to class before Mr. Childers gives us detention." With that they all ran to their first period.

"Alright everybody! Listen up and wipe the sleep from your eyes! Today I'm going to show you all how to...with the computer! First you...then you click on...make sure it's in..." Lilly kept drifting in and out of sleep causing her to miss parts of what the teacher was saying. Why'd she take broadcasting as an elective? She could've went to art but Oliver had begged her to do broadcasting with him. She agreed reluctantly along with Miley. Lilly got butterflies in her stomach as she thought about Miley. She was so perfect, with her gorgeous curly brown hair and sparkling eyes. She had the best smile and a nice body. Lilly sighed. Too bad she would never get the chance to be with Miley. Miley was so straight it depressed Lilly.

"Lilly! Are you listening to me?" Mr. Childers yelled.

"Um..uh...I..." She stuttered.

"How about next time you pay attention instead of thinking about your boyfriend Miss Truscott!" Lilly blushed furiously when he said that. Everybody was looking at her. She looked down as Mr. Childers continued the lesson. He doesn't know the half of it She thought. She thanked God when the bell rang. She practically flew out of the classroom as they were dismissed.

"Lilly! Lilly, wait up!" Oliver and Miley called as they struggled to catch up. Lilly slowed down.

"What was all that about?" Miley asked when they finally caught up.

"I just wanted to get away from Mr. Childers as fast as possible!" Oliver busted out laughing.

"That was hella funny. So Lilly, who's the lucky guy you were thinking about?" Lilly punched him in the arm.

"Shut up you doughnut! That wasn't funny!"

"If you say so Lizzo." She narrowed her eyes at him. "I mean Lilly."

"You should've never worked at Rico's, no matter how short it was." Lilly said. They all walked into their second period class, which was English. The bell rang about a minute after they waked in.

"Ok Kids, settle down. Now then, everybody take out your copy of The Outsiders and take notes as we read along." Their teacher, Ms. Kiely, said. The trio got their books out, along with paper and a pencil. The rest of the school day passed uneventfully.

"Man, this was a boring day!" Oliver said.

"Tell me about it." Lilly said while going slow on her skateboard so she didn't pass by her friends.

"Hey, why don't we go to the beach?" Miley suggested.

"Right now?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah why not?"

"Cool, I'm down." Lilly said. She loved living so close to the beach 'cause then going to the beach was no big deal. She loved going with Miley. She could never pass up the chance to see Miley in a bikini. So sexy She thought. "Well, if we're going I have to go home first and get my bathing suit. Meet you guys at Rico's!" She said as she took off on her skateboard. She got home and landed inside with an impossible. Her mom always kept the door open at that time so Lilly could have her crash landings.

"Mom?! I'm home!" She yelled. Hearing no reply she went into the kitchen. She didn't see her mom there. "Landon?" She said as she looked in her brother's room. She sighed quietly when she saw he was there. "Landon!" Her brother looked up.

"What do you want?" He asked as he paused his iPod.

"Where's Mom?" She asked.

"She went shopping."

"Did she take Nick?" she asked referring to her 3 year old brother. Landon nodded. "Oh. Well I'm gonna go to the beach with Miley and Oliver. Make sure you tell Mom if she comes home before I do." He nodded again.

"Don't let Miley catch you checking her out!" He said as Lilly turned to walk out of his room.

"Landon!" She yelled at him while blushing furiously.

"I'm just giving you some brotherly advice." He said while laughing. Lilly glared at him and walked out. Landon was the only one she had told about her crush on Miley. They were really close even though Landon was 16. Landon was a tall good looking teenager. He had light brown hair, which he got from their dad, and bright blue eyes like Lilly. He had his hair surfer style and played guitar. Lilly had always thought he was cool.

"Bye Landon! I'm be back later! Make sure you lock the door!" Lilly yelled as she left the house. When she got to the beach she saw Miley and Oliver already there.

"What took you so long Lilly?" Oliver asked.

"Sorry guys but my mom wasn't home so I had to tell Landon and well, you know how he is." They nodded.

"Well hurry up and change! I want to get in the water." Miley said. Lilly nodded once and went to go change. when she came out she threw her stuff at Jackson, who was working, and told him to watch her stuff. Then all three of them ran towards the water. Lilly couldn't help but stare at Miley. Every time she would notice Lilly would splash water at her and swim away. I've gotta be more careful She thought after getting caught for the third time. After a while they got out, dried themselves, and changed.

"See you tomorrow." Oliver said as he started walking home. Miley and Lilly got their stuff and headed toward Miley's house. Lilly was about to walk in when she remembered that she had to go home.

"Bye Miles. I gotta go home. Call me later?" Miley nodded. They said bye and Lilly walked off towards home. I should have brought my skateboard. Lilly suddenly got the feeling of being followed. She turned around and saw Miley running towards her. "Miley? What are you doing? I thought you were home."

"I forgot something."

"Like what?" Lilly asked confused.

"Like this." Miley said as she brought their lips together for a kiss. She pulled back and smiled. "Bye Lilly!" With that she ran off towards her house. Lilly stood there shocked. She didn't know what to do. She hardly managed a bye. She brought her hand up to her lips. A slow smile spread across her face. She walked home feeling extremely happy.

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