The rain, which had started as a light drizzle in the morning, was now hammering on the windowpane, making an obscenely forceful racket. This was doing absolutely nothing, Remus decided, to aid in his concentration on his schoolwork. Lily was sitting across from him in a secluded corner of the library, chewing idly on her quill while trying to look up a charm for their homework in an old dusty tome.

Remus continued to stare out the window, rather hypnotized by the drumming of the rain. The sky outside was a stormy gray. Just like Sirius' eyes, though storm clouds can hardly do them justice, thought Remus.

"Remus. Reeeemuuuusss. Remus!," said Lily, thwacking him sharply on the head with her quill.

"What the bloody hell was that for?!," said Remus indignantly, though it had hardly hurt him at all.

"I found the charm and I thought it only polite that I notify you of that fact. However, that's a rather difficult task when you're staring off into La-La-Land, smiling like an idiot." Lily replied lightly.

"I was smiling?"

"Yes, and drooling a little too."

"Was not!"

"Okay, maybe not drooling, but you were grinning like a love-sick fool."

"Was not!"

Lily simply gave him her best incredulous stare. He never could lie to her. Sometimes he could swear she was using Legilimency to break into his every thought. It was more than a little creepy.

"Fine, I'm slobbering like an eleven year old girl with a crush, now can we just finish our charms homework?" Remus said exasperatedly.

"Only if you stop thinking about Sirius long enough to finish."

Lily was the only one Remus had told he was gay. She was also the only one he had confided in that he was in love with the most handsome, charismatic, and most sought after boy in Hogwarts. Anyone else would have laughed at him or been disgusted, but Lily almost made him believe that he had a chance. Lily was wonderful at making him feel better about himself, even if she was only feeding him bullshit. Well, he appreciated it all the same.

Remus was just about to comply when he heard a familiar voice call him. Sirius always seemed to show up whenever Remus was thinking about him, a fact Remus had always found rather disconcerting.

"Oy, Moony! Help me with my Astronomy charts, will you?," called Sirius, swaggering over to their table.

"I've just remembered, I'm supposed to meet James in a few moments. See you later Remus." Lily said hurriedly, gathering her things haphazardly, and dashing off.

"But…" Remus did not want to be alone with the object of his affections at the moment, mostly because he did not trust himself. He watched as Lily strode away and Sirius plunked himself down in her seat.

"Strange girl. Never could see what Prongs makes all the fuss about." Sirius said as he spread the astronomy charts out before them on the tabletop.

"Sirius Black in the library. I never thought I would ever bear witness to such a momentous occasion as this!," teased Remus.

"Only for you Moony, only for you," Sirius said, winking at him in a mock seductive manner that made Remus swoon. He then bent over his charts, finding where to start.

Remus couldn't help but notice, in such close proximity, the way Sirius' glossy, black hair fell into his silvery gray eyes and clung to those thick, black eyelashes. Remus' eyes fell next onto Sirius' pale, full lips. Sirius was licking them, almost as though he was purposefully taunting Remus, enticing him to claim those lips with his own.

"Rem, you all right? You seem a bit glazed over, mate. Did Snivellus jinx you or something? If he did, I swear I'll curse him into next year!" said Sirius, his eyes glinting in the dull candlelight.

"Calm down Sirius. I'm just a bit tired is all."

"Well, can't blame you. Tuesday's transformation was a bit more rigorous than normal."

"Yeah, it was," said Remus, grateful for the excuse. He'd better watch himself, or else he'd wind up pouncing on Sirius from across the table. I'll just help him as fast as I can, then I'll make up an excuse and leave.

"Well, anyway," continued Sirius, "I'm having a spot of trouble finding these constellations…"

But Remus wasn't really listening. His eyes strayed again to the chiseled features of his best friend, the contour of his jaw line, that impossibly perfect nose…

"Wait, Moony don't move, you've got an eyelash." Sirius raised his hand to Remus' face and gingerly pinched the eyelash off his cheek. "Make a wish!" said Sirius playfully. Remus closed his eyes, and then blew the lash off of Sirius' finger. "What did you wish for?"

"If I told you it won't come true."

"Who says?"

"I says."

"Now Moony, that isn't proper grammar."

"Like you're one to talk, your grammar is atrocious. I think you can let me slide just this once."

Remus looked then into Sirius' face and their eyes locked. Sirius was staring at him intensely. Remus felt himself grow hot, his heart pounded in his chest. He prayed Sirius couldn't hear it. Remus didn't know if he was imagining it or not, but Sirius seemed to draw slowly closer, a primitive gleam in his eyes, closing the gap between them…

Suddenly Sirius sprang back and whipped his head around to where a series of giggles were emitted from behind the bookshelves followed by scattered retreating footsteps. This seemed to snap Sirius back into reality, a scared look passing over his features.

"Rem, let's just work on this back in the common room later, where we won't be bothered," said Sirius as he gathered his things and stood to leave.

"Sure thing Padfoot," said Remus uncertainly as he watched Sirius stalk away. Remus felt as though he were in a daze. What had just happened? Or rather, what almost happened? Had Sirius almost kissed him? He would never know now. Remus had never hated Sirius' fan club more than at that moment.