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Growing Up, Gohan Style

Chapter 1 (Moving Forward with Life)

Cell, as simple of a name as it may seem struck fear into those around the world. You see it is not the name the people feared, but rather the hideous monster to which that name was given. Cell was a horrid monster created by none other than Dr. Gero for revenge against Goku. However, not all the world feared this creature. In fact a small group of people, heroes one might say, rose up to face this monster for the sake of the planet. One hero in particular rose to the challenge and defeated this beast. His name is Gohan. Son of Goku, one of the last remaining Saiyans and Chichi, the Ox kings daughter. Gohan Son half human, half saiyan, all power. This boy who had the power to destroy the most powerful force threatening the world at age 11 had seen his fair share of battle. Fighting since he was but 5, yet he was a kind, gentle, and pure hearted individual just like his father. He hated to fight, unlike Goku who thrived on it, but did it to protect the ones he loves and the planet. This is where our story begins, after the defeat of this horrible monster, and the birth of a new hero.


Somewhere in the mountains near the 439 area there is a place of solitude where a beautiful lake abundant with fish and other wildlife sits. At this peaceful place staring into the clear water stands a boy, a boy who is shedding tears for his now passed on father.

'Father, why did you have to stay in Other World? Did you really think the Earth will be safe now, without you to protect it? Enemies will still come. I am now the strongest in this world. Do you not think they will come to fight me?' these were the poor boys emotional thoughts as he struggled to deal with his father's passing.

"Father, why?" The boy cried out.

"Heh, I know why you stayed. You just couldn't pass up the opportunity to train could you?" The boy said as he laughed. "Well then, I also make this promise. I will continue training to become stronger, just like you Dad, so that I may protect the Earth from evil." Gohan said with a smile on his face and with that his emotional and sorrowful mood was lifted.

-Other World-

"You hear that King Kai, Gohan is going to continue to train and take up the task of the Earth's protector." Goku announced cheerfully

"Good for Gohan! Just like his father protecting the innocent, except maybe he won't be a home-wrecker." the last part was said with distaste laced on every word however in a somewhat teasing tone.

"Hey King Kai don't be like that. I told you I was sorry." stated Goku somewhat sheepishly and disappointed.

"Fine, I'll let it go, for now." King Kai said then mumbled "Home-wrecker"

"Hey I heard that!" Goku said defensively.

-Son House-

"Mother, I'm home." Called a very hungry half saiyan. Just then his stomach growled filling the whole house.

"I'm in the kitchen cooking. I figured you'd be hungry when you got back." Chichi yelled somewhat laughing.

Letting the smell of the delicious food enter his nostrils Gohan breathed in deeply. "Ah Mom, this smells great." He praised.

"Well then stop yelling and come in here and eat while it's still hot."

"Yes, ma'am!" Gohan replied sitting down at the table almost instantly. Chichi lovingly served a plate, well several actually, for her beloved son. To which Gohan replied by immediately eating.

"Wow Mom your cooking is the best! This is the best fried rice I have ever eaten, and these noodles are delicious!" Gohan said after he swallowed. You see, unlike his father Gohan actually had manners while eating

"Oh Gohan you're such a sweet boy. Thank you." Chichi sang glowing with joy "So how are you dear? Is everything alright?"

Gulp. 'I was hoping to avoid having to tell mom this right away. Oh well I guess that's life. No sense avoiding it, she'll get it out of me sooner or later, and I'd rather it be sooner.'

"Yeah mom everything is fine. I was at the lake Dad took me to before the Cell games. I..um..er.. well you see...I...um-" Gohan trailed off hesitatingly.

"-Gohan spit it out." Chichi interrupted. She never really could stand her son dancing around the point with her.

"Well, don't be mad, but while I was there I made a promise to be like Dad and train to get stronger so I can protect my loved ones and the planet if and when the time comes." Gohan stated cringing while he awaited his mothers yelling, but when it never came he opened his eyes with a look of surprise evident on his face.

"Um, Mom you're not going to yell at me? Are you feeling okay?" Gohan asked puzzled as to why Chichi didn't scold him for wanting to train.

"Well son, you know my wishes for education and my dislike for fighting, but if you want to train then I'll allow it under one condition." Chichi stated calmly.

"Um, okay what's that Mom?"

"You never stop studying and when the time comes you go to high school." She stated in a tone that clearly said if you argue no training ever.

"High school, Mom I'm only eleven right now, isn't that kind of far away to think about?" Gohan asked immediately regretting the words as soon as they came out and cringed knowing what was to come.


"Yeah, but come on Mom, Dad wasn't that bad." Gohan tried to reason.


"Mom" Gohan called quietly trying to get his mothers attention.


"Mom" He called a little louder.


"MOM!" Gohan yelled finally getting her attention.


"Not to do it, but Mom I called you twice before and you didn't answer me, so I had no choice but to raise my voice. I'm sorry." Gohan said apologetically.

"It's fine son. I'm sorry I yelled too, now what were you trying to tell me?" Chichi replied completely calm once again.

"Mom, I promise I won't stop studying and will balance my time with training so it doesn't overtake my studies. Don't get me wrong Dad is a genius when it comes to fighting, but when it comes to everything else, well let's just say I understand. I mean, do you remember his driving test?" stated Gohan shaking his head slightly at the memory of Goku and Piccolo trying to get their drivers license.

Crying Chichi said, "My boy is growing up before my eyes. You're a great son you know that?"

"Yes mom. Thanks for the food it was GREAT!" Gohan exclaimed finishing off his last bit of food. "Hey mom after I'm done studying do you think I could go and play with Kero?" asked Gohan full of hope. (A/N Kero is my own character his name is pronounced like hero only with a K)

"You mean the boy you met before the cell games?" Asked Chichi slightly puzzled.

"Yes that's him. He's the same age as me and really nice." Gohan pleaded giving Chichi the same innocent eyes his father possessed.

"Alright fine, but Gohan why don't you just go play now, you can have the day off. It's only been three days since your father's passing. You can start your studies after a week has passed." Chichi said knowing her son needed a break from studying for a little while to let his emotions heal some. Plus, she could use some time herself to heal.

"R..r..really mom, I get four whole days off. Wow are you sure you're feeling alright?" Gohan asked disbelievingly, but smiling widely.

"Yes I'm fine, well actually I do feel a little bit funny, perhaps I ate something that made my stomach upset, but that shouldn't concern you. Now go on, go play with your friend." Chichi encouraged knowing he needed to have some fun and glad he found a friend his own age "Just don't be out too late and be sure to be back by dark okay?"

"Ok Mom. And thanks." Gohan said getting up from the table and giving his mother a brief kiss on the cheek before taking off into the air.

'I have been feeling sick quite a lot recently. I wonder could I be…no…no I couldn't… could I? I'll have to go see Bulma tomorrow and find out for sure.' Chichi thought while subconsciously rubbing her stomach

-Kero's House-

Knock, knock, knock

"I'll get it." Kero said getting up to go answer the door, wondering who it could be.

"Oh Hi Gohan! What are you doing here?" Kero exclaimed

"Mom gave me the day off so I thought I'd come see you. I thought maybe we could play. If you're not busy that is." replied Gohan a little sheepishly realizing he took off without even knowing if he was home or calling to see if it was okay.

"Come on in, I'll ask mom and see what she says, but I think it'll be okay." Kero said while walking with Gohan to the living room where his Mother was sitting reading a book enjoying her day off.

"Oh Hi there Gohan, how are you dear?" asked Miyu, Kero's Mother.

"Hello Mrs. Yamaki. I'm very well today, how are you?" Gohan answered in a formal tone just like his mother taught him.

"I'm very well myself. Thank you for asking. Now, I suppose you're here to play with Kero am I right?" Miyu asked with a slightly raised brow.

Gohan simply nodded somewhat surprised Kero didn't even have to tell her why he was here, but that she already knew.

"Well, since he doesn't have school to attend yet and all of his chores are done, I suppose that's fine. Just don't be gone too long and if you do fly, no flying too far or high. Understood?" Miyu stated making sure the boys got her point not to go too far away.

"Of course Mrs. Yamaki, I understand. We understand, right Kero?" Gohan said elbowing Kero in the sides lightly.

"Huh, oh yeah you bet mom, we won't be too far and don't worry I don't know how to fly yet remember." Kero said thinking it would be encouraging.

"Oh gee, how could I forget you want to fly. You only remind me of it everyday. I can't imagine the things you two will do when that happens." Miyu stated slightly laughing. "Oh and Gohan, call me Miyu. No need to be formal here okay. You're like part of the family after what you did for my son." Miyu said warmly.

"Alright Mrs. uh, Miyu." Gohan answered thinking he did what she asked

Sigh, 'Oh well, it's a start. Eventually he'll drop the formalities and just call me Miyu.'

"Hey Gohan common let's go. We've got lots of time to play before I have to be back. Let's go the lake and swim okay!" Kero exclaimed

"Sure, sounds good we'll spar there too. That way when we get too hot, we can just go swimming. And maybe catch a fish for snack. We'll be back by dinner time Mrs. Yamaki, uh, I mean Mrs. Miyu." Gohan said while waving signaling their exit.

"Okay have fun boys. If you need anything I'll be here." She said waving back in return.

While turning her attention back the book before her Miyu thought. 'I'm glad Gohan stopped by. He's such a neat kid. Those two will be good for each other; both of them could use a friend. I think this is one friendship Kero will keep for his whole life. Yes, I think those two will remain life long friends.'

-At the Lake-

"Come on Kero, I know you can do better than that." Gohan said encouraging his friend.

"Hey…-pant- not all of us…. have been doing this -gasp-….. since we were… five ya know." Kero said breathing in and out heavily then sat down to catch his breath.

"See look, it's like this." Gohan said while demonstrating proper fighting stances as well as punches, kicks and blocks.

"You make that look way too easy you know that." Kero stated while getting up to try again.

"Good Kero, now remember to stay balanced."

After about an hour of going through different stances, and forms the boys decided it was time for a swim. They were having water fights and laughing having the fun they both needed. Climbing out of the lake with a "small" fish Gohan proceeded to make a small fire to cook it. After their "snack" as Gohan referred to it they went back to training, only this time they sparred.

"Well it's getting kinda late and I told mom I'd be back before dinner so we should probably get going." Kero said slightly disappointed they had to leave already.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Thanks Gohan I had a lot of fun. I can't wait till I can learn how to control ki and how to fly and throw energy blasts." Kero said with a huge smile on his face.

"Well next time we'll work on that then. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Mom gave me a few days off from studying, so if you're not busy we can train again tomorrow." Gohan suggested hoping his friend would be free also.

"I'll ask mom when I get there, but it sounds great!"

Gohan and Kero proceeded to make their way to Kero's house where they said their goodbye's then Gohan took off towards home. While on his way home, taking in the beautiful scenery, he thought.

'It's nice to have a friend my own age. The Z gang is great, but it's nice to have someone to talk to who isn't already an adult. It sure is fun to train with Kero and teaching someone helps me to improve as well, however I'll also have to train on my own if I want to stay in shape both mentally and physically. I can't let the people of Earth or Dad down if something were to come up now can I?'

With that Gohan went to get in some training before going home for dinner.

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