His thoughts

He felt like he was in the same exact situation that he was in years before. He couldn't acknowledge how far he had come, because he knew something, or someone, that was missing. He felt like he was standing still. Even though he was now a published writer and the owner of a publishing company. It's wasn't worth anything without the blue eyes that he had become so used to seeing in such a small time that he was in Stars Hallow, kissing the owner of said eyes everywhere he could. That had been the happiest time in his life. It had just gone downhill from there.

Not that he wasn't happy now, but he knew it wasn't like anything he felt in Stars Hallow. Nothing could compare. He laughed silently, thinking of the affect she had on him even when he hadn't seen her for close to 2 years. His thoughts were even rambling now, a quality he no doubly got from spending time listening to her talk.

He stood in front of the mail box, trying to decide if he was actually going to send the invitation to her. He wanted her to know that he actually did something with his life, even if he took it for granted. He had heard from Luke that Rory had gone back to Yale. Her life was on track too. His only thoughts were that maybe both of them were in the right place now. Maybe they could finally be together. Nothing would be standing in their way this time. He smiled to himself as he slipped the thin paper into the mail box.

There went nothing. Or maybe everything.

Her thoughts

Logan had left. She watched him leave and felt sadness pull down onto her. Not for the reason she would have thought though. She knew that they were not working out. As much as she did love him, it just wasn't enough. It wasn't fair that after everything, she was still comparing any love prospects to Jess. She couldn't continue in her relationship with Logan, it was fair to him. Her heart wasn't fully in it.

She had made her choice when he came to her dorm. She had sent him away. Who knew if she would ever hear from him again. She sighed. Maybe this was how it was supposed to be then. Maybe she just wasn't meant to be with Jess. She was going to start believing that.

That is, until she went through the mail. She noticed his name immediately. It stood out from all the other lettering. Jess Mariano. She knew in that instant she was going to see him. Maybe not all was lost after all. Her keys were in her hand before she gave it a second thought. The open house wasn't until the next night, but she needed to go now.