"Jess." This was perfect, she thought. She watched him walk over to her, drinking in the sight and the scent of him. She was happy to see him thought; the thought of spending time with him when she could make her smile

Chapter Six

She stood in front of this guy. This guy that she had spend weeks, even months thinking about. She stood in front of him smiling, probably thinking the same thing she was.

This is your chance.

She could tell by the look on his face. This guy standing in front of her, looking at her like no one ever had before. He was excited. She was too. The summer was going to be something that neither of them had ever experienced before.

She sat down with her Mom and he came over with two mugs, sitting them down in front of and pouring coffee. She wondered how long he was here for. Given he was helping Luke, but what about his publishing house? She wondered how much of this was he here helping Luke and how much of it was him wanting to see her. It was a horrible thought, but the timing was too off to be able to tell.

Her Mom went to the bathroom. She was left at the table. She would look over at Jess and smile at him, and find him smiling right back at her. Yeah, there was defiantly something there. She came up with an idea, pulling a scratch piece of paper out of her bag and a pen, scribbling something on it. Her and her Mom ate their breakfast and her left. While Lorelai was checking on Luke before they left the diner for the morning, Rory looked over at Jess, watching him watch her put the folded piece of paper on the table. She knew he knew what to do with it. She smiled when her Mom came back down and they walked out the door. She watched him walk to the table and grab the piece of paper.

He walked to the table and could feel her eyes on him as he did. He hoped that she had meant what he had thought she had meant, that the note was for him. He unfolded it carefully; try to imagine her finger tips touching the paper as she wrote. He read it once, twice, three times. Even if it was a simple sentence, it excited him to no end.

Meet me at the bridge. 7pm tonight.


Time was not of either Rory or Jess's side that night. It seemed that the more either of them anticipated them meeting between them then the slower time passed. Jess had tried to keep busy, working in the diner and trying not to have a staring contest with the clock on the wall, which the clock always won.

But after several agonizing hours, the clock was finally losing. Jess walked at a brisk pace, trying not to seem too desperate. He looked at his watch ever 10 seconds. He reached the dock and knew that she was there already. There was something in the air. It was lighter, crisper. It was like nothing else. He walked close enough to be able to see her sitting with her feet over the edge of the bridge, dangling them with an innocence that screamed 11 years old.

She was looking at her reflection in the water. She could hear the soles of his converse hit the wood of the bridge. Her heart started to beat faster and faster as she heard his footsteps get louder.

This is your chance

Her words rang through her head. Over and over again. She hadnt realized how much she had missed him, and not only since the last time she had seen him. In the past several years. She wondered what her life would be like back after her Freshman year when Jess should up and she said yes. Would they still be together? Were they happy? Rory just wished that she knew.

She felt him sit next to her. "Fancy meeting you here." He said sarcastically.

"Yeah well, it is a small town." She played along. She suddenly forgot everything she was planning on saying to him. Nothing she had planned out made sense.

"So what are you doing in this part of Plainfield?" He asked. She laughed at his reference.

"I just" She stalled. "I wanted to talk to you."

"About?" He asked almost instantly. Not nearly enough time to formulate her words.

"About how we left things the last time we saw each other." She knew that he knew exactly why she wanted to meet him.

"Look, I understand." He said, somewhat unconvincingly. Or maybe it was just that she knew him better than she thought she did.

"You do?" She asked. He was a better guy than she used to give him credit for.

"Well no, but it sounded nice, didn't it?" He laughed quietly.

"It's not about understanding Jess, even though I appreciate it." She took a deep breath. Why were things so much easier to say to your bathroom mirror? "It's just that" She stalled again. She thought about how bad she was at this.

"It's just what?" He asked. He was very good at the verbal comebacks.

"Now that you are here, in Stars Hallow, I want to spend time with you. I want to see you, see where we go."

"You do, do you?" She saw him smile as her hand innocently brushed against his.

"Yes, I do." He smiled wider. She had no idea what was on his mind now, but she bet that it was good.

"Well then I will pick you up tomorrow." He stood up. "And Rory?"

She looked up at him and saw him looking right back at him. "I've already seen you naked, so leave little to imagination?" She laughed. Although she knew he wasn't joking.