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In 2006 they changed the course of their school's acceptance of student's passions

Shot of Gabriella and Troy sing Breaking Free

But now 20 years later everything at East High has changed once more

Crowds of teenagers gather chanting for their basketball team. Cheerleaders dance and students holding up banners. Charlie Bolton the team captain jumps onto the fountain making the students cheer even louder whilst his sister Evangeline Bolton leads the cheerleaders in their choreographed dance

Well maybe not everything

Amy Bolton clutches her school books and watches the crowds of students through her thin rimmed glasses. She lets out a sigh and walks into the school. 'I wish I could do that' she thinks as she goes

East High is ruled by the Bolton kids – that is two of them

"Hey you're Charlie and Evangeline's sister Arny" a boy says

"Actually my name is –"he walks away and so cuts her off "Amy" she says to herself

"Geek alert girls!" a group of popular girls teased Amy as she walked by

She's been ignored her whole life

"What can I say? I'm a triplet; my brother is the most popular guy in our year as well as captain of the basketball team. My sister is the most popular girl as well as head cheerleader, my dad is the school coach, my mum is a science teacher. We are just all intergraded in this school which is suffocating, whilst I'm ... different"

"Just face it Amy, you are never going to be anything so you might as well give up trying" a girl bully's Amy with her friends

"Dad, why do you like me?" Amy asks her father as they shoot hoops in the gym

"That is the dumbest question I've ever heard you utter. You're my daughter and I have always loved you as have your mother, what is this really about?" Troy asked and she makes a shot missing

"It's a secret" she responds

"What's your secret?" a boy asks with a soft smile. See images of Amy talking to people, having fun with her parents, reading, looking at her face in the mirror, her watching her siblings with their friends, looking at her medicine cabinet in the bathroom

"That I exist" Amy responds and walks away

Until he walked into her life

Amy trips on a step making her book fly across the floor. She looks up and sees someone catch it and bring it over to her. He had big brown eyes and short black hair

"I'm Jack, what's your name?" he asked after she had stood up

"Let me tell you about this place, everyone judges everyone in their year within the first five seconds of meeting each other place them in certain category boxes. Believe me I'm in a box you don't want to mingle with and also everyone has to hide their inner beauty to survive high school" Amy explains. "But I have to thank you for helping my Jack so thank you" she turns her back to him and begins to walk away

"You're welcome ..?" Amy stops and turns around


"You are never going to believe who the new guy is!" Evangeline gushed to all the popular girls

"Jack Donavon! He just transferred from a boarding school after his father's job meant he was forced to move here. He is one of the best basketball players in the state and now he's on my team!" Charlie explained to his parents as the family ate dinner

"Jack Donavon is so going to be mine!" Evangeline commented putting Amy off her dinner

"He is sooo hot!" the cheerleaders commented making Amy roll her eyes

Now two people that are from completely different worlds

"What do you want Jack?" Amy asks with her arms folded

"To talk to you"

"You're one of the most popular guys in school, if you are seen with me your social status declines, why would you do that?"

"Because I want to know you, besides I'm not the one with a problem with it, maybe you are the one with the problem" Jack responds leaving Amy looking shocked

Will discover the beauty within each other

"Ok I need to learn the rules of this place, will you help me?" Jack asks Amy at lunch


"You know what I don't get is that this place fails to ask questions. Everything is black and white here, why can't it be grey? Why can't the straight line be tangled?"

"A star basketball player with depth isn't that interesting" Amy says in response. Shots of Amy and Jack hanging out with popular kids seeing

"What else do you do Amy?"

"Don't tell anyone, but I sing a little" Amy sings for Jack making him smile

"Miss Bolton, see me after class" Miss Darbiss the drama teacher calls out to Amy after she done singing

"I've never considered myself a beauty"

"How can you say that?" Jack asks and takes her glasses off her

And create a shockwave through the halls of East High

"What do you think you are doing with Jack Donavon?" Evangeline confronts Amy in her room

"We just talk, he's my friend"

"You don't have friends!"

"Don't you get it Amy? You could ruin our chances of getting to the state championships by being friends with him"

"She's just a girl! It doesn't matter, she doesn't matter so drop it ok" Jack yells at the basketball team unaware that Amy was listening. Amy cries sliding to the floor of the bathroom

"Amy please talk to me, I need you" a note says in Amy's locker

"I don't know who I am anymore"

"The only way you can fix this is if you leave him alone"

"There is only one thing I can do now" Amy says softly. She stands on a stage with a microphone in her hands with her body slightly shaking. She closes her eyes and hears a voice in her head.

"Don't forget who you are, you are Amy" Amy falls to the floor

Come follow the story of a girl who dreamed to be seen until someone turned on the light

"There has to be something more to me then books and knowledge, I just don't know where it is" Amy explains to Gabriella as she lays in bed

"Everyone is blind to their inner beauty until someone shows it too you, that is when you can truly understand who you are, not by what other people think you are" Amy begins to cry and is comforted by her mother

"Why is it that no one ever sees anyone the way in which they truely are?" Amy voice over as she walks through the halls of East High with everyone staring at her

"Because is people did then there would be no need for such divisions between groups of people" Jack's voice over as he walks through the halls of EastHigh and passes Amy with a soft smile

High School Musical: Second Time Round coming soon