High School song list

Hey everyone! As promised here is list of songs used in my fic along with the location of videos of these songs on my user space of you tube. It's simple to get to them. If you have never used you tube before then here is my guide:


To start, search for my user name (tkambhoney2007) in the search engine. Make sure it is all in lower case or else you tube will come back with no results. You should get (at the minute!) five results called Robin Hood 2006 – Did You Not Hear My Lady, Robin Hood 2006 – Marian's Secret Garden, Richard Armitage - Candyman, Guy of Gisborne – This is a man's world, and North and South – Northbound train. All five of these are my creations so click on anyone you want. The chosen video will begin to play on a new page. To the right of the video is owner information. My user name will be in blue and you can click on it. Click on my name and you enter my channel/ user area which is a purple colour.

Now along the top of the channel you will see options including videos, favourites and playlists. Click on playlists and my playlists will appear on a new page. Just chose the video you want to view below and next to each title will tell you which playlist to choose and what page to go to in each playlist. To go to a different page on a playlist scroll down to the bottom of the current page of the playlist you are on and the page numbers will be on the right hand side of the playlist. You can click back at anytime you wish.

It's that easy! There may be times when a video is removed so the placement/ availability of these videos may be altered. If the video is not in the place where I stated then check the rest of that stated playlist in case it has moved to a different position. If it is not in the playlist it was removed for some reason! So search for the song title and see what you get! I've double check these videos before posting this so unless stated they are not there the videos will appear at the present time. So here is the list and I hope you are able to find them if you wish!

Chapter list

Trailer chapter – no song

Chapter 1 – no song

Chapter 2 – I won't say I'm in love: Disney playlist page 2, ninth video down. A classic song from Disney's Hercules. This is a fan video combining the scene that this songs takes place with other moments through the movie

Chapter 3 – Across the universe: movie/ tv mix playlist page 3, ninth video down. An amazing song written by John Lennon and originally performed by The Beatles. The version I have is my fav cover of it by Fiona Apple

Chapter 4 - I'm Not Saying a Word: no video however if you search it you can find a school productions version of it if you want to view it. The song is from the musical Blood Brothers and is one of the best songs of the whole play in my opinion

Chapter 5 - One Day I'll Fly Away: Musical mix playlist, page 5, bottom video on page. This is a fab song from the film musical Moulin Rouge

Chapter 6 – Anything You Can Do: Musical mix playlist, page 5, ninth video down. This is a song from the musical Annie Get Your Gun. This video is from a BBC musical TV series presented by John Barrowman and he sings this with Ruthie Henshall

Chapter 7 – What is a Youth?: Musical mix playlist, page 8, top video on page. This is a song inspired by Romeo and Juliet and was added to the 1968 film version. This video on you tube is a fan video as the song runs over the film credits! It was written by Eugene Wilder and sung by Glen Weston

Chapter 7 – Reflection: Disney mix playlist, page 3, sixth video down. This is Christina Aguilera's version of this song from Disney's Mulan as the lyrics where slightly altered for the character of Mulan to sing in the film. This is the official music video for the song

Chapter 8 – God Help the Outcasts: Disney mix playlist, page 5, fifth video down. This is a song from the Hunchback of Notre Dame sung by the character Esmerelda. I've only seen this film a couple times many years ago but this song stands out in my mind along with 'Out There' as they are both fab!

Chapter 8 – Secret Garden: I CREATED A VIDEO USING THIS! If you go to the top of the channel instead of choosing playlists choose videos. The video (at this present moment in time) is the second from the left entitled Robin Hood 2006 – Marian's Secret Garden. If it is not there then look for it amongst the other videos as I may have uploaded more videos in the time between the original post of this and when you are reading it. It is my fav song of all time as I have a great love for Bruce Springsteen's music! I set it to video clips of the recent BBC series of Robin Hood. So I hope you enjoy the other things I create that aren't fan fics!

Chapter 9 – It Could Be You: Musical Mix playlist, page 7, forth video down. This is a beautiful song by Alexis Strum and this video is the official music video from the artist. It is a song for one person but I converted it into a duet for the story

Chapter 10 – No Matter What: Musical Mix playlist, page 7, fifth video down. This is a lovely song from the stage version of Beauty and Beast. It is a song between Belle and her father when she asks him if she is odd. This video is from a community production but it is the best version I've actually heard of this song that isn't professional

Chapter 11 – Chasing Cars: Movie/ TV Mix playlist, page 1, sixth video down. This is a fan video surrounding 'The Notebook' to the song 'Chasing Cars'. I adore this song and the album it is from so I hope you enjoy! I know there were two other songs in this chapter but as there was only a couple of lines for each I didn't include them on this song list

Chapter 12 – Just Around the Riverbend: Disney Mix playlist, page 5, top video on page. This is a song from Pocahontas and for the content of the story I had to alter one of the lines at the end (the one surrounding marriage to Kokoum). This is a fab song and is one of my all time fav Disney songs

Chapter 13 – Moon River: Musical mix playlist, page 1, forth video down. This is a beautiful song sung by Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. This is a video of the scene that she sung and me and my sister love this so I thought it was perfect for Evangeline and Amy

Chapter 14 – Bring Him Home: Musical mix playlist, page 5, eight video down. I had to alter this in the chapter including rewriting two lines as explained in the author's note for that chapter. This is a beautiful song from 'Les Miserables' and this video is from the tenth anniversary concert back in the 90's (can't remember the specific year for the life of me right now!!!) which was amazing!

Chapter 15 – You'll Never Walk Alone: Musical mix playlist, page 7, ninth video down. This video is from the 1995 Tony Awards when the revival stage production of Carousel came to New York. This is a wonderful song and I adore Mario Lanza's version of it

Chapter 16 – Keep Your Mind Wide Open: Musical mix playlist, page 8, third video down. Everyone applaud kit-cat99 for this song! I had never heard it until she suggested it to me for a scene in the hospital. I had been looking for the perfect song to place in the article but couldn't find it until this gem came along! It is sung my AnnaSophia Rubb and is just great! Thank you so much kit-cat99 you rock!

Chapter 17 - Til Him: – Musical mix playlist, page 5, fifth video down. This is a duet between the two main male characters from The Producers but I altered it to a single performer so there is dialog between the two of them on this video that I removed for my chapter. Video of recording session for the film version of The Producers, Mel Brooks does talk a little part way through the video but it is only for about ten seconds!

Chapter 17 - If I Never Knew You: – original version Disney playlist, page one, top video. Version arrangement same as A+J sing (via a fan video) Doctor Who playlist, page one, seventh video down. This is a beautiful song and the arrangements from the original to the version over the credits are slightly different. I got a video of each so it's up to you which one you want to watch!

Chapter 18 - All I Ask of You:Film version video Musical mix playlist, page 3, top of page. Live version by film cast Musical mix playlist, page 4, eighth video down. This song is from The Phantom of the Opera which is one of my fav musicals of all time. I would recommend the film video over the live as the music is so much better – the film one there is a full orchestra, the live one you get one piano! This musical is all about music so the best one of the two in my opinion is the film version but it is up to you which one you prefer!

So that's it! If you have any problems or queries you can send me a personal message or a review via fan fic and I'll reply to you. Or if you are a member of you tube you can send me a message via that site and I could reply/ share videos with you. So enjoy and I'll be back soon!