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Chapter One.

The sun was setting, casting the sky in beautiful shades of red and orange. It was a spectacular sunset. Watching it through the large windows in his sister's house, Uesugi 'Yuki' Eiri wondered how such beauty could exist on such a horrible day. Not that he hadn't experienced any other bad days in his twenty-three years of life, in fact, there were days in the past that were worse than today. The problem was lately he'd been experiencing passable days. After years of dealing with horrible nightmares of his past and fighting to gain a semblance of order in his life, a huge annoying announcement was throwing things off. A normal day in his life, included getting up whenever, writing at his desk until the muse gave up on him, or the other way round, then enjoying a night of debauchery and drink, depending on his mood and falling asleep again. That worked and nothing was allowed to distract his way of life.

"It was decided long before you ever came back from abroad Eiri. Accept it, and don't fight father on this."

His dutiful sister said as calmly as she could behind him. Her voice penetrating his thoughts and shattering his perfect image of what his life was. Did she honestly think he was going to give in that easily? His father, a monk who believed in the good and the bad, and nothing to do with the gray areas, was commanding him to marry a woman he did not even know. Wait, scratch that, he knew the woman, he just wasn't inclined in any sort of way, mentally, sexually or emotionally to be anywhere close to her. No fault of hers, she was a wonderful woman, well bred, mannered and what not, -the perfect little housewife, he just needed something else from his women. Not to mention that marriage was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Tell that rude bastard you call a father, that I have no intention of honoring his extremely irritating orders." Yuki said, turning away from the beautiful mocking sunset, to face his sister. His golden eyes, cold and merciless, pinned on her as he spoke the words with a chilling tone. "Mika, you should really avoid this habit of doing what our parents want."

"Who else will? You are obviously going to be the death of them, and our little brother," She shook her head sadly at the thought, as though she was worrying for her own child, "Despite his capabilities, seeing as how he has taken over being a monk for you, is on his way to being just like you. The number of women he has been with is almost rivaling yours. I am amazed the neighboring mothers have not come knocking down the gates."

Yuki chuckled coldly at the thought of his younger brother, and silently commended him for living his own life. It was nice to know that Tatsuha had learned to break the rules and live for himself. Too bad, his sister had yet to figure this little concept. She moved her hand up to brush her hair away from her face, and the light caught the ring on her finger, the stone glowing momentarily. It was a symbol of a union between her and her husband. An empty union that seemed stagnant and neglected. Sometimes he wondered if she was really as happy as she pretended to be with the man. What the hell did she see in Tohma Seguchi anyway? The man was a blast of arctic weather whenever he walked into a room. Despite that silly little smile he always wore, he could instill the fear of God into non-believers with a single glance. How was it that his sister had come to marry such a man?

"You should focus your efforts into your marriage." Yuki commented pulling his hands out of his trouser pockets and walking over to a couch a few feet away. Picking up the black coat lying across its back, he pulled it on, and searched the deep pockets for a cigarette. "The both of you have your priorities jumbled, do you know that?"

"My marriage has nothing to do with this. It's not even on the table for discussion. You are just changing the subject because you are determined to ignore this situation." Mika interjected, feeling a little flustered by her brother's attitude. Why could he never break that wall around him and the world for anyone, not even his family? Did he even realize how much he hurt the people who loved him by keeping so distant?

"I am going home. I have a deadline to keep, so please don't bombard me with your calls. It's irritating. And tell your husband not to show up at my house, I will have the locks changed again. It is useless to keep moving, he seems to be able to find me no matter where I go."

"Eiri stop avoiding the issue." Mika pressed, following him as he strode off toward the foyer and the front door. He was a tall man, so his steps took him to the door a lot faster, and she had to keep up by running. Flinging the door open, he stepped out onto the cool night and lighted his cigarette. Since she had no shoes on, she was forced to stop at the stairs and watch him stride to his car, as though he could not wait to get away from her. So she called out, "This is not finished, you have to go see father."

"Have a wonderful evening, sis. Don't call me." Yuki called back as he slid into the driver's side of his black Mercedes and drove off without a backward glance.

On the highway, he accelerated the car speeding through the traffic as he tried to exhaust the pent up energy he could feel inside him. He hated being nagged and ordered, he didn't like his father's view of life, and furthermore, although he loved writing, his deadlines were a pain in the ass. He wanted to hit something so very badly. It was unimaginable. Somebody please help me.

"Another scandal is brewing, I want to know all the details to what you did last night." Mr. K demanded, sliding into the chair across Shindou Shuichi and placed his gun on the table between them. His hands crossed against his chest, it was obvious that he was waiting for an answer. An answer that Shuichi did not have because he had no idea what K was going on about.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Shuichi said quietly, twirling a pen in his fingers as he stared down at the notepad before him. He had lyrics to write before the next day, and he was dying to get them done because tonight he was going on a date. Well, a blind date that his best friend Hiro had arranged for him. Hiro's idea was that the reason why he was having such a stressful time writing lyrics was because he did not have a girlfriend. Because the experience of having someone that close to you gave one the emotional foundation to write lyrics that left an impression. What kind of idea was that? Their last album was written quite fine. The lyrics had come easily enough, this time was no different, and if he kept at it the lyrics would get done either way. No need for stupid blind dates, he thought.

"Shuichi-kun, you can't act dumb with me. The rumors going around could damage the band's reputation. I need to know these things as they happen." K insisted, his eyes hard and fierce. It was no wonder why Seguchi Tohma had made him their manager. You could not escape the man.

"Mr. K, if I knew anything that could cause such harm to Bad Luck, I would tell you." Shuichi said amused, looking up to stare at the older man. His amethyst eyes framed by dark hair that fell over his eyes, "What has happened, what did the press say now?"

"Did you have an argument with Ryuichi-kun yesterday?" K asked leaning forward, "Someone says they spotted you at a restaurant having dinner, then you got up and stormed off, leaving Ryuichi there. You can imagine the number of speculations that are coming in. I need you to tell me if it's true."

"What an underhanded joke. Ryuichi and I are friends, not enemies, the only reason I left like that was because you called me in here." Shuichi explained quietly, irritation rising slowly at the thought that some person had been busy watching him. "Why is it you always believe the stupid rumors first, before listening to me?"

"The rumors come first, before you find it in your sweet head to tell me things that are going on in your life. Like I've told you before, your status is not the small time Bad Luck anymore. Things have changed, you are being watched all the time." Mr. K explained for the millionth time, the speech was so familiar to Shuichi that he mouthed it out as K said it.

There was no way he was going to be writing any lyrics tonight, they would just have to wait until morning. Getting up, he placed the note pad on the desk and pulled on his white coat, tying the belts tightly around his slender figure. Reaching for his sunglasses, he slipped them on and said to K,

"Well, if you must know all that goes on with me, tonight I'm going on a blind date. Hiro set it up, and Suguru found the girl. If you think that things are bad now, can't wait to hear what it is going to be like tomorrow morning." Smirking at K, he moved away from the table and headed for the door.

Before he shut the door, K cleared his throat the action making him pause, as the older man said, "Shuichi-kun, I'm on your side. Always on your side, you know that. This year hasn't been easy, especially with that incident that happened with your fans. I just want to make sure it doesn't happen again."

"I know. I'm trying K, but having my life so readily scrutinized is not easy either. I'll call if anything goes wrong." Shuichi said in turn, knowing that K was right. He did have his best interest at heart. It just couldn't be helped. He needed to find an outlet for all the negative energy flowing through him. As he went down the stairs of the N-G building, he suddenly decided that he was going to walk home, just like old times. Calling his driver, he sent him home, and instead crossed the street, headed to the park. His apartment building was on the other side of the park, so he wasn't too worried about not being able to make it home. Pulling a hat over his hair, and almost down to his eyes, he power walked, his hands deep in his pockets, the fingers in his right hand tightly clutching his cell phone in case something happened.

"Marriage." Yuki scoffed, as he strode down the quiet path in the park, trying to expend the brewing anger and frustration. He had decided to take a walk instead of going into his house, since he had almost crashed his car on the way home. There was nothing like walking aimlessly through a park to get you tired and mindless. Plus, tonight when he got home, he was planning on sitting down and working away on the novel he was supposed to be writing. He just knew that it was going to be another long night.

He was so lost in thought, that he didn't see or notice the figure in white also walking with his head down coming at him, until it was too late. They bumped against each other, and the kid went flying to the ground, a yelp escaping his lips as he tried to save himself, by reaching out. Yuki tried to stop the fall but it was too late and he could only stare at the raven-haired man who was now groaning and moaning on the ground as though he had broken something vital.

"Hey, you wanna help me up here?" Shuichi demanded, carefully moving his limbs trying to figure out if anything was broken. "You helped to get me down here you know."

Yuki realizing the kid was yelling at him, leaned down and grabbed one of his arms, which he used to roughly pull him up. Earning a smack on his upper arm for his efforts.

"Goodness, do I look like a sack of potatoes to you?" Shuichi questioned, feeling irritated and a little stamped at the treatment. "I can't believe this."

"It's not my fault that you weren't looking where you are going." Yuki replied nonchalantly. The stupid kid was a gorgeous specimen. His eyes were startling beautiful, and that hair as dark as midnight and although a little mussed up, it fit the boy's image so perfectly. The word handsome did not begin to describe the boy's appearance. Unfortunately the expression on that wonderfully proportioned face was far from appealing, it was like irritation and molten anger simmering, and ready to boil over. For some unknown reason, it excited him to see it.

"Don't look at me like that. You should look up while you walk." Yuki felt compelled to say.

"The same goes for you." Shuichi replied brushing dirt off his coat, as he did so, a loud scream made him pause and he looked up to see what the problem was. His eyes widened in alarm when he realized that a group of women were running toward them. His hands immediately sought his hat, but finding his head bare, he realized that his tools of disguise had both fallen to the ground. The park was filled with fans, and it wasn't that hard to recognize him, all he needed was one person to alert the rest.

"Oh lord, time to go." He said under his breath as he turned to the offensively, handsome man with golden looks. He really did not want to do it, but if he left the poor man here, his groupies would maul him. They tended to attack anyone he came into contact with for information, and he just could not wish that on anyone. Sighing, aware that he was going to have more to explain to Mr. K the next day, he reached out and took the man's hand, pulling on it as he started to run, "As annoying as you are, I can't leave you here. They'll maul you. If you value your life, follow me."

A bit surprised by the turn of events, Yuki allowed the brat to pull him along. For one, he did not want to be stuck in the coming crowd at all either. Since the kid was offering shelter, he would take it. They kept running toward the park exit, and somehow made it across the busy street. Shuichi still holding on to Yuki's hand, led the way, weaving through the crowds and finally making a turn into a large elegant building that housed expensive apartments. The moment Yuki saw it, he almost laughed since it was the same place he lived. What a coincidence, he thought, as they hurried through the glass doors that immediately swung shut effectively keeping away the coming mob.

Shuichi let go of his arm, and panting for breath he grinned and announced, "Well, that was fun. We should do it again sometime. You know, don't bump into people like me, you'll get more than you bargained for." Then as if a switch had been turned on, Shuichi burst out laughing as he collapsed on the floor, holding his stomach, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Yuki stared at the kid in amusement, watching those sparkling purple eyes, wondering where on earth had he appeared from, and why was he so darned cheerful when he should be mad as hell. Did such a person actually exist in this world? "Who are you and where did you come from?"