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Chapter Twenty- One

"I know you," Shuichi said in shock. "You work at NG Productions."

"You've finally seen me," the young man said. "It's taken you so long, you're always so busy, so high, it's very hard to reach you."

"Why would you do this?" Shuichi demanded. "I say hello to you every morning when I walk into the building. You're supposed to guard the building, not try and hurt people."

"You might have said hello," the young man said. "But you didn't notice me, or smile at me the way you smile at everyone close to you. It's quite frustrating actually."

"What do you want?" Shuichi asked. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"You're beautiful even when you're angry."

Shuichi clenched his fists tighter at those words. He couldn't stand that tone the man was using as though they were lovers when they weren't. Shaking, Shuichi glared at the man standing in front of him. He was a guard he'd passed by so many times at the entrance to NG Productions. He always nodded to him in greeting, usually a short nod with a smile. Such a small action had attracted this man's attention. It didn't make sense that this man, so cordial and nice would be the one terrorizing him this way. But then how could it not, it explained how he had always known where Shuichi was staying.

"Sato-san," Shuichi said gently. "Why don't you stop this? If you don't do anything anymore, things will be okay, and you won't be in trouble anymore. We can even forget about you hurting Yuki the last time-

"Don't talk about that man," Sato ordered savagely. His eyes seemed to shine with an ugly kind of possessiveness that had Shuichi shaking all over again. "You are mine."

"I belong to myself," Shuichi countered back. "You don't own me."

"Oh, is that what you think?" Sato took the final steps that brought him standing right in front of Shuichi. His eyes were black pools filled with such anger, they pierced Shuichi's gaze paralyzing him. "I've watched you for a while now. I know everything about you, so don't think I don't know you're hoping to talk me out of this so you can escape. I warned you about Yuki-san. He's not good enough for you, so I'm taking you away from him. Since you're obviously going to struggle, I think this is going to best."

Shuichi panicked and started to take a step back, hoping to make it to the door before Sato could do anything. He wasn't fast enough. Sato gripped his upper arm tightly and a white cloth was pressed to his face, the scent choked him, and even if he tried to fight breathing in, the second whiff of it brought darkness.

"He's in the bathroom," K said as they rushed toward the men's room. "Shuichi's bodyguard alerted me the moment he stood up and left. The note was on the table."

Yuki gritted his teeth as the words on the note flashed in his mind again. It was taking all he had to keep from tearing the walls apart. Walking behind K, he asked quietly, "What are we going to do now?"

"First, we must ensure Shuichi's safety," K said gently. "This means not running into that room without a plan. Do you understand Yuki-san? Give me a nod if you understand."

Yuki let out a shaky breath and nodded so that K could continue. He wasn't sure he could keep cool for too long. "How are we going to do make sure Shuichi's okay?"

"Leave that to my men, stay behind me," K ordered as they rounded the corner to the hallway where the bathroom was. Five men were standing in front of the bathroom door, each holding a weapon and dressed in black. K gave a nod, and the men moved into motion. It took them five seconds to slam into the bathroom and then call out clear. Yuki counted the seconds anxiously.

The moment they shouted clear, Yuki rushed around K and went into the bathroom. He stood frozen at the door when he looked around and found that K's men were just looking around the room.

"Where is he?" Yuki demanded. "Where the hell is he?"

"The stalker has him," the team leader said pointing into the last stall. "This looks like the route he used to escape. He's on the loose."

K rushed to look into the stall, Yuki followed, his heart slamming against his chest when he saw the dark space in the wall. Shuichi was with that mad man inside a vent. Yuki took a step toward the entrance, but K grabbed his shoulder and forced him out of the stall. Yuki fought those fists off but K wouldn't let him go.

"We're wasting time, he might take him out," Yuki said. "Let me go."

"Calm down, allow my men in first will you. What do you think you're going to do when you catch up to him and he has a gun," K demanded. "Get a hold of your control, Yuki-san."

"Shuichi is with that mad man," Yuki said savagely. "He is in the hands of a mad man, who knows what the hell is going to happen to him. I don't have time to be in control."

"Get a hold of it, or you're going to be waiting with the rest of the band out there. I don't have time to baby sit you if you lose control."

Yuki glared at K for a moment, conscious that the team was already going through the entrance Shuichi's stalker had taken; he let out a sigh and nodded to K. K let him go with a warning glance and followed the security team. Yuki cursed under his breath and followed K.

He had to stop a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the dim light in the tunnel. It was a service tunnel; pipes of all kinds ran on the wall above and on the sides. Water was leaking somewhere, making the floor damp. All Yuki could hear was their footsteps on the wet floor. Ignoring the damp ground, Yuki hurried after K hoping they weren't too late.

"We're following the tracker we put on Shindou-san," the team leader called. "They are moving toward the kitchens."

"How far are we?" K asked, they kept a hard fast pace.

"Two minutes," the team leader said.

"Attack him only if you're sure Shuichi won't get hurt," K ordered.

Yuki forced control on his need to hurry past everyone so that he could get to Shuichi. That bastard was going to pay for daring to touch his boy.

The world was foggy; everything seemed to be wrapped in a tight cloud that didn't make sense. He was being carried, Shuichi frowned, was he sick? No, he was over someone's shoulder. Yuki only did that when he was angry with him. He couldn't remember what he'd done-

He coughed violently that scent that filled his nose a minute ago irritating his nose. He gasped. Not Yuki, the stalker, he remembered now. The stalker was carrying him away. Oh no, they couldn't leave the building. No one would know where he was if they left the building. If things went bad, -he'd watched movies-, kidnap stories always ended in the kidnapped being dead and the lover suffering through grief. His Yuki would suffer through the pain of losing him and finally say those three little words while standing over his grave.

Just imagining it, made Shuichi start struggling harder. He couldn't have such a thing happen. If Yuki was to confess, he was going to do it to his face. He would accept nothing less. No one was going to take that moment from him.

"Stop struggling, we're almost out," Sato ordered angrily, gripping Shuichi's thighs tightly. His grip was to the point of painful.

Shuichi moaned loudly, he couldn't talk because Sato had covered his mouth with tape. Closing his eyes to stop the dizziness, he started moving in earnest. Using his hands, he pounded on Sato's back, and lifted his head making as much noise as he could. The man was strong, but Shuichi kept up his squirming until at one point he almost fell off the man's shoulder. He hit his head on a pipe on the wall, and the pain was excruciating. Warm liquid slid down his eyes, and for a moment Shuichi panicked when he saw the drops of blood on Sato's jacket.

"I told you to stop moving," Sato said angrily. One minute he was hoisted over the man's shoulder, and the next, he was dropped hard on a concrete floor. They were in some sort of service room.

Shuichi scrambled on the ground trying to crawl away. There was a door across the room that said exit, maybe he could make it. Shaking, tears finally sliding down his cheeks in desperation, he crawled across the floor.

Sato grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him up, shaking him violently. Looking at wild dark eyes, Shuichi was certain he was really going to die at the hands of this man. He couldn't see hope in there, not even a small ounce.

"Shut up, stop moaning, shut up, or I'm going to hit you so hard you won't wake up until next week."

Shuichi cried at the threat, his eyes filling with tears. His head was hurting and the pain was lancing through his head like pins were stuck in there. Sato got angry at the sight of his tears and pulled back a fist. Shuichi stared as that hand pulled back to hit him in the face and his heart plummeted. If that landed on him, he wasn't sure he could stay alert. He'd pass out and this man would take him away. Shaking his head frantically, Shuichi kicked at Sato with his feet, trying to escape. Sato pushed him back against the wall, hard and shouted at him to shut up.

He wished he'd told Yuki how much he loved him that morning. He wished he'd gone to visit his parents in the past few weeks instead of hide away from them. That fist started to come at his face and Shuichi was glad that this time Yuki wouldn't be hurt. His Yuki was safe in the gym with his band mates. At least he'd done something right this time.

Closing his eyes, he waited for impact. The pain wasn't as bad as he'd imagined, his jaw felt numb at first. The sudden rush of noise in the room, made him gasp as he tried to stay conscious. Someone was shouting his name, the sound of guns, footsteps, - the pain filled his mind, his eyes closed, and he gasped for air.

"Shuichi," someone called. That voice, it sounded so familiar. Was it Yuki? It sounded like Yuki. He was really going to miss him.

"Is he going to be alright?" Yuki demanded of the doctor in charge. "Why isn't he moving? What's wrong?"

"Sir, he is sedated," the doctor advised quietly, his gaze moving back to Tohma. "He has a slight concussion, we won't know much until he wakes up. He lost some blood from the gash in his head, but it should heal just fine. Right now, we should let him rest. The nurses will watch over him, I think that would be best."

"I'm not leaving him," Yuki said forcefully. Looking at Tohma, he lifted a brow in warning. There was no way they were going to keep him away from Shuichi.

"Perhaps we should allow Eiri-san by his side," Tohma said firmly. "Shuichi-san will recover much faster if my brother in-law is with him. See that it is arranged, mean while, I'll deal with the administration. Eiri, go on."

Yuki nodded and hurried back down the private wing to Shuichi's room. Using the card he'd been given for the door, he swiped it over the lock and the door swung open. Going in, the door closed behind him automatically and he replaced the card into his trouser pocket. He hadn't gone home to change yet. He was still reeling from seeing Shuichi on the ground, blood covering his face. Moving to the hospital bed by the windows, he stood for a moment staring at his lover with mixed emotions. He sighed at the darkening bruise on Shuichi's forehead. His hair was no longer matted with blood; the nurses had cleaned him up. The blue hospital gown did nothing for his coloring; he was still pale, too pale. If it weren't for the machines hooked up to monitor his vitals, Yuki wouldn't have believed the boy was alive.

Sitting on the side of the bed, he took the hand that lay on top of the covers, and touched the elegant fingers gently. Squeezing them gently, he waited for the fingers to return the pressure, but when nothing came, he stared at the heart monitor with despair. He hadn't told him how much he mattered. He'd never thought it important, Yuki cursed under his breath.

"I'm sorry," he murmured quietly. "I'm so sorry, Shuichi."

He wasn't even aware that he was crying until the tears started dropping on Shuichi's still fingers. Wiping at them with his thumb, Yuki leaned down slowly and pressed a kiss on those fingers.

Tohma, K and Hiro stood in the police station staring at the man who'd been arrested by the police for stalking Shuichi. Hiro was itching to walk over there and beat the bastard senseless, it felt like he was being slighted for not being given the chance to let his rage loose on the guy. Making a tighter fist, he turned to Tohma and K.

"How long are they going to keep him?"

"There are a few charges against him, all of which will tally to over twenty years in prison,' K said quietly.

"Don't worry about him," Tohma said with a hard tone. "I'll make sure he won't cause any more trouble."

"What about Shuichi?" Hiro asked quietly. "Will he have to testify?"

"I'll do what I can to save him from such a thing," Tohma said quietly. "He's traumatized, there's no need to torture him any more."

Hiro nodded and gave the bastard one last glance. Shaking his head, he turned abruptly. "I'm going to the hospital to check on Shu-chan."

"Don't worry about this anymore," K assured him. "Things will only get better from now."

Hiro thought about the still figure on a stretcher earlier in the day and shuddered. His best friend had looked as though he was dead. All that blood running down his face, Hiro shook his head. He certainly hoped K was right because right now he couldn't see how things would get better.

Tohma was listening to his lawyers plan out a strategy to deal with the charges against Sato, the stalker when his cell phone rang for the millionth time. It was almost eleven o'clock at night, and it was looking as though he wouldn't be leaving his office in another few hours. Glancing at the caller ID he excused himself and walked to the windows staring out at the glittering lights below him.

"Ryuichi, you've heard," Tohma said quietly.

"How is he?" Ryuichi asked in a soft voice. "How bad is it?"

"He is resting now, the doctors say he has a concussion from an injury he sustained during the altercation with the stalker. There was blood loss, and he has a very nasty gash on his forehead. Otherwise, he is fine physically. They put him in a sleep induced comma for a period of twenty-four hours. It's supposed to allow him to rest and boost his strength; they thought he was a little dehydrated."

"He wasn't eating well because of stress," Ryuichi sighed. "Well, catching the bastard was the easy part, Tohma. You know that right? Shuichi will physically get well, but what about his emotional well being?"

"We won't know about that until he wakes up," Tohma said. "Eiri is with him right now, I'm sure that should help a bit."

"I was unsure about them, but," Ryuichi kept silent on his end and Tohma closed his eyes as his suspicions were confirmed.

Ryuichi liked Shuichi to some extent. There closeness would have led to more, had Shuichi not met Yuki. He was certain of that. "Ryuichi, concentrate on your work in the movie. Eiri will take care of him for now."

"You know then," Ryuichi said quietly.

"You're my oldest best friend, how can I not," Tohma said with a sigh. "Don't think about it too much. I'll call you if anything changes."

"Thank you, dear friend," Ryuichi said, and rung off.

My fingers ache to touch, untested and uncultured, they hold much promise. My heart solemnly vows.
A thrill with one single caress, Forgive my spirit it dares overshadow your melody.
But fear not, for your melody harmonizes my spirit and the pleasure is so intense that there's nothing...but love...

The words were so beautiful; they penetrated to the core of the deep fog he was in. Clearing it up, and filling him with warmth, that shining voice, that made his blood sing. He hadn't thought he'd ever hear it again. Eager to see the owner's voice, Shuichi fought through the fog and opened his eyes slowly, groaning as light assaulted his poor eyes. Closing them, he tried to lift his hand to ward off the light, but his fingers were tangled up in warm strong ones.

"Morning," Yuki said gently into his ear. "I'm sorry, I had the blinds open, go ahead and open your eyes."

Shuichi did as he instructed, to find the harsh light gone, and instead they were in a dim room. It was unfamiliar. Shuichi stared down at the covers over him and sighed when they too seemed unfamiliar. Turning to Yuki with a frown, he tried to ask where he was.

"You're in hospital," Yuki said quietly. "You've been out for two days."

A straw was pressed to his dry lips and Shuichi closed his eyes as he pulled cool water into his mouth. When he'd had enough, he stopped and let go of the straw. Looking at Yuki, he cleared his throat and asked with a hoarse voice. "Sato-

"Don't worry, we got him," Yuki said with a nod. "You're safe."

Shuichi nodded and let out a soft sigh. His head was throbbing a bit, but not as bad as he remembered from that day. His fingers were still tangled in strong ones, and he looked down to find that Yuki was holding on to his fingers tightly. Smiling slowly at the grip, he returned his gaze to golden eyes that were studying him intently.

"Don't ever scare me this way," Yuki said quietly. "I don't do well with hospitals."

"I'm sorry," Shuichi replied just as quietly.

"I want to shake you for going to that man willingly," Yuki said with a shake of his head. "You could have been killed, or worse, because they are worse things than death, Shu-chan. Things that could have happened to you and would have destroyed you forever."

"I'm fine though, I was saved," Shuichi said squeezing the fingers holding his. At the small gesture, Yuki glanced down at their joined hands in surprise.

"Do it again," Yuki ordered.

Frowning, Shuichi squeezed the Yuki's fingers and met his golden gaze, amazed at the wonder he saw there. His boyfriend had obviously gone through some sort of crisis while he'd been sleeping, Shuichi thought as Yuki smiled at him. "Are you alright?" Shuichi asked.

"That should be my question," Yuki chided. "I'm fine, now that you're awake."

Shuichi nodded and smiled shyly. "Were you reading to me?"

"I was," Yuki said lifting up a poetry book.

"Your melody harmonizes my spirit and the pleasure is so intense…" Shuichi recited the words he'd heard as if in a dream. "You are a romantic, Yuki. I didn't expect it."

"It's just because you're sick, wait until we get home, and then we'll see about that," Yuki said blushing a little.

Shuichi laughed at the sight. "Lo, and behold, my boyfriend actually cares about me."

"I think it's more than care," Yuki confessed gently. Reaching up, he caressed Shuichi's jaw gently and smiled. "I'm in love with you, Shuichi. Please don't ever leave me."

He wasn't sure he'd heard it right. It felt impossible that these words would come now while he lay on a bed unable to move. He wanted to jump up and down in happiness from hearing them. Tears welled in his eyes and he stared at Yuki for a moment.

"What now? Why the tears," Yuki demanded.

"Don't worry about them," Shuichi ordered back. "Please lean down so that I can kiss you. I can't move yet, I feel tired."

Yuki frowned for a moment, but he did lean down and allow Shuichi to press kisses to his lips. Sweet kisses that were mixed in with tears of happiness as Shuichi savored his greatest victory, having this man love him. His greatest wishes come true.


Shuichi watched the movers place boxes in the living room of their new three bedroom penthouse, located in a new building owned by NG Productions, with a huge grin on his face. He couldn't stop feeling this way; it was ridiculous how happy he was. He didn't think he would ever stop feeling so happy.

"You look like an idiot standing there," Yuki said walking into the room, carrying his laptop and a cup of coffee. "Are they done?"

"They are," Shuichi said as the last of the men closed the front door. "We are officially moved in."

Yuki glanced at the cartons in the living room and returned that piercing golden gaze to Shuichi. Shuichi grinned again. "Well, technically moved in, we still have to get things sorted."

"You said you'd do it," Yuki said with a shrug. He headed for his study room. That room had been first to be arranged, the desk and files Yuki needed for his work had been delivered a week ago. He'd not allowed any one to touch them.

"Seriously," Shuichi called staring at the retreating back. "You're going to play that card?"

"I have a deadline," Yuki said with a wave.

Shuichi sighed and shook his head. What a stubborn mule that bastard could be? He was obviously not going to open even one box to arrange the stuff in here. Shaking his head, Shuichi huffed and reached for his cell phone. Fine, if they guy wouldn't help, he'd get his own help.

Calling Hiro, he begged him to come help unpack. One call turned into five, and an hour later, the apartment was jam packed with people. Hiro had brought along his brother because he was the one who worked out. Heavy lifting would come easy for him. Suguru had brought Sakano and K who were turning the entire process into a military exercise. Maiko had come to play the feminine role; her insight was turning the living room into a haven. Ryuichi brought his noise, which turned into a video game marathon at the video game console Shuichi's parents had gifted him for still being alive after the recent fiasco with the stalker. The video game room was sound proofed for obvious reasons; Ryuichi was turning into a maniac as they competed.

The day progressed in a series of activities with an oblivious Yuki still locked up in his study, thanks to the sound proofing in that room as well. Shuichi had known that his life was chaos, so he had insisted that the renovators make sure that the room would be sound proofed.

At around two o'clock, the apartment was finally arranged and their belongings unpacked. K called for pizza and drinks from a popular Italian restaurant. Shuichi was munching on a slice of pizza when Yuki emerged from the study. He was holding a mug of coffee, and at first he stopped in the middle of the living room looking a bit disoriented.

The place looked very clean and neat, the surprise on his face was priceless. Grinning, Shuichi stood up from his position beside Ryuichi on the couch to smile at him.

"What do you think?"

"It will do," Yuki replied with a shrug. He moved to stand in front of Shuichi and looked at him with a raised brow. When Shuichi frowned, he nodded to the slice of Pizza. Shuichi grinned and held out his own. He watched as Yuki took a bite from the slice of pizza exactly where he'd bitten before. "It's delicious."

Shuichi blushed, and leaned up to press a kiss to Yuki's jaw. Yuki took the slice of pizza from him and sank down on the couch where he'd been seated. Pulling Shuichi on his lap, they shared the pizza in silence as everyone continued to talk animatedly. Drinks were passed around, and Shuichi suddenly realized that he wasn't alone anymore.

He was home, he thought fondly, his gaze on Yuki as he sipped a beer while he listened to K talk about a soccer game that would be on later. Yuki was his home.

Yuki held onto the slight weight that was Shuichi making sure that the punk was eating something. In terms of health, they still had a ways to go; the punk needed pushing to take care of his health often. He'd been surprised to find the place full of people when he'd left the study. But then again, he shouldn't have been. Shuichi drew people to him like a magnet, he couldn't be without them. They seemed to rush at his side without any coaxing. His own personal whirlwind, he mused, as Shuichi laughed at something Ryuichi was saying.

They still had a lot of things they didn't know about each other, Yuki mused. Thinking of his past, his fingers bunched in Shuichi's shirt for a moment before they relaxed. So many things Shuichi still didn't know. But for now, this was okay. They loved each other; he needed that bond, more than he needed to dwell on the past. He'd hold on to this selfishly, for as long as he could.

Shuichi leaned back on him and whispered into his ear. "I love you, Uesugi Eiri."

Yuki's eyes widened at the mention of his family name, noting the mischievous glance Shuichi gave him he looked around the room and everyone laughed. He'd missed another joke, but it didn't matter, he smiled along with their friends.


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Sequel to Whirlwind in my Life

House of Broken Hearts

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Shuichi is saved from his stalker, but his romance with Yuki continues. Shuichi finds out about Yuki's past and the battle to fight for his love begins. Yuki is caught between keeping Shuichi by his side and pushing him away. Love is such a bitter sweet drug, will Shuichi win the battle?

House of Broken Hearts

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