Chapter Nineteen

By Salaphina

Everything had been settled. The adults had been released from the boardroom, Penny, Speed, and Lash rounded up, Royal Pain dug up, and laughed at, they all had been locked in the detention room, and Layla had been commended

She had waved off their words and award. Say to give them to Warren, who them glared at her and her innocent look while Drew pouted in a corner, saying that it was supposed to be him that saved the day. Everyone ignored this. And no one saw Layla sneak out the back when all the adults jumped on Warren, trying to reward him for things he didn't do. Finally he got so irritated that he flared up to back everyone up enough to get to the door and follow Layla out of it before closing and locking the door behind him.

He looked around and found Layla sitting on the edge of Sky High, with her legs hanging off the side of the platform. He walked over and sat down beside her. She didn't acknowledge him for a long moment, just kept swinging her legs. Then she leaned over and leaned against him. For a moment she was stiff then sighed went slack. He put his arm around her shoulder, cringing as he gave into their now official 'relationship.'

He wouldn't have gone along with this usually no matter how many people told him the made a cute couple. But his mother had looked so happy when they told her what a good boy he was, protecting his girlfriend like that. And what a nice girl he found. Wasn't she lucky to have a boy with good taste? He hadn't seen her look so happy in years.

Plus, Layla looked so cute standing there frowning at him when he looked ready to object to the title of boyfriend that he just couldn't help himself but to go along. For now at least.

But it was now, when she was curled up against his side. Yawning and sighing from the long night that he realized it wasn't just her nose wrinkle or her cute jealousy or walls of Aloe Vera or her pouts or her patheticness.

It was her. Her birth defect, her pretty green eyes and her fits of violence. It was everything. He really was lucky she didn't like Stronghold as much as she had thought.

She looked up at him with glassy, tired eyes. Very, very lucky.

"I won you know."

"Do what?" He said.

She smiled. "Yup, I won."

"How so?"

Her smile deepened, her chin tucked down against her a little, her cheeks got pink and she said, "I got you."

Looks like they both felt the same way. Good. He smiled at her as he pulled her into a kiss.

Short, sweet, hope you liked it. The End.