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Chapter 1

Rain pelted the dirt path a sound of several twigs breaking upon heavy steps. A voice would call out in a harsh sound, "Halt!" The Chunin shinobi would step forward looking toward the sight of what he pictured was four shiobi. His eyes growing wider as the targets came closer, they were shadow clones. "Who are you?!" The Chunin was forced to ask again now getting a close look, a simple village head protector would tell him it a shinobi from his village. "Dear god! Your covered in blood! Hold on!" The Chunin running toward the shinobi seeing dry blood and the sight of four other shinobi upon his back. "Hey! Sasku! We need some help!!"

Several other Chunin would appear, as the shinobi covered in blood would collapse the rain washing away the blood and sin saving it for a growing future.

"Is Tsunade-hime coming all the way out here? Just for this Genin?" The subtle voice of Iruka would pass toward the Hokage.

A long pause would pass from the Hokage looking toward the academy teacher. "The Genin is named Shingo Kanzaki. He was our top rookie Genin two years ago. He set out with his Jounin teacher and two other Genin on a B rank mission."

Iruka swallowed, "What do you mean, I don't remember a Shingo Kanzaki even coming through the Academy. Why would you send them on a B rank mission?!"

"It was supposed to be simple, it was a B rank mission since they were to meet up with Anbu to bring a captured C class criminal to our village. That was two years ago, we never heard what happened to team sixteen."

Iruka was just confused by the entire idea, "Heard he was wounded and was using Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. He summoned three shadow clones of himself and carried his dead teamates, his dead instructor, and the body of the criminal. Rumor was he carried them from the land of wind. Thats impossible..."

"Not for this Genin." Kakashi appeared looking toward the Hokage and Iruka, his single eye watching both of them. "How long has he been back?"

Iruka would turn to face the copy ninja suprised he was here. "How do you mean? Normal Chakra levels even for jounin level shinobi that feat is nearly impossible."

The Hokage sighed a moment, "He has a rare Kekki Genkai. His clan, the Kanzake clan are our greatest spies. They have one born every generation with blindness. They are then tossed out into the wild at a very young age. They develope their special bloodline trait. Its the ability to see chakra flows from every living thing. This allows for them to see their surroundings, its like the Sharingan, but doesnt allow for the copying of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu moves. It has the advantage of three hundred and sixty degree vision for them. Allowing them to sense all around them. However as a small bonus given they do not have. They seem to be gifted with extra Chakra which we believe is stored there. That is how he made the trip using the shadow clone technique."

The concept of such an odd Kekki Genkai just seemed to bother Iruka, who sighed. "Well even if thats the case, why is Tsunade-hime coming here to see to this genin personally?"

Kakashi looked toward the Hokage nodding a little, looking back toward the Chunin, "He has done several favors for her. Mostly errands in his D rank missions."

Iruka shook his head, "That still doesn't make any sense to me at all."

A soft poof of smoke would force people to turn their heads, Anko appearing and speaking up. "Sorry for interupting, Hokage-sama. However Tsunade-hime has arrived and is tending to the Gennin now."

Kakashi blinked a moment, "That was quick."

Iruka nodded, "She usually would never come to Konohagakure. Now she appears in what one day is it? I didn't even know it was possible."

The Hokage turned toward Anko as he sighed speaking up, "How are the other three?"

Anko looked away a moment, "They are dead, possibly for several weeks. There was no way to save them and as you thought when he arrived. The um... Severed heads of four Anbu shinobi and one criminal were in a bag he was carrying."

Iruka got a semi sick feeling in his stomach, "Why would he be carrying those heads in a bag?"

"Proof." Kakashi speaking up before sighing and moving toward the door. "I will check on him later. We have a new class of Genin."

The Hokage nodded to Anko for the report, listening to Iruka's question. Answered by Kakashi, who would leave. "Yes the new list of graduates will be passed out for the jounin sensai's who wish to teach."

Iruka would swallow on that note, remembering Naruto who saved him. Naruto would be one of the new academy graduates. Iruka hoped he would get a good teacher, maybe Asuma Saratobi.

Anko looked to the Hokage and spoke up slowly, "Should I tell Ibiki to interrogate him?"

Iruka looked to Anko at such a strict sounding question.

The Hokage was silent debating only to speak up, "Lets give him one day to heal. Then we will have him interrogated. You are all dismissed I want sometime to think."

Both in unison Iruka and Anko would disperse into smoke leaving the Hokage to his person time.

In a small hut away from the tension in the Hokage's home there was two who seemed to speak mounds of words yet not one sound could be heard. Tsunade was kneeling by the bedside of the Genin known as Shingo Kanzaki. Her voice soft for now, "Shosen Jutsu." The mystical palm technique activated as her chakra flowed into her hands. Pressing them on the bare chest of Shingo. "You look like you over did it this time."

Shingo was awake, but only barely having heard a small lecture from Tsunade upon her arrival. Lips parting slowly, "Looks like you over did it, you must have been drinking on your way here." His words in a semi sarcastic way.

Tsunade scoffed, "I am a grownup unlike you Shingo, I can drink as much as I like."

Shingo would cough between sharp breaths, "That makes you sound like even more of a child."

Tsunade would slap him on his chest, "I don't care what you said."

Shingo bucked forward with the strike, "Oof! You say that but you hit me."

Tsunade grinned at the blind Shinobi, without his head protector she could see his white eyes no irises, or anything. It was somewhat creepy, unlike the Hyuuga clan. "I am a lady, you will just have to add it to experience. We do what we want."

Shingo groaned, "You have to be kidding me." His voice semi coughing as the healing continued. "Why did you come all the way here, I know you don't like it here."

Tsunade trailed her healing chakra over his abdomen and down along his thighs a moment. "Why do you say that."

"I don't hear Shizune or Tonton, not like you to leave them behind.." Shingo leaning back and closing his eyes.

Tsunade froze momentarily in her thoughts, "Just shut up and let me heal you."

"Yes Tsunade-hime." His words subtle as the Genin falling asleep under the protection of Tsunade and her strong healing Jutsu.

Tsunade smiled trailing a finger along some of his long black hair, "Thats what I want to hear." Tsunades thoughts of the young Genin and his team the missions they did for her, Shingo even going out of his way accepting a seperate mission for her and helped save Shizune from the corrupt Anbu that needed a barganing chip to get away. Her reason for being here was guilt, it was her fault his entire team was killed. He had risked his life to save her assistant with her help they did that. But his two teamates and instructor died in action. It was a simple fact she couldn't accept, it hit to close to home. To much like Dan and her brother Nawaki. Tsunade biting the inner part of her lip looking at the sleeping shinobi, "Maybe I am getting soft." Her words ending on that as she lifted the Sake glass from a table taking another drink. The warm liquid sliding down her throat.

Kakashi would look at the three dead shinobi of the village, his head shaking a little looking at the two genin. The wounds seemed to have been internal blows, like strong body shots. The jonin instructor looked like a blow to the neck killed him. How could all this have happened on a simple escort mission. The concept just seemed pointless, hand sliding along the eyes of the jonin instructor shutting them.

"Three more for the shrine huh." The subtle voice of Anko would touch Kakashi's ears.

"Yeah." Kakashi looking over toward Anko as she investigated the dead criminals head along with the other Anbu hunter nin heads.

"How much do you know about him Kakashi?" Anko's hand sliding over the side of the jaw of the dead criminal.

Kakashi froze a moment, "How do you mean?"

"He seems to be a special genin? I have never heard of him."

"He was supposed to graduate the chunnin exam two years ago, he would have been eight then. However Hayo took the mission and the three would miss the exam. I know he didn't kill this nin for no reason."

Anko looked at the semi serious look on Kakashi's face as he mentioned the dead instructors name. Along with him believing he was innocent. "You think pretty highly of him. I think I will accept the offer."

Kakashi tilted his head at Anko's words, "Huh?"

"I think I will be his instructor. Anyone who has the strength and determination to survive two years like this, I want to teach and guide him."

Kakashi began to laugh a little, "He will be a handful."

Anko smirked evilly, "I can handle him."

Kakashi would laugh a little louder, waving his hand. "I suppose he should watch out then huh."

Anko would nod with a grin on her face, "Yeah. By way do you have any idea what Genin you will have on your team tomorrow Kakashi?"

Kakashi shrugged a moment, none had past so why would he care at the moment. "We will just have to see."

"Grahhh." Shingo's body lunged forward from his near dead sleep.

Tsunade would look up from her spot she had been sleeping, her robe falling down, exposing a little of her chest. Her cheeks a little reddened from the Sake, it was late. "What is it.."

Shingo had a cold sweat, hand coming up to cup his face momentarily, his ears catching Tsunade's voice. "Nightmares."

Tsunade would stand, her robe falling loose exposing her nude form. Hand slightly outstretched to touch his forehead. "You just need to rest."

Shingo grumbled as he heard the robe crumple, then the scent of Sake. "Tsunade your drunk... You should be sleeping." His voice holding a minor annoyed sound.

Tsunade giggled when he through a small fit. "What you can't see me, so it's not a problem."

"However I can sense your body, I don't understand why you do this around me."

"What? I always sleep nude, you just happen to allow me to do it without any worry."

"Thats beside the point I am a male shinobi."

Tsunade's fingers would slide down his cheek, "Kanashibari no Jutsu." The temporary paralysis jutsu used to place the weary shinobi in a sleep like state.

Shingo's lips parted to object when he heard the words to a jutsu he did know. "St.." Words unable to do anything as he fell back on his pillow, Tsunade had played a dirty trick on him this time.

Tsunade smiled when he fell back on his pillow, yawning a momenther fingers tapping her lips. "Now you can sleep. Teehee." Tsunade blinked a moment, did she just say Teehee? Her body falling back upon the soft mat of her bed, a faint snoring sound would follow. Being drunk and tired did have an effect on the mind now didn't they.

The Hokage would stare out his window of his bedroom, "I wonder what this new wind will bring?"