Chapter 2

"So why did you bring the heads of four Anbu shinobi?!" Ibiki would ask again in his husky voice.

Sweat beaded down the cheek of the young Shingo, his head remained lowered listening to the same question. "They were traitors, they ambushed us along with the traitor."

Ibiki would growl, "So why is it a mere Genin made it through all this by himself?!" Ibiki found interrogating someone without eyes a tad frustrating, reading him was nearly impossible.

"...Hayo-sama and the others gave their lives to help me take them down. I would have died if someone didn't treat my wounds." Shingo speaking solemnly.

"I find that hard to believe, you expect me to believe three Genin, and Jonin were able to take down three anbu and a renegade C rank criminal?"

"Its your choice to believe me.. Its true, I brought the heads to show they had been dealt with."

"You are not telling me something Shingo! You have been gone for two years, what happened!"

Shingo remained silent, "I cannot tell you. I promised someone I would keep this secret."

"What, are you telling me you abandoned your village without a second thought?!"

"No! I didn't say that!" Shingo jerked from his chair standing in that instance.

Ibiki slanted his eyes watching Shingo get angry, "Then what is it?!"


"Stop. I have heard enough, I believe him." The Hokage was listening to the interrogation as he tapped a hand to his wooden cane.

Ibiki would nod, "If you say so. I just want some more answers than it's a secret."

"Do not worry, he has been through a lot, his words didn't hold any lies. I think he has his reasons for not telling all. If I had to carry my dead teamates home, I probably wouldn't want to talk about it either."

"But sir." Ibiki insisted.

The Hokage rose his left hand up to motion that was enough.

Ibiki would bow his head, "If you say so."

Shingo would swallow slowly, lifting a glass of water from a table which was in front of him.

The Hokage looked toward the young Genin speaking up, "A new team is being readied to work with you Shingo."

Shingo would bow and walk away, exiting the small room.

Ibiki shook his head, "Such a cold response, he didn't even ask about his team members."

"Its the rule of the shinobi never become to attached to ones teamates. To become unnattached from their emotions."

Ibiki nodded, it was understandable, but then again it was never easy to witness or show actions on it.

"Took you long enough." A male shinobi would speak up as Shingo stepped out into the main street.

"You are?" Shingo turning to face this shinobi, his head protector slid over his eyes, the blue bandana dangled over his shoulders.

"I am Koura Hashi. I was added to a team with you in it." The tall shinobi crossed his arms over his chest, several small kunai rested in his belt satchel.

"So that means the quiet one to my left is another member of this team?" Shingo turning to notice a rather quiet shinobi, he could sense very small amounts of power.

The male jumped realizing he was noticed, "Uh, umm sorry. I am Lao Tsung. Its nice to meet you." The male shinobi extending his hand out to Shingo.

Shingo said nothing and nodded, "So we are a new Genin team, who is our instructor?"

"Thats me!" The loud voice of Anko would pierce the quiet as she hooked Koura in a head lock.

Koura coughed and gagged, "Ack!!"

Shingo watched her slowly, she put off quite a bit of Chakra and something else he couldn't finger off hand, "Who is me? I lack vision to discern your voice yet?"

Anko blinked realizing her mistake, "I am Anko Mitarashi. You can call me Anko Sensai." She found herself enjoying the sound of that.

Lao would nod, "Yes Anko-sensai."

Koura was turning blue now, as he was close to fainting in Anko's tight grip.

Shingo quirked a brow, "You might want to let him go."

Anko blinked looking at Koura only to release her grip watching him fall to the ground with a thud. "Oops."

Shingo shook his head slowly, "What are your first orders then Anko-sensai?"

Anko's lips spread into a smile, "Training! Lets go! We need to do some running!"

Shingo blinked, "You serious?"

Anko would nod her head in affirment.

Lao would swallow, "I am not good at physical exercises."

Anko smiled wickedly, "Good means this will help us. Come on lets get the lead out." Anko shoving the three guys even if Koura was catching his breath. The four dissapearing into the streets to run however far she had wanted.

Tsunade would be resting on a small cushion, her sake cup still full. Which alone was unusual, eyes watching the sun as it began to set.

"Have a moment?" The voice of Kakashi would break the silence, when he appeared in the room.

Tsunade would cut her eyes toward the Copy Ninja debating only to ask. "What is it?"

"You know more about Shingo than you let on?"

Tsunade coughed hard, "Why would you say that?"

Kakashi grinned, "You just told me right there."

Tsunade sneered, "Baka."

Kakashi getting a more serious expression now, sliding his hands along his chest. "It also helps that you arrived in a mysterious one day, which lets me know you left earlier to arrive. You knew he was coming back."

Tsunade's eyes slanted toward Kakashi, "Why the interest?"

"Curiosity, a Genin of his skills just doesn't go dissapearing for two years with no reason."

"Curiosity killed the cat Copy Ninja."

"Glad I am not a cat then." Kakashi grinning to Tsunade who seemed to be quite defensive of the Genin.

"It doesn't matter, whats in the past is that. No reason to stick your nose in it."

"Well that is something I will agree with you about. However how is it he came back weaker than when he left two years ago."

Tsunade would swallow hard, how did Kakashi notice such small things, especially with one eye. "I don't know what you mean?"

Kakashi noticed the slight bit of frustration on Tsunade's face. "I think you do, but maybe he is just tired. Anko will push it out of him."

"Anko?" Tsunade asked inquistively.

"Yeah, she was named the instructor of the team with Shingo in it."

"I see." Tsunade closing her eyes letting the wind from the window brush over her body. "What of you Kakashi?"

Kakashi shook his head, "I will know tomorrow morning. I just figured I would come see if you were willing to share a little information on the returned sheep to our flock?"

Tsunade would just grin a moment, this called for a drink her sake glass lifted. The liquid being poured down her throat.

"Come on you lazy guys, just one hundred more tree jumps. Even a baby can do it." Anko exclaimed watching her three shinobi perform their task or at least try. It seemed like Shingo was struggling the most. "Come on Shingo, you were supposed to be some talented rookie, I am not seeing it."

Shingo would jump up to the trees branch and then down, only to repeat before stopping and slumping into the side of the tree to rest. Anko's words hitting his ears, "Sorry Anko-sensai."

Koura laughed, "Heh pathetic! I can do this all day. Come on Shingo, even Lao is keeping up."

Lao however was pouring small pools of sweat as he continued to jump up and down, he hadn't been to sure on what this training would help them accomplish.

"How is it going so far?" Kurenai would approach Anko, noticing the rigurous training of her Genin.

Anko smiled, "Its okay, I just expected more from Shingo. How about you Kurenai, looking forward to your first set of Genin?"

Kurenai would look to the exausted Shingo, only to snap out of it when Anko asked about her future Genin. "I am excited, I just hope I prove to be a good instructor."

Anko remembered that Kurenai had just become a Jonin not long ago. A smile on her face, "I think you will do fine. Remember you made Jonin at a real young age, a lot of people I know are double your age and still Chunins. So just take confidnce in the fact you became a Jonin thats far better than many. You will be a great teacher Kurenai."

Kurenai would offer a warm smile in return looking toward Anko and nodding, "I appreciate all of that. It helps me feel better about tomorrow."

"If you would like Kurenai, we can work our teams together a little. I am sure some joint C missions could help them."

"Thats not a bad idea, are you sure its okay?"

"Sure! I would like to see your Genin show that lazy Shingo what its like to really be a shinobi."

Kurenai listened to Anko speak of the blind shinobi, "Why are you so hard on him?"

Anko blinked, "I heard so much about him from the Hokage and Kakashi, that I expected more a lot more in fact. He just seems to be very average, how was he a top rookie? He seems to have limited Chakra control and even less Chakra stamina."

"I see, well maybe it was like most stories, being over exagerated."

"I hope so, but I will make him stronger, this intensive stamina training will do wonders. I just didn't expect him to be my weakest Shinobi on my Genin team."

"I guess I can understand that."

"Shingo!!! You rested enough get up!" Anko would throw a kunai toward the resting Shinobi.

Shingo turned his head toward the incoming item as he sensed the target, only to fall out of the tree landing on his knees. "Oof!"

Kurenai flinched when the blind shinobi fell out of the tree. "Maybe he is in need of some more healing?"

Anko sneered, "No he is just lazy, I know if Tsunade-hime was here, he had the best treatment imaginable."

"I will have to agree, but I won.." Kurenai would stop in her mid speech.

"Thats it! Wait till I get my hands on you!" Anko would run toward the blind shinobi.

Shingo darted his head toward the loud voice of Anko, she wasn't serious? That answer coming when she seemed to use a flickering technique. His form rising as he began to run away, leaping to several trees to flee.

Koura would shake his head, "I can't believe I am teamed up with that idiot..."

Lao would look to Koura as he blinked, "Its not so bad."

Koura would shake his head, noticing Kurenai looking toward them, "I think it is, we will never get any good missions with this weakling."

" I don't want to do dangerous missions till I have trained more. I also think with him on our team Anko-sensai won't be so rough on us. I wonder if she caught him?"

"I do n.."


Kurenai, Lao, and Koura would flinch when they heard that scream, it seemed like the snake caught the rabbitt.