In the Arms of Nowhere

I crawl into this cave

I hope to find my grave

I had enough time to think

More than enough to drink

This needle still tears a hold

And I gave up growing old

I always wished that I would find myself in me

I hoped to be free one day, just free

One day I thought I could forget it all

But I just ran against this wall and fall

I look around and all I find is black

And everyone wants to sell me crack


That's why I crawl into this cave

Where I just want to find my grave

I want to lay there in the arms of nowhere

And I bet that nobody will ever care

I know that I have to leave it all behind

And the whole world is still blind

I can find no other way to bring this to its end

And father death seems to be my only friend

There's nothing left to me

Nothing to find the right key

I thought it never had been mine

Never got a fair chance to shine

All I see in this land is so grey

That's not a place for me to stay

I thought I could make it better than before

I hoped there would be more

But there's nothing to fill this hole

There's not a note left in my soul

I need this old song to be alive

But there's not one spark of drive


The same old devil

But on a higher level

This drug is killing me inside

It's stronger than my pride

Nothing could rescue me

It's not the sun I can see

I can't believe what I'm feeling now

But I can feel it somehow

It's growing in my lonely soul

Now it's filling the old hole

I feel I heard of it so long ago

That's what He wants to show


A power growing

Dark shadows going

Disappearing forever

I want to endeavour

From now on I'm free

I lay down and kneel

I'm no longer a drunken junkie

Instead I'm now spunky

I can start my own life

Make June my wife

The atmosphere is still odd

Another chance given by God

That's why I crawl out of this cave

Where I just wanted to find my grave

I wanted to lay in the arms of nowhere

But now I know somebody would care

I know I'll never leave it all behind

Although the whole world is still blind

I know it will be a long way to my end

From now on religion is my personal friend

And I'm alive again