"Well, there's a few things I know I have learned although I never planned to learn them and in this life I've often forgotten to remember the gift that He gave me so long ago, but He never forgets anything. And that's why I'm still here. The only reason is His love."

He was there before I was born

When I arrived I was a small corn

He gave me water and sunlight

And in the end a drive to write

When I was six I wrote a poem

That He had already known

He put the words in my head

And by His hand I was led

My grandma was frightened

Of these words so brightened

It was a song of the last way

That nobody will forever stay

That we have to go one day

Therefore people often pray

I often read it when I'm down

Not wanting to be a clown

I know He gave me this gift

It often led me to a shift

The ideas in my mind keep growing

I never know where they are going

I often was afraid of things going on

What You've done to your son

I know Your way is the right

That You are the shining light

I never share a thought to short

I'm not this kind of human sort

He knows what I am inside

And there is not too much pride

He understands everything I do

He is there when I'm sometimes blue

I feel His eyes watching over my work

And His mercy tolerates my own quirk

When I go to bed early in the night

I know everything will become alright

One day I won't wake up again

My last word will be "amen"

And when I come to this shore

- What could I wish more -

I will knock on this heavenly door

And will be united with all who went before


There will be nothing more to do

And I will spent my eternity with Him

He gave me my life

He gave me this drive

He let me do the things I do

And when my life is through

I will be laying again before Him

And there will be nothing more to do

Everything will be done by His mercy, His love