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It was an nice and sunny day in Karakura Town. The sky was perfectly blue and dotted with fluffy dreamy clouds. Birds sang a horribly cute song that would even make the biggest pessimist smile. From the top of a large building a young man gazed over the peaceful city. He had short blond hair, almost golden, and bright green eyes that shimmered with excitement. He wore a long red cape that covered him entirely. In his right hand he held a short silver bow, engraved with strange markings. He looked upon the small dots that moved beneath him at the foot of the building. Suddenly he jumped over the edge, floating freely through the air. He slowly descended to the ground and landed between the people in the street. Nobody took notice of him, cause they couldn't see him. Cupids were, just as Shinigami, invisible for human eyes.

The young man started walking. He held a piece of paper in his hands and started to read:

"To Cupid nr 78, Asakura Yoji.

The high council of cupids and matchmakers hereby give you the task of preparing Karakura Town for Valentine's Day. You are given one week to bring together the following couples listed in this document. At least half of the couples listed should be together by Valentine's Day. If you fail, the high council shall take away your licence and you will be stripped of all your Cupid powers.

Signed, Yamazaki Toshio, Head of the high council of cupids and matchmakers."

Yoji turned the page and looked at the list of the couples. There were quite a few. He quickly skimmed the list and noticed that alot names kept returning.

-Ichigo x Rukia

-Ichigo x Inoue

-Ishida x Rukia

-Ishida x Inoue

-Ishida x Nemu

-Tatsuki x Ichigo

-Tatsuki x Inoue

-Inoue x Sado

-Yoruichi x Kisuke

-Yoruichi x Soi Fon

-Hitsugaya x Hinamori

-Renji x Rukia

-Matsumoto x Hitsugaya

-Nanao x Shunsui

-Byakuya x Unohana

-Kenpachi x Unohana

-Hanatarou x Isane

-Ganju x Bonnie ( no it's not what you think)

Yoji scrachted his head. Not only did the list contain many names that went with different people, they were also spread over Karakura Town and Soul Society. Perhaps this wasn't as easy as he originally thought. He read on and found some lines in red.

"Attention! All the people on this this list are able to see Shinigami and Hollows and therefor are able to see Cupids as well. Exercize extreme caution and do not reveal your identity!"

Yoji sighed. So now he had to disguise himself as well. He chanted some strange words and suddenly his red cape transformed into a school uniform. "This should be enough." Yoji thought. With these clothes he could perfectly fit in with his targets. He could also change to a Shinigami outfit any time he wanted. Yoji took one last look at the paper. There was still a third page left. He turned to the last page. There was some text in blood red ink and two pictures. It read:

"Warning!! To all cupids who are located in the Karakura Town and Soul Society area. Be aware of the following people!


-Yachiru Kusajishi

If you should encouter these persons do not approach! Run away and hide till they're gone!"

Yoji looked at the pictures. One of them was a stuffed animal, most likely a lion. The other one showed a cute little girl with pink hair. He wondered why these people would be so dangerous. It was probably some kind of joke. He thought it would be best to ignore it.

"Alright then, let's get started!" Yoji dashed off at high speed towards the school ground. He could hardly wait to shoot his first arrow. In a matter of seconds he had reached the school. He looked around. He didn't see any of his targets between all those students. They all looked alike with those outfits. Suddenly he heard some yelling. He tried to locate the voice and saw a boy and a girl arguing. They weren't his targets. Apparently the girl was mad at the boy because he had forgotten her birthday. A sly smile appeared on Yoji's face.

"They may not be my targets but it's a cupids task to keep love going" he grinned while aiming his bow. A golden arrow appeared in his hand. He aimed carefully at the girl and let go of the arrow. It flew straight at the girls heart and when it hit, the girls body started to glow brightly.

"Hey are you okay?" the boy asked worried.

"Never felt better honey" the girl smiled and hugged her boyfriend. "let's never argue again ok?" Confused the boy left with his girlfriend by his side.

Yoji smiled. It always felt great to make love blossom.

"What did you just do?" a voice suddenly asked behind him.

Yoji turned around and saw a tall boy with glasses. "You can see me?" he asked surprised.

"Off course I can" the boy answered. "What was that arrow that you just fired at that girl? Are you a Quincy too?"

"Too? So you're a Quincy then huh?" Yoji smiled. "That means you must be Ishida yes?"

"I am" Ishida responded. "But you are avoiding my question. What was that arrow?"

"Why don't I show you" Yoji said smiling while loading another arrow. Before Ishida could react Yoji had fired the arrow at him. His body started to glow.

"Now then Ishida kun,find your true love" Yoji whispered softly.

who will be Ishida's love? -Inoue -Rukia -Nemu

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