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"Ok here we are" Matsumoto whispered excited. "Captain Hitsugaya is in that room helping Hinamori with some work for 5th division. All you have to do is hit Hitsugaya and make him confess his love for Hinamori. Ohh this is going to be soo cute!"

Yoji sighed. This had turned into an absolute nightmare. First a stuffed animal steals his bow,then a little girl knocks him out and steals his bow and after that he got kidnapped by a girl-crazy captain only to up being held hostage by some freaky women's club. He always thought that distributing love was an easy and peaceful job.

"Get moving" Soi Fong poked him the back. "Get Hitsugaya so we can go on to Yoruichi." Yoji froze with fear. If she ever found out that Yoruichi was already in love with Kisuke because of him,she'd kill him for sure.

"I told you to move!" Soi Fong continued now in a more harsh way.

"Yes do your thing boy" Matsumoto said. "I want to see our cute couple together."

Yoji moved to the door of the room and opened it slightly. He aimed his bow through the narrow opening. He had a good view at Hitsugaya who was checking some documents behind the desk. He couldn't see Hinamori but judging by the noise she was also inside. Yoji closed his eyes and fired his arrow. He heard Hinamori scream. "Shiro-chan,why are you glowing?"

Matsumoto pushed Yoji aside and looked through the door. "Did it work?" she asked. Yoji nodded. It was only a matter of seconds before the effect of the arrow would kick in. Nanao, Soi Fong and Yachiru had also gathered at the door and waited for the big moment.

"I'm ok Hinamori" Hitsugaya said.

"Oh ok then, I was a bit worried when you starting glowing. How did you do that anyway?" She asked relieved that he wasn't injured.

"Are you hungry Hinamori?" Hitsugaya asked.

"Um not really no." Hinamori replied confused by his strange question. "If you're hungry I would be happy to go get you something to eat."

"Why don't go eat something together Hinamori, just like in the old days." Hitsugaya smiled. "You know, I miss our times together. We should spend more time together from now on. I really like being with you." He grabbed her hands and a faint blush appeared on Hinamori's face.

"I like being with you too Shir- I mean Captain Hitsugaya" she said softly.

"Call me Shiro-chan, I like that name. It brings back old memories" Hitsugaya smiled. "Now how about we go eat something. We can finish the work later."

"Alright Shiro-chan" Hinamori nodded.When Matsumoto heard them coming she and the rest of the SWA quickly hid behind the corner,dragging Yoji with them. When Hitsugaya and Hinamori had left, Matsumoto released a scream of excitement. "This is so wonderful! I have to follow them and see what they are going to do. Maybe they'll hold hands or even kiss!"

"What do we do with him?" Nanao asked pointing to Yoji.

"Well do what you wish. I've had my fun." She smiled before running after her captain and Hinamori.

"Excellent, now we can move on to Yoruichi." Soi Fong grinned. "Finally we can be together just as were meant to be."

"Not so fast, I have an idea too" Nanao interrupted. "I think I can use him to get revenge on that no good captain of mine."

"No fair I was first!" Soi Fong yelled

"I wanna play again too!" Yachiru screamed, "and I want more chocolate!"

While the three argued Yoji saw his chance to escape. He silently walked away but bumped into Kiyone. He had completely forgotten about her. She hadn't said anything the whole trip to 5th division headquarters.

"H-hi I'm was just going... you know." Yoji stammered. If she alarmed the other three he would be finished. But she didn't. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away from the others.

"Be quiet, I'll get you out of here." she whispered. "I'll take you to my division's headquarters."

Yoji decided to follow. He didn't know her reason for helping her, but it couldn't be as bad as what those other three were planning.

"Still nothing" Ichigo sighed. They had searching for four hours now, running back and forth through the narrow streets of Seireitei. They had met some shinigami who claimed they saw the Cupid but it seemed that he always had managed to escape. At this rate the would never find him.

"Cheer up Ichigo, he can't hide forever. I mean he has to eat,drink and sleep right? I'm sure he'll turn up eventually." Rukia tried her best to cheer Ichigo up.

"How do you know? For all we know he doesn't have to eat ,drink or sleep at all." Ichigo replied depressed.

"Now listen, you'll never help Tatsuki with that attitude!" Rukia pulled Ichigo on his feet. "Why don't we search some more?"

"Leave me alone! I'm tired of all that running around" Ichigo yelled.

"Oh, is our big strong hero tired of running? I thought you had more stamina than that." Rukia mocked.

"That's not what I meant! I..."

"Ichigo, Rukia? What are you doing here?" A voice suddenly asked. They turned around and saw Ishida with Nemu by his side.

"Ishida? Are you here too?" Ichigo asked surprised.

"Off course. I was sent here to find my love, Nemu." Ishida replied with smiling.

"Did that Cupid guy get you too? That's terrible!" Ichigo yelled.

"Terrible? What is so terrible about my love for Nemu?" Ishida's eyes shot fire. "If you insult us again I'll have to teach you some manners Ichigo."

"Don't you remember being shot by an arrow Ishida?" Rukia quickly asked.

"Hmm maybe, my mind is a bit fuzzy lately." Ishida mumbled.

"It doesn't matter anyway." Ichigo said, "Please help us find that Cupid Ishida. We need him to help Tatsuki and Kisuke."

"Hmm I'm still on a date you know. But if it's for Tatsuki and Kisuke..."

"You can go mr Quincy" Nemu softly said "I have to get to work anyway. I really enjoyed our date though. Maybe we can it again some other time?"

"Okay, if you don't mind" Ishida started to blush. "Umm, can I kiss yo goodbye?" Nemu didn't answer but placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Then she left, leaving Ishida in a trance of happiness.

"How cute, this is just like in that book I read." Rukia smiled.

"Give me a break" Ichigo sighed.

"Here we are, 13th division headquarters!" Kiyone smiled.

"Well thank you I guess." Yoji said, looking around if nobody else was there. When he saw that they were the only ones in the building he felt more at ease. "Why did you help me anyway?" he asked.

"Simple, Rukia from my division had sent a message to all shinigami to search for you. If I'm the one that finds you I'll be promoted to Vice-captain for sure." Kiyone grinned.

"Oh, I see,so basically I'm your prisoner." Somehow he didn't care about that. It was better than being chased around. "So when do you plan to turn me in?"

"Oh when Rukia gets back." She replied, "Now I suppose I better lock you up or you might run away."

"I wasn't really planning on running away." Yoji said. "Actually I'm pretty tired. Is there a place where I can take a nap?"

Kiyone pointed to a large bench in the middle of the room. "You can sleep there if you want."

"Thank you" he smiled while he stretched himself on the bench. It only took him a few minutes to fall asleep. When Kiyone was sure that he was fast asleep, she left to look for Rukia and tell her that she had caught the Cupid. The thought of being promoted to Vice-captain made her smile from ear to ear.

Ichigo,Ishida and Rukia walked towards the 13th division headquarters. They still hadn't found Yoji.

"What are we doing here Rukia?" Ichigo asked. "I thought we were going to meet with Sado and Inoue at your place?"

"I want to speak to my captain first. Besides we haven't searched here yet" she replied.

"This is useless, it's not like that bastard is in there napping on your..." Ichigo stopped as he saw Yoji lying on the bench, fast asleep.

"You were saying?" Rukia smiled.

"Impossible... " Ichigo stammered. He walked towards the bench and poked Yoji with his finger. "Is it really him?"

Yoji jumped up. "what the...? Who the hell disturbs me in my..." When he noticed Ichigo he stepped back. "You? You're the last thing I need today!"

"Well, I don't like you either pall, but you still have to fix our friends so..." Ichigo jumped at Yoji but he dodged the attack. He pulled his bow and made an pitch-black arrow.

"I"m sick of you people interfering with my work! I've had it with you! I'll destroy your heart and turn you into an empty shell!" he yelled. Just before he wanted to fire Rukia used White Lightning to destroy Yoji' bow. It fell to the ground,scattering into shiny silver pieces.

"Well that takes care of that." Rukia smiled "Honestly Ichigo,do I have to save you every time?"

"You idiot!" Ichigo yelled "What if he needed that bow to fix Tatsuki!?"

"Oh, I didn't thought about that." Rukia turned to Yoji. "Did you need that thing to reverse the effect of the arrows?"

"No, I can easily do it without the bow." Yoji replied with a sad voice. He was on his knees,picking up the pieces of his bow. Losing a bow was considered a big crime by his bosses. His career as a Cupid was over for sure now. He started chanting some strange language and suddenly a red piece of paper appeared. "All I have to do is burn this paper. It contains all the names of people who had been shot with my bow. The only requirement is that everyone is gathered when I burn it." He handed the list to Rukia. "I suppose you know the people on this list better than I do. Bring them all here and I'll break the spell."

"Alright then, thank you." Rukia turned to Ichigo and Ishida. "I guess we better get going."

"Not more running" Ichigo complained. Rukia pulled him with her leaving Yoji behind. This was the end. After this he couldn't never return to his fellow Cupids. All he could do was to clean up the mess that he had created and hope for the best.

The next day, 13th division headquarters.

Yoji looked at the crowd gathered in the main hall of 13th division headquarters. He never thought there would be so many. Almost the entire 11th division was there, including Kenpachi, Yachiru and Unohana. There were also several other shinigami from other division who all had fallen victim to Yachiru. In the first row stood Ichigo and his friends. Tatsuki was there with Kon and Kisuke held Yoruichi, still in cat form, in his arms, closely watched by Soi Fong. Yoji also noticed Hantarou, Isane, Hinamori,Hitsugaya, Nemu and Ishida. It was unfortunate that three of his successful couples were to be broken up but he had no other choice.

"Everyone is here" Rukia said offering him the red list. "Now break the spell."

Yoji took the list and created a bright blue flame in his hand. If this fire would burn the list it would be all over. Cupids who cancelled love pacts without consulting their superiors first, immediately lost their powers and were banned. Not that it mattered after the loss of his bow. Yoji held the blue flame to the paper and it went up in flames,creating a thick cloud of red smoke that engulfed the crowd. When the smoke had cleared, everyone look around, wondering what had happened.

"Are you okay Tatsuki-chan?" Inoue asked her friend.

"I'm fine Inoue but can you please tell me where we are?" when she noticed she had Kon in her arms she threw hem aside. "And what am I doing with a stuffed animal? I'm too old for such things."

"Even though she was very brutal, I'm going to miss her" Kon sighed before being trampled by the crowd.

"It looks like everyone is back to normal" Rukia smiled, "You can thank me for that Ichigo."

"What, how is this all your doing, you were just lucky that cupid was sleeping in you divisions headquarters!" Ichigo yelled.

"You idiot, why can't you just accept that I..." Rukia's voice was overpowered by the noise from all the shinigami who were discussing what just had happened to him.

Yoji noticed that three couples hadn't joined the crowd. Ishida was talking to Nemu and Yoji could guess by the blush on his face what they were talking about. Hanatarou was talking to Isane. He seemed more confident than before and it looked that he and Isane were enjoying themselves. Finally he saw Hinamori cheerfully chatting with Hitsugaya. He looked his usual bored and irritated self but Yoji could see a little smile around his lips. Although his mission was a complete failure, Yoji was glad that at least those three had found happiness.

"Hey you!" someone suddenly poked him in the back. It was Kiyone.

"Oh hi there Kiyone" Yoji smiled, "I didn't see you in this crowd. So did you get promoted to Vice-captain for catching me?"

"Nope." she sighed "Since it was Ichigo and Rukia that found you sleeping they get all the credit. Oh I knew I should've stayed at the headquarters!"

"That's too bad" Yoji laughed, "Cheer up, I'm sure you'll get another chance in the future."

"And what about your future? Are you going to be a Cupid again?" Kiyone asked.

"I don't think so. Right after I burned that paper my powers were taken away. I'm just a normal person now. I guess I have to find a new home and a job if I want to survive."

"Maybe you can stay here." Kiyone smiled, "If you want I can ask my captain if you can join our division."

"Why should I..." Yoji wanted to reject her offer but when he saw her smiling face, he suddenly felt warm inside. When he was still a Cupid, he hadn't noticed that she was actually quite cute. He felt his face turn red. Could this feeling be love?

"Are you alright?" Kiyone asked worried. "You suddenly turned red, are you feeling sick?"

"No no I'm fine" he quickly replied. "Um about your offer, I guess it couldn't hurt if I stay here for a while. I mean if that's ok with you."

"Sure,that's why I offered it silly! I'll go talk to my captain right away." She dashed of in the crowd, looking for her captain. Yoji watched her as she left. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. Soul Society could prove to be more fun than being a Cupid,especially when he could be with Kiyone. He only hoped that if Kiyone's name would ever appear on a Cupid's list, that it would next to his own name.