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Call of the Wild by: Matt
Sara starred out the kitchen window and sighed. "I can't believe he left," she said to herself.
It had been five years since Merlock, Canie, and Lupie had left to get revenge on Petra Fina for what she did to their families, and four years since she had heard from Merlock. And now that Petra and the Dark Lord were in prision Sara was starting to worry.
Tony walked into the kitchen and looked at Sara.
"You're still mopeing about Merlock leaving?" He asked." Come on Sara he left five years ago." Sara glared at Tony, she looked as if she were about to cry. Tony sat down next to her. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I miss him too." Sara sighed again.
"I just wish I could see him just one more time. Hey! That's an idea, we could go find him Tony!" Sara jumped out of her seat in excitement.
"Sara we don't even know where to start looking. Sure I wanna find Merlock too but it's a crazy idea." Tony told her. Flint walked into the room with a couple of timeshifters (including Bindi) following close behind.
"What's a crazy idea?" he asked, having overheard some of the conversation.
"Sara wants to go look for Merlock," Tony explained.
"But we don't know where to start looking," Flint said.
"We could ask Ms. Grey!" Sara proposed.
"Yeah, she'll know!" Bindi chimed in. So the four of them headed to the computer room to contact Ms. Grey and ask her about Merlock.
"I'm sorry," Ms. Grey said,"the last time i heard from Merlock was four years ago."
"I was afriad you'd say that," Sara said disappointed," Did he say where he was?"
"As a matter of fact he did. Merlock said he was near the town of Eboshi, but who knows where he and those two wolves are now."
"Okay, thanks anyway," Sara said and she cut the communication. "Tony, Flint, start packing supplies, I'll write a note for Uncle Bernie, so he doesn't worry."
"Packing?" Tony asked, "Where are we going?"
"Eboshi," Sara said without looking up from writting the note.
A few minutes later they were all ready, and were about to leave. Sara started walking down the street in the direction of Eboshi.
"Sara, wouldn't it be easier to drive?" Tony asked.
"Yeah, you two do have your licenses ya know," Bindi said.
"Uncle Bernie needs the car," Sara told them,"Eboshi isn't THAT far, we'll be there in a few days." Tony rolled his eyes and he and Flint ran to catch up with Sara, with Bindi following close behind.

Afew days later the tired and worn out group approach the gaint wooden gates that surrounded Eboshi.
Eboshi was a small village, which wasn't very developed, and used no modern technology. Most of the villagers had very little money and sold various items in the marketplace for a living.
The gaurds that stood by the gate and in the look-out post above the gate each had on a suit of armor and carried a riffel.
Sara looked around at the forest surrounding Eboshi. She had a strange feeling that they were being watched.
"What buisness do you have here?" one of the gaurds asked ask they approached the entrance.
"We're looking for someone," Flint told him cheerfully.
"Yeah," Tony added," we're pretty sure he's not here, but we're going to ask around the village to see if anyone knows where he is. "
The guard thought for a minute. "Fine," he said, then shouted towards the look-out tower,"Open the gate!" There was a low creaking, and then the gate slowly opened. The four of them walked inside.
"Thank you," Sara said to the gaurd. The four of them walked down the dusty road into the marketplace. "Excuse me," Sara said to a passing old woman," do you know where I can find this person?" she showed the woman an old picture of Merlock.
The woman gasped and her eyes turned as big as saucers, "where did you get that?" she asked.
"He's our friend," Flint told her, "have you seen him?"
"I've seen him," the woman said," This is who the beast was before he became what he is today."
"The beast?" Tony asked,"Merlock's not a beast."
"Not the Merlock you knew, perhaps," the woman told him, " but he is a beast to the poeple of Eboshi. When he first came here he was as kind as he looks in that picture, but he changed. As soon as he was settled in, he told us his deepest darkest secret, that he was a vampire. He assured us that he was a vegetarian. But then he betrayed us all. One day one of our sons went out to fufill the tasks needed to make him a man, but he never had the chance to do it. We found him, dead, with teo punctures in his neck. The entire village chased that...that beast down. But as we were about to catch him, his two wolf things grew bigger (Canie-master and Lupie-master) he rode away on one of them, and now they live in the forest that surrounds Eboshi."
"What makes you so sure that they're still there?" Tony asked.
"Because, he has attacked others too," the woman said. The old woman went on to tell them more things that Merlock had done. Sara couldn't believe what she was hearing.
Meanwhile a cloaked figure walked into the marketplace.
The figures cloak was brown. The hood covered the persons face, the sleeves were too long so their hands were covered and the bottom dragged along the ground as the figure walked(much like the cloaks that the Jedi wear).
The figure walked up to one of the merchants booths and perchased a piece of fruit, handed the merchant some change then began to walk away. The merchant looked at the money and realized it was wood-chips.
"Hey!" he yelled," It's him! It's the beast!" the figure threw off the cloak. It was Merlock! But not the Merlock Sara remembered.
Hi hair was pretty much the same only shorter and messier. He had nothing on but a tan loin cloth (like Tarzan only a much lighter tan) and his cape, which was torn and faded. Merlock had cuts and scrapes all over his body, along with a few scars here and there. He also has war paint on his face and arms. Merlock had various designs of bands up and down his arms. On his face, Merlock had three red, up-side down triangles, one big one under each eye, and one smaller one on his forehead (like San from Princess Mononoke).
Merlock saw the gaurds running towards him and he ran. The gaurds ran after, shooting their riffels at him. Merlock climbed up the sides of a few buildings onto the roof of a house close the the edge of the gate. Then, he jumped off landing on the other side of the gaint wall.
"See?" the old woman said, "That is what your 'friend' has become." Sara walked over to where Merlock had left the cloak. She picked it up. On the ground she noticed afew splatters of blood.
to be continued.......

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