Anytime You Need a Friend

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Prologue: Meeting Ebil


It all came down to this, the last wire…

Man against the Machine

Vir obviam Apparatus

Ok, well technically, it was 'Girl VS Toaster' but it's the principal of the thing…

"Alright, Ebil, I know you don't like me, and I don't like you… but for the first day of school, I'd like to have a decent breakfast-," Addie started.

The toast dinged up then, brunt, perhaps to avoid a lecture.

"Oh, thanks sooo much… It's not my fault the movers dropped you!" a little nagging voice in her head reminded her that it was her fault that it was kicked down stairs, twice… Maybe the toaster did have a reason to burn the toast.

Attempting to squash the voice, Addie searched in vain for the butter, trying to save the bread.

"Let's see, hot sauce… mustard… olives?..." shifting a few items in the fridge, she continued, "but no cream-cheese, milk, or butter…."

Note to self: never let dad stock the fridge again

Thankfully, a jar of peanut butter was wedged in the back of the cupboard. Thickly smearing the now cold toast with peanut-buttery-goodness, Addie wondered what this school would be like. Where Chinese schools any different?

Just how much will I stand out? She wondered, playing absentmindedly with her schedule sheet. I mean, I've never been good at blending in…

It was true; her slightly gothic look always drew attention to her as well as her blunt nature. Not afraid to speak her mind and able to hold her own in a fight, Addie always had trouble making friends; and that was with people she'd known her whole life.

Crunching the toast, she flipped on the TV. A few minutes of Inuyasha should clear her uneasy mind… besides, there had to be a mini-Inu-cult in China right?

Why can't my life be like that? Does that sort of thing even happen anymore? Sighing, she dusted off the crumbs from her jeans. It was an old episode that she'd seen a million times before- speaking of which… She turned her head back to the TV.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. SLAP


Ahh, Miroku will never learn…

Wait, learning? School? No, no, I can't be late on the first day! She thought franticly, where's my bag? My classes list? She scrambled around the kitchen, looking for her lost things.

"Aghhh!" She screamed, cradling her stubbed toe, stupid, stupid movers… Grabbing the bag, she hurtled out the door taking the steps two at a time. A hint of yellow signified the bus's imminent arrival. Luckily, the bus was slow enough for her to reach the stop before it did.

The toaster clicked at its owner's distress- one could say it was laughing at her. What a first impression.

A/N: Yes, the toaster's name is Ebil… but anyways, you got to meet Addie (who is basically me). Next chapter will involve school, Jack, and more school…

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