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A/N: This isn't really important to the story, but I want to add something extra to make up for my extremely late posting- I am really upset that that happened. My school just had a 'cultural night' meaning I had to make about a billion little pastry-thingies (I forget the name…) for extra credit (which I needed)and that got me thinking about what I'd really love to bring (which is coincidently the only I can cook) if I was allowed…

A/n the second: tietum, breathe. I meant that the chapter before that I quoted something- you really think I'd end this story barely two chapters in?- my computer just made it look like it said 'last chapter' (the comma got deleted, that's all)

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Disclaimer: if I owned the show, wouldn't this be animated?

Chapter Four-ish: Eat It (Trust Me)

Addie stared unblinkingly into the clock, wondering whether the minute hand actually slowed down as it got closer to the twelve. She could swear something was wrong with this clock… Her hand was gradually shifting from notes to a rather detailed doodle of a yin-and-yang style dragon.

She was just shading the scales when Mr. Pendragon returned from the arts department meeting. Why he was there, she wasn't entirely sure –after all, he was a history teacher, but he was a natural leader. Maybe that's why the class automatically straightened up went he entered. He cleared his throat in a distinctive speech-making manner. Any noise that the students were making was halted knowing that Mr. Pendragon never repeated himself.

"As some of you are already aware, Mon Sheong High School hosts a wide variety of activities for students- and this year the faultily has decided to create an extra credit night. On Thursday in the gym, we will be hosting a cultural night…"

A slight babble of excitement sprang up. 'Extra credit?'

Mr. Pendragon cleared his throat again. "As I was saying, each student may bring one dish or beverage from their native country to receive extra credit for one of either their elective classes or History classes. You must cook your own food- no take-out will be allowed, and that includes pizza and Chinese. No instant food, savvy?"

A girl raised her hand. "Whatda mean, native country?"

"Good question. Your native country is the country you were born in, or have lived in most of your life- which ever is easier for you. For example, I was born in the British Isles and grew up in Wales, therefore making that my homeland," he said with a hint of a welsh accent.

"Mr. Pendragon, can you bring in family recipes?" Addie asked.

"It depends on what you have in mind- as long as it is from your country of origin…"

"That works then," Addie replied happily.

----------Thursday, after school----

"Oh, man, I'mlateI'mlateI'mlate-"

For a very important date- No time to say hello, goodbye; I'm late, I'm late, I'm late…! Ebil gleamed.

"Very funny, Ebil," Addie glared. "Why didn't you warn me about the time?" She asked, chopping the corned beef into tiny squares as the peas streamed in their container.

"Is something burning?!" she panicked; now buttering the white bread. She was sure she smelt something- oh, the spuds only boiled over… wait. "AHHCK! NOT GOOD!" she drained the potatoes quickly, only slightly burning her fingers on the hot pot.

Mashing the corned beef into the potatoes, she checked the time as the potatoes turned a satisfactory pink colour. "Still time," she breathed. She would just finish before Jules picked her up.

"No thanks to you-" she glared at the seemingly innocent toaster. If it could have whistled, it would have. "You're not fooling me…"

The toaster gave an air of offended innocence, marred only by the cocky way it blended the air around it. "Yeah, yeah… I know you're hot stuff" she rolled her eyes, still mashing the mix. "Can't help that toast isn't involved in this you know…"

"Thank you Mr. Spicer," Mr. Pendragon checked the boy's name off the list, placing what must have been the hundredth bowl of rice on the table. Jack grunted in reply.

"Jack, don't be so rude!" Addie complained. "And help me with these before I drop them!"

"Fine," he said grabbing a container, nearly dropping it himself in surprise. "Jeez, what did you put in this?!" 'And how can you carry it? So heavy…'

"Pink potatoes…" she said casually. "Oh, and peas and buttered bread," she said plonking the other foodstuffs on the table.

"Pink what?"


"Sounds good!" Jules interrupted, seemly popping out of nowhere- really she was just on the other side of the table turning in her egg rolls.

"Want some?" Jules nodded strongly. "Jack?"

"I guess…"

"Good!" she lifted the lid off and started doling. Handing Jules her pink potatoes and peas on bread, folded in half so nothing would fall out, she added, "This is more of meal than a snack, so don't over do it"

----Jack's POV---

He wasn't sure what Addie just handed him. Sure he recognized the bread and peas, but what was the other stuff? It looked… gross. It was pink yes, but… ew. It had white chunks and thicker pink splotches through the mix while a softer pink seemed to be the main color. 'What is this? Does she expect me to EAT IT?'

He watched Jules practically inhale her… whatever- thing and felt sick.

---Addie's POV---

Well, Jules seemed to like it at least. Kinda scary how fast she ate it though…

---Normal POV---

"Eat up Jack, its not gonna hurt you"

He looked at her like she was crazy, "no"

"Eat it"








"Trust me- its good" she coaxed

He stared at her.

"Alright then… we'll do this the hard way" Addie concluded. Stepping right to Jack she leaned close like she was going to kiss him and suddenly grabbed his nose forcing his mouth open. She shoved his pink potatoes into his mouth before he could stop her.

He nearly choked but recovered and swallowed the food.

"Well…?" both girls asked.

Jack's eyes lit up, as he chewed. "Hey, this is good Addie!"

"Toldja baka"


A/N: Pink potatoes are a very important (and easy) family recipe that's been in my family for at least five generations. It's basically corned beef mashed into potatoes served on buttered bread with peas… it's really, really good even though it does look gross (according to my friends when I bring it in cold for lunch- but what do they know? ;)


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