Hermione Granger was almost sorted into Ravenclaw. It took twenty-seven good, logical reasons and three swearwords before the Hat agreed to put her in Gryffindor. (She told Harry and Ron she's still pretty sure the Hat only acquiesced because of the swearwords.)

The Hat's first pick was Hufflepuff. (Only Ron knows this.)

When Moody (during that long summer before fifth year) asked her who she trusted, she responded, "With what?" He's been looking at her strangely ever since.

(When Moody asked Ginny, the red-head responded that she didn't trust him enough to say.) Hermione respects Ginny.

Hermione lost a lot of respect for Professor Lupin when he believed her boggart story.

Despite her protests to the contrary, Hermione will not entrust Harry's welfare to Snape unless she has no other options left. Sacrificing herself counts as an option. So does killing other people.

She will entrust Harry's welfare to Dumbledore when hell freezes over.

Hermione Granger loves Harry and Ron more than anyone else in the world. (Including her parents.)

Whenever she remembers this, her throat closes up and she feels as though she might cry. (But she doesn't, of course.)

She has never forgiven McGonagall for not believing her in first year.

Hermione could hear the voices beyond the veil. She had no inclination to go near it because she understood what they were saying.

The scariest moment of Hermione Granger's life was when the Devil's Snare was strangling Harry and Ron. Although she yet to develop a phobia toward trolls, broomstick flying, three-headed dogs, chess sets, poisons, dragons, turbans, basilisks (or any other type of snake), diaries, dementors, hippogriffs, werewolves, rats, dark marks, levitation, forests, merpeople, centaurs, or people wearing white masks, she still feels nervous whenever a plant moves quickly.

This is not why Neville does better than her in Herbology.

Hermione worries that Ron and Harry will die before she does.

Hermione was cold to Sirius because he was the first adult she truly trusted to take good care of Harry. (He was better at it than she was.)

She still cries when she remembers that she never got a chance to apologize. She still wants to punch him when she remembers that he broke Ron's leg.

During the ride to the Department of Mysteries, Hermione swallowed her own bile eighteen times. This was not because she was nervous, but because she was pretty sure that Dolores Umbridge was dead.

But she doesn't feel even slightly guilty about what she did to that woman. (Or to Rita, or to Marietta.) They hurt her friends.

Harry and Ron haven't noticed this, but Moody has. That's the second reason he's been looking at her strangely.

The third reason is that she didn't really answer whether or not she was going to join the Order of the Phoenix. "I'm on Harry's side," she said firmly. He was the only one to note the distinction.