Chapter 1

Amy leaned against the tall blonde woman next to her and sighed softly, "Another day another pointless bra and panties match." She said, pulling at them hem of her shirt. "I don't see why they cant let us wrestle PROPERLY."

Stacy laughed and ran a hand through her long hair, "Cause PROPER wrestling doesn't involve lots of T&A Ames.. And besides, I thought you liked bra and panties matches cause you got to rest? I mean, you don't exactly run the risk of injuring your neck during them." They stood patiently just behind the curtain at the top of the ramp, leading them to the ring, waiting for Amy's ring song to start.

"They're ok every once in a while, but I cant remember the last time I left that ring fully clothed Stace and it's starting to get to me. When I got into this business it wasn't to strip, I could have stayed in that bar and done that six years ago. I wanted to WRESTLE. But this business is corrupt. All that matters to Vince is girls stripping and keeping on Hunter's good side."

Stacy giggled, "Hunter has a good side? Cause I've never seen it.." Amy was about to speak when they heard Lilian's voice echo throughout the arena.

"And the next match is a bra and panties match, introducing first, from Sanford, North Carolina, LITA."

Making her way to the ring, Amy wore a smile. To the fans, she looked like she was enjoying every moment of this but in all honesty, she couldn't stand it. She wanted to wrestle. PROPERLY wrestle, for the title. God knows I deserve it, she thought.

Just under ten minutes later, Amy found herself laying across a bench in the female locker room wearing the pants she had worn to the ring and her bra. "You did good out there Ames," replied the blonde Canadian sitting across from her, sliding a short, white skirt over her hips.

"Yeah, cause ripping you and Gail's shirts off is SUCH a talent," replied the redhead rolling her eyes excessively. She looked up as Trish started to walk out the door, "Trish ? What's next on the card for tonight?"

Trish checked the nightly plan they had been given, "Evolution's match. We all know what's gunna happen there so me and Jay are gunna head off to the hotel." Amy rolled her eyes once again, she might as well leave too because neither Evolution nor "Rock And Sock" interested her. She sat up slowly and pulled on the red shirt which had been lying next to her. "I'll see you at the hotel tonight Ames. Maybe we can go for a drink?" Amy nodded at her friend and began to search around for her shoes.

A few doors down, in the Evolution locker room, things didn't seem to be going according to Hunter's plan. "Oh for God's sakes Ric he said he'd be ten minutes. That was before the diva's match. WAY before it."

"Hunter, Hunter calm down. He might've got caught up with that Keibler girl. That's usually who he's with when we cant find him." Ric said watching his friend pace the room. He had to admit this technically wasn't true but if Hunter asked where Randy had gone, they usually said he was with Stacy. Randy didn't tell where he went and Ric figured it was best for all four if he didn't ask.

Batista looked up, trying to avoid eye contact with either men. "Look, he'll just meet us at the curtain. He's done it before."

"What ?" Hunter said looking quite astonished by this. "Orton disappears and just TURNS UP at the curtain?" Dave nodded. "And why is this?" Dave shrugged, genuinely not knowing. "What the HELL is that boy playing at?"

Suddenly a loud bang echoed through the room as Randy's foot connected with the door, "Hunter you SERIOUSLY have to stop locking me out. I've been here for five minutes." Hunter raised an eyebrow at this. And proceded to walk over and unlock the door.

"If you've been there for five minutes what have you heard?" he asked warily, highly doubting Randy had heard anything.

Randy had heard it all before, when Dave would complain during Hunter's match about what got said when he wasn't there. "You asked where I was. Wanted to know what I was up to. Ric said I'd probably be with Stacy. And then I'm guessing, considering he's so fucking quiet, Dave told you I sometimes just appear and you got mad."

Hunter gawped at the Intercontinental champion and tried to hide what seemed to be a look of mistrust and disgust. "So are you going to enlighten us on where you've been?" He asked running his hand over the front of his suit, dusting away invisible stains.

"With Stacy."

"But she'd be with Amy? And surely Red wouldn't want YOU around?" enquired Hunter, feeling he had an advantage.

"No. Amy disappeared. Wanted to catch up with Trish and Jay before they left. Limped off pretty quickly." Randy said, trying to think something up quickly. He was pretty sure Amy WASN'T limping when he had saw her but if he said that she was, it made it seem that he HAD indeed spent some, if little, time with her.

Hunter raised an eyebrow and re-opened the door, exiting silently as Batista stood up and followed. Randy was about to do the same when Ric put a hand on his shoulder, "I don't know where the hell you really were. But I know you weren't with Stacy. You're just lucky you've got a good imagination and that Red really is limping tonight."

Randy frowned slightly wondering why Amy was limping and began to walk out the door again shaking his head and trying to forget what he had just witnessed.