Chapter 3

Sighing softly, she sat on her bed frowning. She really didn't understand what was going on. Well, in simple terms she did. Randy had the wrong door and tried to get in hers. But when she ANALYSED things, it really wasn't that simple. Why was Randy not staying in the suite with the rest of Evolution like usual ? Why had he gotten so embarrassed ? And why did she think he was cute ?

She rolled her eyes and lay back on the bed. Closing her eyes slowly she relaxed and began to fall into a deep sleep. About an hour later she was rudely awakened by loud banging on the door next to her. "Randy !" she heard a woman scream.

Scratching her head slightly she stood up walked to her door and threw it open. "For God's sake, give it a rest. Some of us are trying to sleep," she said, eyes narrowed towards the brunette woman standing in front of Randy's door. Amy looked at her. Her shirt was tight, her skirt taught over her thighs, not that it covered much of them, knee high boots and make up an inch thick. She rolled her eyes in disgust.

"And some of us have a life Amy. Get over it," the brunette replied hammering at the door once again.

"He's not fucking in. He went out. With Hunter," Amy said quickly, not sure if this was entirely the case. She stood silent as the woman stared at her, trying to work out whether she was being honest with her.

"Fine. But tell him this ok? 'Its not what he thinks and he's got it all wrong.' Bye Amy," the woman pushed past Amy, leaving her dumbfounded as to what had happened.

"Bye Dawn," she said looking confused. Dawn Marie ? And Randy ? It made no sense. One was on Smack Down, the other RAW. And now it seemed they were together ? Amy frowned, he must have caught her cheating, she thought. She watched Dawn until she had walked straight along the hallway and round the corner. She waited until she heard the 'ping' of the elevator and turned to re-enter her room.

"Thanks," she heard a male voice say as she turned. "I just, don't want to talk to her right now. Her and Hunter. They both think I'm stupid." She looked up to see a rather deflated looking Randy Orton peeping out of his doorway. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just a pair of baggy sweatpants and his hair hadn't been styled. Amy smiled at him.

"You look different when you're not all, done up." she giggled, knowing it was probably best not to ask questions about Hunter and Dawn.

"Well so do you," came the reply. "And what? Ain't I allowed a night off from the partying?" Randy raised an eyebrow slightly as the diva tilted her head.

"I guess we all are once in a while. So how come you ain't with Hunter and the rest tonight?" she asked quietly.

"Wouldn't it be easier to have this conversation if we WEREN'T in a hallway?" Randy asked opening the door to his hotel room further. Seeing the confused look on Amy's face he almost slammed it shut again, catching his fingers between the frame and the door. "I didn't mean…No…I just meant talk. I'm not trying to sleep with you or anything. God knows you never would but.." He started speaking at high speed, holding his left hand tightly in his right, trying to suppress a loud yelp of pain.

"Randy, you're babbling. Now slow down. I didn't think you WERE trying to sleep with me. But when I saw your room, I was shocked. I expected you to be tidy. And no offence, but boy that room is a pigsty." she said taking his left hand. "And you need to get ice on that. Hold on, I'll go turn my CD player off and I'll come help you in a second ok?"

Randy nodded as the diva walked into her own room. Walking into his own, he left the door open and kicked a sneaker under the bed, "Why is everything a mess when the most beautiful woman you've ever fucking seen decides to talk to you? Thanks God. Thanks a lot."

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