Supernatural The Brothers' Keeper

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. I do own Colby and Lynn and her kids. I love this show and writing fiction for it so hope you enjoy.

AN: This is an older fic of mine I just never posted it so thats why it might not be written very good. I have this almost all typed and please review.

Summary: Set during sometime in season 1 after episode 16 Shadow. The brothers are faced with someone who will come between them what happens when another takes her place?

Looks: Colby- Hilarie Burton

Lynn- Paige from Charmed

Keith- Wyatt from Charmed

Emmy- Jenny from One Tree Hill

Chapter 1 The Girl

Dean Winchester gave the waiter his money before heading over to join his brother Sam.

"Here's a double latte foam crap."

Dean stated as he handed the cup to his brown haired brother.

"And like coffee straight black is better."

Sam said as he made a jester to the cup in Dean's right hand.

"Have either of you tried water?"

Questions a blonde hair twenty something year old whose tanned body perfectly matched her once blue eyes. Dean smirked as Sam chuckled and wrapped his arms around the woman.


"Hey baby."

She replied as she gave Sam a kiss on the check and turned her head to face Dean.


Dean rolled his eyes as he gave her a peck on the lips.

"You're late."

Dean cocked his head glazing up and down Colby's body as he snapped back into reality when he saw his brother put his hand on Colby's thigh.

"Sorry about calling you boys. I know how much you want to find your dad. Have you found anything else out?"

"No the same thing since we last talked sweetie."

Sam stated as Dean's stomach tied in knots seeing his little brother eyeing Colby the way he had moments ago.

"So the reason you called?"

I questioned Colby as she got up off her chair and sat on my lap.

"Can't I call and want to see two of my closest friends?"

She asked as she laid her head on my shoulder.


My younger brother pleaded as Colby smirked knowing that both of us Winchester's were already getting annoyed with her impractical actions.

"Sorry forgot I called you for a reason. There's this woman a single mother of two. You remember Lynn? We helped her out 3 year ago just after her husband Jim died."

Now this caught my interest.

"Yeah there was a spirit haunting their house but I do recall they live in Washington."


Colby cut me off like always.

"They moved here to Massachusetts and her daughter the one she was pregnant with well she thinks a monster is after her and she called me up."

"What! Why wouldn't she call me?"

Colby jumped off my lap I didn't think I would scare her.

"Sorry I was just surprise she would call you first."

"She did call you first and she only got you voice mail."

Colby gave a roll of her eyes. She always did that ever since we met when she was born.

"So let's go talk to Lynn."

Sam said as him and Colby walked to the impala.