Supernatural The Brothers' Keeper

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. I do own Colby and Lynn and her kids. I love this show and writing fiction for it so hope you enjoy.

Summary: Set during sometime in season 1 after episode 16 Shadow. The brothers are faced with someone who will come between them what happens when another takes her place?

Looks: Colby- Hilarie Burton

Lynn- Paige from Charmed

Keith- Wyatt from Charmed

Emmy- Jenny from One Tree Hill

Chapter 7 The Fight of the Blondes and the Winner Is

Dean walked up to Meg's door and knocked but when no one came he just went inside.

"Hello? Meg its Dean you here?"

He replied as he heard noises coming from the roof.

"So do you come up here often?" Sam questioned as Meg smirked.

"Yep I love the view."

Sam smiled and put his arms around Meg's waist. "I love this view."

Just then the door to the roof swung open.


"What every girl I like you have to get to first?"

"Maybe you what ya gonna do about it?"

Dean smirked as Sam charged at him.

"Come on Sammy show me what you got."

Sam punched Dean before he had time to smirk.

"Well you might have got all the girls in the past but not anymore Dean. It's over."

Sam stated as he pushed Dean on the ground.

"Meg's mine Dean not yours."

Dean quickly moved his head making Sam hit his hand on the pavement.

"Come on Sammy you will never win. See I'm the older brother and I always get the girls first you'll always be in second."

Dean jumped to his feet and grabbed a lead pipe and threw the other at Sam.

"Let's fight come on Sammy."

Sam got up and started to fight Dean. "For the last time my name's Sam."

Meg smirked watching the boys fight over her. In time Meg would destroy the Winchester's and most important their father.

Colby flipped through all the books she could find about gems. She dropped her jaw as she read and ripped the page and ran to Meg's house. Colby opened the door to find Sam and Dean bruised and tied up.

"What the…"

She stated as Meg went to hit her on the back of the head but Colby turned around putting her wedged shoe on Meg's wind pipe.

"Hey no one gets to make the Winchester's fight over them besides me."

Meg smirked. "Oh sweetie don't you see you they might have fought over you but they will never love you."

"I'll beat your ass you fake blonde."

Colby said as she ran and pushed Meg on top the ground. The two rolled around now Meg on top of Colby.

"I'm no fake blonde but your roots are coming in."

"You bitch!"

Colby smacked Meg's back on the pavement breaking the green gem in Meg's pocket. Sam and Dean's eyes glowed as they took in their surroundings.

"Dude you girlfriend is crazy."

Dean stated as he got Sam and himself free.

"Dean's she's not my girlfriend."

"Yeah right."

"She's not!"

"Guys! I hate to break this up but a little help here!"

Meg had Colby on the ground with a knife right above her heart.

"So Dean, Sam you think your dad would come now?"

Meg laughed as Dean looked at Sam.

"If you don't back away from her I swear I'll make sure you die."

"This isn't me giving up this is me going to strategize." Meg backed away and ran away.

"Good luck with that." Dean shouted as Sam looked at him.

"What we aren't going after her?"

"As much as I want to what can we do we can't kill her Sam? She's still human."

"Not for long wait till I get my hands on her."

Colby stated as she hugged Sam and Dean.

"I could have lost both of you."

"I'm glad I got to watch a chick fight."

Dean chuckled as Sam hit the back of his head.

"So how did Meg make both of us want her?"

"See that gem well it's a tiger-eyes. It's linked to premonitions and since Sam's vision guy all Meg needed was a drop of Dean's blood and she could make you 2 fall for her.

"You're loving this aren't you princess?" Dean questioned as Colby put her hands on her hips.

"Why don't you two go get some food and meet me at the hotel?"

She smiled and hugged the boys before heading to the hotel. Sam and Dean sat in the impala.

"You really love her don't you?" I asked my brother he looked at.

"She doesn't want me she always has wanted you."

"Dean don't say that she has always loved you. I mean when she watched you kill the bogey creature she wasn't looking at me like that."

"Sam you love her I can't I promised myself I wouldn't do that to do."

Sam eyed Dean. "What about Missy Edwards?"

"Aw Missy stupid girl great kisser."

"Dean I'm not in love with her not the same way. I'm telling you to be with her come on a girl that could like you that's like one out of a million."

"Thanks Sam."

Sam chuckled. "Wow it's been awhile since you called me by that name."

"Don't think it's a all time thing now let's talk to Colby."

The boys get out of the car and walk inside the hotel room.

"Colby we come with food." Dean shouted as Sam saw a note on one of the beds.

"Dean she's gone."

"What?" Dean questioned as Sam opened the note to read.

Sam and Dean,

I've been friends more like family with you 2 since we were little. I can't come between you two anymore. I didn't realized how much Meg was right. You are brothers and I can't I won't be in the middle of your friendship because you just got it back. When Sam went to college I saw Dean's heart brake and even if he won't tell you Sam he's proud of you.

"I told you that when you met your girlfriend." Dean cut in and Sam gave him a look and went back to reading the note.

I love you both call me when you find John.

Love Colby

Sam chuckled. "Listen to this, Ps I picked one of you but too bad I'll never tell you."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Well little brother I hate to break this to you but she so picked me."

"Are you sure?" Sam and Dean turned their heads to the door to find Colby.

Dean walked up to her and smirked. "So who did you pick?"

"Sam………didn't he understand the letter?"

Sam smirked and walked over to the two. "Dean she picked you."

Colby smiled at Dean who had a huge grin on his face. "I knew you always liked me Princess."

Colby rolled her eyes. "Think what you want to jerk."

Sam smirked; Colby would always be the brother's keeper.


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