Who Framed Marowak Wakback?

Chapter 1

By Marowak Wakback

Disclaimer- I don't own pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, or who framed Roger Rabbit, and this fanfic is a parody of "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" This is as alternate Universe fanfic that takes place in 1947, LA. It's basically the same plot as Roger Rabbit, but Pokemorphs replace cartoons, and the human cast of pokemon replaces the real human actors, and is on a more serious tone.

Authors Note- It's been long, long time since I did a fanfiction, but I'm finally back and better then ever. Sorry to those that liked The Dragon Soldier and The Master Chronicles, but those fanfics will be broken down and rebuilt. Ok? Cool. Now lets continue.

Rated PG-13 for Mild Language, gun fights, and death.


Marowak Wakback – Roger Rabbit

Ash Ketchum – Eddy Valiant

Gary Oak – R.K. Maroon

Farfetch'd Green - Baby Herman

Monkey D. Luffy – Dumbo

Fullmetal Cast - Fantasia Cast

It was a cold night, the moon was full, and not a sound could be heard. Perfect. Marowak sat in the center of his dojo, sipping his tea, as the sliding door to his right flew open.

"Prepare Yourself Sensei!!" Yelled a young Bird Pokemorph; a Farfetch'd, as he charged at Sensei Marowak with his Sword. But Marowak remained calm, and didn't move an inch. "HAAAAAAA!!!" Yelled Farfetch'd as jumped in the air for a strike.

With the sword only a few inches from his bony face, he grabbed the sword with the tips of his pointer finger and thumb and broke the sword in half. "Your skills are improving, but it will take more then one strong storm to brake the mighty earth. Please, sit." Marowak said to the young man as he sipped his tea.

"Yes sensei." Replied Farfetch'd. No sooner did he sit down and took a sip of his tea, did the doors around the dojo open again to reveal over 2 dozen ninjas ready to strike.

"Yet another ninja attack? How troublesome." Marowak calmly stated as he got up from his sitting position and prepared to attack. But a floorboard caught his foot and made him fall flat on his bony face "…Ow, shit."

"CUT!!!!" Yelled the Director from his chair, not sounding happy in the least. "Damnit Marowak! What's with you today? This is the tenth take today, in a seen like this, you'd normally be goin' right through them in no time."

'Sigh' "I don't know. Maybe it's just an off day for me. Ya know?"

"No, I don't know. But take some time off to rest anyways."

"No Way! Don't ask me to do that!!"

"I'm not asking, I'm telling you to take sometime off. Is that clear?"

"…Inescapably." Said Marowak as he grinded his teeth and walked of stage. While walking to the exit, he passed a man in a black 1945 suit and hat. The man hade black hair and brown eyes and looked to by in his mid twenty's. He lit a cigarette and took a drag of the toxic smoke.

"…Morphs." The man mumbled to himself as he puffed out the smoke.

"Mr. Ketchum? Mr. Oak will see you now." Said the secretary.

"… Right…" Replied Ash as he took another drag of his cigarette.

LA, 1947

As they walked down the hall, Ash looked to the left and right walls to see many movie posters of different Pokemorph actors. 'Most of these posters are of Marowak Wakback's movies. Well, he is quite the star. I wonder what's eating him.' Though Ash to himself as they walked into the manager's room of Oak Studios.

"Mr. Oak? Mr. Ketchum is…" Said the secretary, but never finished her sentence as Gary Oak cut her off. Gary was busy with another man, editing another one of his movies. "…He'll be with you shortly." Said the secretary to Ash as she walked out of the room.

"No No No! Wait till the 3rd ninja attacks, then Switch it to the next seen. Got it?" Stated Gary to the editor.

"Yes sir." Said the editor as he rushed out of the room with as much film as he could grab.

Walking over to his private mini bar in front of his window, Gary finally spoke to Ash. "Tell me Mr. Ketchum. What do you know about Show business?" Asked Gary as he pored himself a glass of Jack Daniel.

"…There ain't no business like show business. And no Business I know" Replied Ash, giving more attention to Gary's mini bar rather then Gary himself.

"Right, and there's no business more damn expensive!" Stated Gary walking over to Ash. "I'm 25 grand over budget on the latest Samurai Marowak Movie. But you saw the bonehead, he can't keep his mind on his acting, and do you know why?"

"One to many ninja attacks?" Ash Sarcastically Replied.

"No. As Marowak once said best, "A good Warrior attacks neither the Body nor Mind, but the Heart. That is where the weakness lies." Here, read this" Said Gary, handing Ash a newspaper headline.

"Pokesho Owner, Mr. Tajiri, is seen blowing a sweat kiss attack to Miss Zel, Girlfriend to Oaks studio Samurai hero Marowak Wakback. What's this gotta do with me?" Asked Ash in an annoyed tone.

"You're the Private eye, you figure it out." Snapped back Gary.

"Look, I don't got time for crap like this." Stated Ash handing back the paper to Gary.

"Come on Ketchum, The women is as cold as ice, but the Bonehead think she's a goddess. I want you to follow her, take some nice juicy pictures."

"Forget it, I'm not goin' to Pokemorph isle." Said ash, trying to make a brake for the door.

"What's wrong with with Pokemorph Isle? Every Average Joe loves Pokemorph Isle."

"Yeah, then go get an Average Joe 'cus I ain't goin'!" Ash stated while trying to go for the door again.

"Whoa there my friend. If ya don't want to go to the Isle, you don't have to go to the Isle. Nobody said ya had to go anyways." Said Gary in a sly tone. "Here, have a seat Ketchum. The bonehead's Girlfriend works at a joint called the Fire & Ice club. The Morphs work there, and it's for humans only, Ok? So what do ya think?" Said Gary as he sat down in his office chair.

"…Well?" Gary asked again.

Ash didn't say anything at first, but then spotted the mini bar by the window again. Ash got up, walked over to the bar and started to pore himself a shot. "The Job is gonna cost ya a 100 bucks plus…"

"A 100 Bucks!? Your out of your mind!" Yelled Gary.

"So's the damn job!" Snapped Ash right back.

"Alright Ketchum, you win. Have a drink." Gary said smoothly, raising his hands up in a way of saying he was beat.

"Don't mind if I do." Stated Ash as he gulped down the Vodka. As Gary sat down again to sign a check, Ash looked out the window to see other actors and pokemorphs walking around, minding there own business. Ash got so caught up in this that he didn't have time to react to a rubber man that bounced in front of the window.

"Hi!" Replied Luffy

"AHHH!!!" Ash Yelled and Dived under a table.

"Kinda jumpy aren't yeah Ketchum? Its just Luffy." Stated Gary in a sarcastic tone.

"I know who it is."

"I got him on Loan from Oda. Him and the cast Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Hey Mr. Oak, Do you got any meat?" Asked Luffy, still hanging from the roof.

"Sorry my boy, I don't, but how about some Peanuts instead." Said Gary as he grabbed a hand full of peanuts and through them outside.

"Yahoo!!" Yelled Luffy as he stretched his arms out to try and grab them.

"The best part is, most of them work for food." Said Gary as he closed the window.

"Yeah, but I don't work for Food, where the hell is the rest of the money?" Asked Ash after seeing that the check was only worth 50 bucks and not a hundred.

"You'll get the other 50 after ya finish the job. Ok Ketchum?" Gary said smoothly.

As Ash left Gary's Office and headed outside, he saw a wide assortment of Actors. A short young man with a red jacket and blond hair. A tall man in a suit of Armor. An even taller man with a weird blond mustache. And those weren't even the pokemorphs.

Walking out of the studio, or madhouse as Ash put it, He ran up to a trolley just as the door were about to close. He ran up to the ticket man and flashed his the check he just got to the door. "What do I look like? A bank?" Replied the ticket man as he closed the door on Ash's face. As the trolley began to slowly move, Ash moved to the back and sat on the back bumper, along with some other kids.

"Hey Mister? Ain't ya got a car? Asked the oldest kid.

"Who's needs a car when your liven in LA?" Stated Ash as the Trolley drove off to its destination, Sunset Ally.