Who Framed Marowak Wakback?

Chapter 9

By Marowak Wakback

Later that night, Ash and Marowak drove up to the almost empty Oak Movie Studios in the car Flannery let Ash borrow. "Um, Ash?" asked Marowak as he looked around the dark street. "You sure this is a good idea?"

"What, is the great Samurai Marowak Wakback scared?" asked Ash, getting out of the car.

"Dude, are you kidding?" said Marowak, quickly following Ash. "Everybody gets scared at one time or another, even me. Besides, when you called Mr. Oak, you said you had the will, But you don't have the will, Ash. When he finds out, he's gonna be pissed. He might try to kill you."

"Oh, I can handle that push over." said Ash. "I just want to make sure the odds are in my favor. You stay out here and cover my back. If you see or hear anything suspicious, beep the horn twice."

"Ok," said Marowak as he watched Ash enter the studio. "Beep the horn twice. Cover your back. I can do this. Remember what sensei said, 'A Calm mind is a Clear and Ready mind'. I'm ready. I can handle anything."

However, while he readied himself, he failed to notice the Pokesho Blizzard Pin-Point sword that poked him in the back. He was out cold before he knew what hit him.

Meanwhile, inside, Gary was nervously waiting at his desk. When was that detective going to be there with the will? He was so focused on his thoughts; he failed to notice the taller man in the room standing right behind him…


Gary jumped 3 feet in air, and then whirled around to face the detective, Ash Ketchum. "Ketchum. What the Hell are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?"

"You gotta have a heart before you can have an attack." said Ash Smoothly, his expression remaining firm with the cigarette.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," said Gary impatiently. "Do you have the will or not?"

"Yeah, I've got the will," answered Ash, briefly showing a bit of paper. "But the question is: do you have the way? 'Cause I can tell you right now that it ain't going to come cheap."

"You got a lot of guts coming up here by yourself." said Gary.

"Who said I was here by myself?" replied Ash.

What both Ash and Gary didn't know was that a still Unconscious Marowak Wakback was being dragged and shoved into the trunk of Ash's car by A Miss Delcatty Zel.

"Let me see the Will." Gary insisted, his Temper growing thin.

"I said I have it." Stated Ash he took a drink.

"I Said I Wanna See It Now!" growled Gary, grabbing the paper away from Ash's Coat pocket. But what he saw was not at all what he had expected. "'Another looks like his mixed me up again…?'" he read the lipstick-scrawled words on the paper. "Is this some kind of a sick joke?" he asked, shoving the paper back at Ash.

"No, this is," Replied Ash, who had grabbed whine-bottle from the mini bar. He gave it a few quick shakes, then popped the quirk off. After the Quirk hit Gary in the eye and the foamy mess was sprayed right in Gary's face, Ash gave him a swift right punch to the jaw, knocking the moviemaker down to the ground. "Now get up."

"What are you gonna do to me, Ketchum?!" wheezed Gary.

"I'm goning to listen to you spill your guts over the Cloverleaf scenario," said Ash. "It's the sad story of greed, sex, and murder. And the parts I don't like, I'm gonna edit out."

"You've got it all wrong," cried Gary. "I'm an movie maker, not a murderer!"

"Everybody's gotta have a hobby." With that said, he half-dragged the now terrified moviemaker to a nearby editing machine and stuffed his tie into it. Then Ash slowly began to turn it, causing Gary's face to be pulled dangerously close to the machine.

"Okay, okay!" yelled Gary. "Please stop! The truth is that I had a chance to sell my studio, but Cloverleaf wouldn't buy it unless Mr. Tajiri sold them his. But the stubborn bastard wouldn't sell, so I was just gonna blackmail Mr. Tajiri with a few pictures of him with the Bonehead's girlfriend! Just blackmail, Ketchum! I've been around Morphs all my life. I don't want to see them destroyed!"

This got Ash's attention. "Morphs destroyed?" he asked suspiciously. "Why?"

"If I tell you, I'm a dead man," muttered Gary.

"Your a dead man if you don't tell me." Snarled Ash, Making Gary's face move closer to Editing Machine.

"All right, all right," said Gary, taking a deep breath. "Unless you don't find the will by midnight tonight, Pokemorph Isle is gonna be land for the…"

Just then, Ash glanced at one of the pictures on the wall and began to panic. In the reflection of the glass, the detective saw a Barrel of a Gun. Suddenly, without thinking, he dropped Gary and dove under his desk.




Then… nothing. Silence. Eerie silence. Ash slowly got out from under the desk. He braced himself for what he was going to see. The office was still in one piece. But in the middle of it all was what Unsettled Ash to no end. There, with his tie still caught in the editing machine, was the lifeless body of Gary Oak. There were three bloody and fatal Bullet holed placed in his back.

Just then, Ash heard something outside. He looked out the broken window, only to see a car with Delcatty Zel at the wheel.

A sick realization went over the detective. "MAROWAK!" he screamed, running out of the office.

Ash ran out to his car and jumped in, desperate to stay on the other car's trail. Zel was a good driver, but Ash was better. Throughout the whole chase he was somehow able to stay on Zel's trail. But then they came to a Bridge. The Morph kept on going, but Ash stopped cold.

He looked at the sign next to the Bridge as the other car drove away. The white letters shimmered in her car's headlights: POKEMORPH ISLE.

Ash groaned. He hadn't been in there since… Richie's Death. There was no way he was going in now. Not now.

But as he stared at the Bridge, the gruesome image from Gary's corpse stuck in his mind. Morphs were going to be destroyed. He had to do something.

After taking a deep breath, Ash walked back to the car. He took out the gun under his coat and threw it onto the Shotgun seat. He then reached into the back seat and pulled out a small box. He opened the box and took out something she hadn't used in a long time.

It was another gun. But not just any gun. It was Richie's six shot Revolver. Ash continued to stare at the gun with a daze. It was like Richie was still here.

"Ash Ketchum!" Richie's Spirit spoke while Ash's eyes never left the gun. "Long time no see. Where've you been?"

"Drunk and Wasted."

"Looks like it. You feelin' Lucky?"

"I think so." Said Ash out load as he loaded the last bullet in the Revolver. Placing the gun in his Arm Holster, he jumped back into his car and floored it. Making sure Zel didn't get away.