Hidden in the crowd of them

chapter 1

New mission

She walked down the hallway to a rusty old door. This door was her parents room O' so long ago. flashback She remembered...

That Day was going bad the rain fall was heavy and she knew her mother was in trouble. Her father would hit her mother and she would just take the pain and sit there and let him do that to her. She thought it was shameful to have a mother to sit there and not stand up to him, but that night it had gotten bad her mother. Her told her to run away as fast as she could. Before she left her mother wispered to her 'They know what you are..' then her father walked in grabbing her mother dragging her into a small room. She took off, running out of the small village deep in the forest. She stopped to catch her breath. "Haruno Sakura" two dark shadowy figures stepped out from behind a large tree. "Who..who are you" she backed up against a tree. One of the men pulled out a folder and read the contents out loud "Haruno sakura, age 5, element.." end flashback

"Element fire." Sakura said as she ran her hand down the rusted door. It was now 13 years later she was now 18. With long pink hair tied up in a lose bun with strands framing her face, green orbs made her look so inoccent but she was really deadly. When it was time for her to go on a mission or get trained by the man who came to get her so long ago she would wear a black vest with red outlines with mesh netting underneath the vest was just below her breasts and past her belly button her skirt black with a red belt knee high boots black with 1 knife on both boots so when she kicked she could silently cut them. Wrist bands black and when she curved her fingers in (a/n: like Spiderman lol) one knife in either hand came out, lastly her sakura blossom kanta, to her that was her best friend and so was her tiger. The tiger name Hoshi (a/n: means star) when she did the seal of the tiger he would come out a partner in silent assassinations. Sakura slid her hand down the door to the handle and twisted the knob. the door creaked open. She poked her head in. In the middle of the room he stood there. "I told you not to come back here" He said. "Gomennasai Itachi-kun" Sakura said. He stared at her for a moment looking in her eyes. Sakura looked away from her sensai. "I have a new mission for you, heres the folder of my brother." he walked over to her and handed her the folder. "Your uniform is back at your apartment" He walked past her. "But Ita-" she wipped her head around he was gone. 'but he's your brother' she thought to herself'

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