Hidden in the crowd of them

chapter 2

going back to school

Sakura jumped tree to tree with ease. "Why the hell does he want his brother dead?!" Sakura spoke out loud to herself. "Why Do I have to go back to high school! He knows how much I hated it, people always saying she's the last one of her clan and all that shit! Its bull shit!". She picked up the pase left right left right left right her leg movements were memorizing.

'Finally' she though to herself. Reaching for her keys she pulled them out incerted the apartment key into the lock turned it to the left until she heard a click took the keys out of the lock and twisted the handle until the door opened. Sakura threw her bag of gear on the ground and went to the washroom to take a shower before she went to bed when she walked in there it was the uniform.A White top, green tie, black jacket, black shoes, Black and white rimmed skirt with knee high socks. 'Great ugly colors' sakura thought to herself and continued to take off her clothes.

knock knock knock

"Come in" said Orochimaru. An 18 year old boy walked in through the door and sat down in front of orochimaru. "Ah, Sasuke-kun what brings you here??" orochimaru said. "Don't be stupid you called me down here now lets get to business ok." Sasuke said mono-tone. Orochimaru Slid a folder to the other side of the table to Sasuke. "Bring her to me I want her power"Orochimaru said "She will be going to Konoha High. There is a uniform back at your dorm please make this kill silent" Orochimaru finished and wavered Sasuke off. Sasuke stood up walked to the door griped the handel twisted it an- "O Sasuke...you only have 3 months to do this" Orochimaru said. Sasuke walked out of the room closed to door and headed down the corridor to his dorm 'This is going to be a ruff 2 months' Sasuke thought to himself as he relaxed on his bed.

Sakura woke up at 6:30 am to get ready for school... 'This is was too early in the morning' Sakura though to herself as she rubbed her temples. She walked to the kitchen to get a bowl of honey oats. After she ate she went to the washroom brushed her teeth and brush her hair. She got dressed in her uniform and left her hair down. "This skirt is way to long" Sakura said to herself as she looked in a full body mirror. Sakura started rolling up the top of the skirt to a couple of inches above her knee. "thats better" Sakura smirked to herself and walked out of the washroom grabbing her backpack and her car keys. She took the stairs down to the carport. Itachi had just bought her a silver Mercedes. She got into the car and started it up and zoomed off going the speed limit. She found her way to the school and parked in the student parking section. '10 minutes before class great i can find them all' sakura thought to herself. She left her car beep beep and locked it. She had written on her hand her locker number and where it was and the password. '757 eh.' Sakura thought as she walked up to the front desk. "Excuse me but do you know where locker 757 is??" sakura asked the stewards "Its upstairs then turn left and its the blue lockers" she said quickly and walked off to what seemed to be the principle. 'ok there..'Sakura thought and walked to the stairs. She made it to the blue lockers and found 757' it was a half lock. 'great im the top locker shit i really need to be taller' sakura thought to herself. Reaching for the lock turning it 3 time and to all the numbers it just wasn't working. 'great how do you open locks again?' sakura asked herself. click click Sakura blinked a couple times then relized that a boy was standing next to her. "I had that one last year" said the boy. "Well don't just stand there.." The boy said. Sakura sweat-dropped "I'm Haruno Sakura" she extended her hand "Im Uchiha Sasuke" The to assassins shook hands...Both there to kill each other.

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