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I was taking a walk in heaven, my large pale blue almost white wings, symbols of my good deeds, folded up behind my back. I wondered why angels have wings but can't even use them to fly, and figured they were symbols of your good deeds and purity. Since I did many good deeds my wings were large and since I wasn't tainted by evil and all that my wings were pale blue. It was rare to find an adult angel with white wings but it's more common the younger they get. I had stopped thinking and was just looking around as I wandered off the path into the peaceful heaven version of the forest of Konoha. I still found it strange that heaven reflected the real world, but if a building was being built in the real world it would just magically start building in heaven without anyone working on it. I remembered the time when I was standing on the bridge that was being built in between the mist and the mainland, marveling on how big it was and wondering what my twelve year old son was doing down below.Suddenly, a boy appeared wearing the white robes that you got when you came into heaven. He had brown hair and eyes and his wings weren't that big but the were and even paler blue than mine. The boy stared at me and said, "You look a lot like Naruto." I was shocked, how did this boy know Naruto?

"Y-you know Naruto? Is he alright? Where is he?" I asked frantically.

The boy laughed, "Yes I know Naruto. And don't worry, he's fine, after all he's not here right now."

"But! Where is he? Is he with you?"

He laughed again, "He's right about where your standing. And if you mean with me as in on the same side as me, then no."

"Then you fought him?!" I asked shocked.

"Of course! He's really good too." Just then a large man appeared he had brown hair,brown eyes, no eyebrows, was taller than me, and had dark blue wings.

"Hello, Haku." he said.

"Zabuza-sama! You died like two minuets after I did!" Haku excaimed.

"Yea, well, Gato showed up with a horde of thugs, and I was pretty hurt after my fight with Kakashi." Zabuza defended.

"Wait! Both Kakashi and Naruto are there?"

"Yea, They are on the same team." Haku replied.


"hmmm... Yea, unless the brat was just temporarily put on a team with the Copy ninja, the Uciha brat, and the pink haired girl." Zabuza informed me.

"Pink hair?"

"Yea, pink." Haku confirmed.

"Wierd, so what's Naruto up to?" I questioned. After they told my what they knew about him we were chatting about the going ons of the world when, a hoard of kids came and started yelling at and chasing Zabuza because he killed them when he was younger.The pair ran away with the kids following closely after and I was starting to walk off the bridge when I noticed it. Letters were being carved into the nameplate of the bridge: T-H-E G-R-E-A-T N-A-R-U-T-O B-R-I-D-G-E. I smiled, my son was getting somewhere in the world. Over the years I met several other people that died by Naruto's hand or when Naruto was around, Some committed suicide, some were killed by his teammates, and some I was shocked to find, were killed by his rashingan. But what could you expect? My son was a ninja.

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