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It happened only 7 years after my arrival in heaven. I was taking my daily walk as I always do, but this time I was walking with my student ,Obito, who had just returned to Konoha to visit while fufiling his dream of seeing the world. So anyways, we were walking along a river in the forest area of the Uchiha lands. We were happily talking about all of the times we had to chase some poor lady's kitten and other ridiculous missions like that.

"Remember the time when-" Obito stopped in mid sentence staring at something floating down the river past us. There in the river was a body, a boy. He was floating on his back in the water, his eyes closed, his white robes soaked and his wings hidden beneath the surface of the river. Obito sprinted out onto the surface of the water towards the figure as he got closer he realized who it was. "Shisui!" He cried and tried his best to pull him out of the water, but Shisui was too heavy with his water logged clothes for Obito to lift. I calmly walked out onto the water and lifted Shisui out of the water.

"Let's get him taken care of." I sighed, I had a feeling this was gonna be a long week. My former student nodded quietly and led me to Shisui's house. He couldn't die after all, this is heaven. You would be good as new in a few days even if you crushed every bone in your body to powder. It would hurt, a lot, but you'd be ok.

When I came back to visit a few days later I realized something was wrong. It just felt odd as I neared the Uchiha compound. When the entrance came into view I was shocked to find two people I didn't recognize at the gate. People who were obviously Uchiha, obviously newly arrived. As I drew closer to the gate I noticed some new cracks in the walls and wood of the gate. Walking up to one of the newly arrived people I asked him what had happened. He looked at me and seemed surprised to see me and I figured he didn't know what had happened. He was probably killed from behind. Sighing I shook my head with a mumbled never mind. And walked past the shocked guard and further into the compound. There were a lot of new arrivals, the deeper I got in, the more new people there were. The more new people I saw the more concerned I got that something was wrong. Finding someone who seemed to know what had happened was hard. When I finally did, it was an elderly couple.

When I had asked them what had happened they said one word, one name. "Itachi." To Say I was shocked was an understatement. That cheerful little five year old that loved training did this? The very heir of this clan. But really, I wasn't all that surprised. I knew his father, I had to deal with him a lot during council meetings. Fugaku probably drove the kid to train really hard, so hard he became really strong by the time he was twelve and probably snapped. I continued to walk to the house where Obito was, with Shisui. When the door was opened by Obito. I greeted him and as I followed him to the room Shisui was in he told me what he had discovered.

"Shisui woke up for a bit." I looked at him, waiting, as we continued down the hallway. "He said Itachi did it, he said a four year old did it. A little bitty four year old! The heir of the clan!" I looked at him, waiting to see if he was done with his little rant.

Seeing that he was I spoke softly, not wanting them to start again, "He's not four anymore."

Obito blew up, "Ok, so he's thirteen now! So what! He was a cheerful kid! He wouldn't do that!"

We were standing outside the room Shisui was in now. "There was probably too much pressure on him. You know how ambitious Fugaku was."

Suddenly Obito's eyes widened, "Do you think Fugaku's dead too?"

My eyes widened as well, "Maybe, perhaps he can tell us what's going on." Obito nodded and we both left the house and headed up the street deeper into the Uchiha compound. Arriving at the doorstep to the heads house and knocking lightly on the door, Obito and I settled to wait, his light gray wings rustling impatiently. The door opened and a woman leaped out of the house, latching onto me as her frantic voice shouted out,

"Where is my son!"