Jakotsu! Jakotsu! Jakotsu! The crowd chanted and cheered wildly as their host finally appeared, dressed in a soft pink outfit, his hair and make-up done to perfection.

The man smiled and quickly took his place before the camera, a bright smile upon his ruby lips. When given his cue, he smiled at the camera and said, "Welcome to another titillating episode of Jakotsu. Today, we look back at some of our more memorable guests, and see just how their lives have changed since the show."

Moving over to his chair on the stage, Jakotsu reached down and picked up the cards that were in his chair, before sitting down. Once he was comfortable, he said, "Let's look at Sango and Miroku. This couple appeared before us because Miroku had said that he could not possibly be the father of Sango's daughter, Sakura."

Taking in a deep breath, Jakotsu smiled. "However, after taking a polygraph test, Sango proved that she was truthful in her claims, but Miroku, on the other hand, failed his test miserably. After the DNA test, Miroku was discovered to be Sakura's father, and Sango exacted her revenge quiet nicely."

The screen behind Jakotsu changed to a shot of Sango rushing after Miroku, beating him over his head with her fists as she screamed at him. Once the scene was finished, Jakotsu turned and said, "We have received a video postcard from Sango, so let's hear what she has to say."

Suddenly, Sango appeared on the screen, and smiled. "Hi, Jakotsu. I just wanted to let you and everyone know that Sakura and I are very happy. After your show, Miroku did apologize, and has made a great effort to make amends. In fact, his effort was so great, that a year ago, we were married, after nearly five years of trying to fix what had gone wrong in our relationship. Now, we are both happy as can be, and we have you to thank. Don't we, Miroku?" She asked, and the camera cut over to the dark haired man, who was sitting beside the woman nervously, a hand print clear on his cheek.

"Yes, my dearest Sango." he replied, his face twitching. "We are very happy. Very, very happy, indeed."

The camera cut back to Sango and she smiled. "Well, we want to thank you again, Jakotsu, for all of your help." She said, and together, she and Miroku said, "Thanks, Jakotsu."

The screen turned black and Jakotsu turned with a smile towards the camera. "Well, I'm thrilled to see the two of you so happy, Sango. I wish you both the best life has to offer." He said.

Jakotsu turned towards another camera, and said, "I'm sure that this next couple needs no introduction. In fact, this couple caught the attention of so many of our viewers, that we have received several bags of letters, begging for an update. Well, my little darlings, you are about to get it."

"I am sure that you remember Kagome and Sesshomaru. They appeared on the same show as Sango and Miroku, and Kagome wanted to prove to Sesshomaru that he was the father of her pup. However, Sesshomaru and his then girlfriend, Ayame, disputed Kagome's claims and viciously tore Kagome down. Let's take a look at that clip."

The screen lit up, and the audience watched as Sesshomaru and Ayame's accusations flew, while Kagome did her best to remain calm. When the results were read, the crowd went wild, and suddenly, the screen turned black.

Jakotsu grinned and shook his head. "After learning that he was indeed the father of Kagome's pup, Sesshomaru demanded that Ayame take a lie detector test, and when the results were read, we learned that Ayame failed, miserably."

Turning back to the first camera, Jakotsu smiled and said, "More than five years has passed, and we have finally found out what has happened to our most talked about couple. In fact, we received a video postcard. Let's take a look."

The dark screen lit up, and found Sesshomaru sitting behind his desk, his hands folded before him. He took in a deep breath and said, "I have received a request for an update for this ridiculous show, and have decided to grant one.

One year ago, after our son's sixth birthday, Kagome and I mated in the youkai community, and married in the human community. It has taken us a very long time to get to this point, but now, both of us are at a point in our lives where we compliment each other, and neither of us feels as if we are a burden on the other.

During our estrangement, I adopted a small human child, and was raising her when Kagome walked back into my life. Imagine my shock to find that after five years apart, Kagome returned and was able to overthrow my company, and merged it with hers, before stepping down as CEO of her own company, a company that she helped build with her deceased first husband, Hojo Yurakami.

Now, we live as a family and are happy to say that our home is filled with the love, laughter, and loyalty that we had been denied so long ago.

I am able to say that I am at fault for what happened to my Kagome, and I take full responsibility for her pain. Now, we have rebuilt the foundation that was needed to move forward and I can only see a bright future for my family.

Thank you for your time, and do not approach us, again. She might consider you a friend, Jakotsu, but I think that you are a nuisance. Good day."

The screen went black, and Jakotsu turned and gave a small laugh. "Oh, don't you just want to eat him up with a spoon? You know you love me, Sessy." He said, giving the camera a suggestive wink that he knew would anger the youkai and would send his boyfriend into a fit of laughter.

However, he needed to cut to a commercial, and quickly said, "When we return, we will find out what happened with Keiko and Yusuke and if they are together. So, sit back and get comfy. Jakotsu will return, my darlings."

When the commercial appeared, Kagome muted the television and turned to look over at Kaede. "Did you know that he was going to do that?" She asked, and watched as the elder woman shook her head.

"No, I didn't." Kaede replied, and then smiled. "I am impressed, though. He didn't have to do it, but he granted that interview, mainly as a way of closing that part of your lives. He was willing to embarrass himself to end that chapter. It is a very nice gesture."

Kagome smiled and stood up. Moving towards the window, she looked out and thought about that horrible day, and the people she came across since then.

Kikyo and Suikotsu were happier than ever, and had just announced that they were finally pregnant with their first child. She knew that Kikyo would be an excellent mother, and both of them were shocked when Bankotsu arrived at Kikyo's house with a large bag, filled with baby clothing and toys. He and Kikyo managed to work out their differences, and now, her family was no longer at war with each other.

Inu Yasha managed to convince Sesshomaru that while he was grateful for his role within the company, he wanted to be transferred over to America. After discussing the situation with Sarah Foster, the woman was thrilled to have one of the Taisho's at her side, helping her with her duties, and so, Sesshomaru granted Inu Yasha's request, and now, he was happily settled in his new home, and finally happy. He even managed to find a female hanyou with the same kind of temper that he had, and together, they were quite a pair.

Kouga met a young female wolf youkai and mated her within only two months of knowing her, though he was smart enough not to mark her in the heat of the moment. However, it was soon discovered that she had only mated him for his money, and so, he quickly got rid of her, and swore off women for life. But, nearly six months after his failed relationship, he met a young human and they began to date, though Kouga insisted that it was not serious. But, when the young lady told him that she was pregnant, Kouga did what he felt was right and married her, despite being wary. Now, it was over a year since they married and Kouga was head over heels in love.

Bankotsu finally came out of the closet. He had hidden the fact that he was homosexual and when it got to be too much for him, he went straight to Kagome, knowing that she would not shun him. Once he had her support, he called his friends together, and told them how he felt. At first, they didn't say a word, and then Kouga had snapped, "Well, its about fucking time."

Bankotsu was amazed to find that his group of friends had long suspect that he was homosexual, and they told him that they would support him in whatever he wanted. But, his youngest female cousin decided to arrange a meeting for him, and when he arrived at the restaurant, he found himself face-to-face with none other than Jakotsu. Clearly, Kagome had felt that the flamboyant talk show host would be the best match for him, and now they were coming up on their ninth month anniversary.

Her grandfather finally relented and allowed her mother and Bankotsu back onto the shrine grounds. After a long, stern discussion, he agreed to allow her mother to move back to the shrine, but made it perfectly clear to her that family protected family, and that her loyalty lay with her children, first and foremost. Once her mother agreed, she and her father worked out the problems that developed between them, though it was going very slowly. It would take time.

Muso did testify at Naraku's trial in exchange for immunity. It was his testimony, along with the taped conversations, that sealed Naraku's fate. At his sentencing, Naraku attempted to intimidate the judge, but was shocked to find that his sentence would put him behind bars for the rest of his life, without parole.

She, in turn, sued Naraku and his estate for the wrongful death of Hojo, and was awarded several million dollars in damages. However, she knew that she would not see a dime of it. In fact, she knew that Naraku was broke, and that all of his assets had been sold to pay back his company and his investors. Anything that was left was given to the state, in order to cover some of his legal expenses. But, it wasn't the money that she wanted. It was just the knowledge that she had defeated him, and it was all for Hojo. Besides, whatever she did receive, it would go to Hojo's favorite children's charity, and seeing as how she made regular yearly contributions, anyways, it really wasn't a big deal.

Kagura and Muso became close again, but Kagura was dismayed to find that Muso and Ayame had fallen in love and were planning to mate. However, since Kagura knew that she was willing to let things go, she stepped back and didn't try to cause any further trouble for the wolf.

Ayame was finally happy. After she and Muso betrayed Naraku, she accepted Muso's offer of joining him in opening a book store and coffee shop. It was hard work, but together, they made the small store a popular hangout for the college and high school crowd. And, once their business was secure, they decided to join in another venture together, and mated.

She received a letter from Ayame, and smiled at the picture that the female wolf sent. It was of her and Muso, smiling at the camera. The female wolf finally found what she had been seeking with Sesshomaru. She found unconditional love, and support.

Of course, Ayame also testified against Naraku, and explained to the court that the only reason why he approached her during her sham of a relationship with Sesshomaru was to get information on the eldest son of Inu Taisho. At the time, she had not known who Naraku was, and willingly engaged in a sexual relationship, but when he approached her to help him take Sesshomaru down later on, she discovered that yet again, she had been used.

But, with Naraku safely behind bars, she and Muso could live their lives, and not worry about repercussions. And now, they, too, had a pup to get ready for. Ayame was currently three and a half months pregnant.

Her life with Sesshomaru was nothing short of happy. It was at Tsukiko's sixth birthday that Sesshomaru kissed her for the very first time since all that mess had happened. Of course, she didn't count that time in his office, when she first returned to Japan.

True to his word, he went slowly with her, but on that day, he just could not help himself and so, while they were cleaning up from the large party, he leaned over and kissed her.

Of course, for them, a simple kiss leads to more intimate things, and so, that night, after their pups were in bed, she found herself in Sesshomaru's bed, his mouth paying homage to her body, as his hands gently stroked her into a frenzy.

Their lovemaking was not hurried, nor was it rough. Instead, Sesshomaru seemed intent on loving each part of her body, from the inside out, and would not hurry through it, despite her cries for him to go faster.

And so, she endured his pace, and when she finally climaxed, the words of how she felt slipped past her lips and into his ear.

"I love you, Sesshomaru."

The large youkai roared and as his own body lost control, his sharp fangs plunged into her neck, marking her and mating her in the traditional youkai fashion.

Of course, the moment he marked her, her body convulsed in pleasure, and suddenly, she had blacked out, her mind simply not able to withstand the vast signals it was currently receiving.

When she awoke, she found Sesshomaru holding her tightly to his chest, a soft rumbling echoing throughout his body, soothing her. When she lifted her head, he simply pushed her head back down and increased the rumbling, easing her back to a peaceful slumber.

Life with Sesshomaru was certainly exciting. She loved staying at home with the pups, while he went to the office, and quickly found that she loved cooking dinners, and though much of what she cooked came out inedible, Sesshomaru never complained, but Kaede did start going behind her and made a back-up dinner.....just in case.

Goshinki, Kageromaru, and Juromaru have been constants in their lives. Goshinki was still serving as guard to Tsukiko, but now, he was watching over Rin, as well. He took great pride in his job and on many occasions, he could be found, underneath the pups, as they tickled him mercilessly.

Jaken, of course, was thrilled to be relieved of his pup duties, and would often give Goshinki a look that said 'better you than me.'

Often, she and Sesshomaru found themselves at the cemetery, standing at Keyana's grave. She didn't know it, but a couple of months after she left Japan with Hojo and he had taken Rin into his home, Sesshomaru had tracked down Keyana's grave, and when he discovered that Kagome had not had enough money for a proper headstone, he quickly paid for one, and put the words:

Keyana Higurashi-Taisho
Beloved pup of Sesshomaru and Kagome
Beloved sister to Tsukikomaru and Rin
May you sleep in the arms of angels,
until the day mommy and daddy can take over.

When she saw the headstone of an angel cradling a small pup, and read the words that Sesshomaru, himself, wrote, she cried. For him to do all of this, so long ago, stunned her, and she could not help but be comforted that her pup's father loved her, just as much as her mother did.

They made the trip to see their daughter at least three times a month, each time bringing fresh flowers with them. Even though she was gone from their lives, she held a permanent home within their hearts, and she would never be forgotten.

Everyone in her life seemed so happy now, and she was glad that she was a part of it. To know that she was loved, and loved someone in return made life that much sweeter, and it was thrilling to know that she would never be lonely again made her heart sing.

Kagome was yanked from her thoughts when the front door slammed and she quickly turned to see Sesshomaru walk into the living room, his briefcase in hand. Quirking her eyebrow up at him, she asked, "Is the great Sesshomaru Taisho actually playing hooky?"

The large youkai glared over at his tiny mate, but then allowed his shoulders to slump. When he finally looked up, he said, "Father took a vote with the board of directors, and I am being forced into a vacation. I've got five days to do nothing but stare at the walls."

Kagome smiled and walked over to her lover, her arms wrapping around his waist. "Oh, don't you worry." She said, winking up at him. "I think that I can find something for us to do. I promise, you won't be bored."

Peering down at her, Sesshomaru pondered her words, then gave a sharp nod of his head, indicating that he liked her idea. Once his briefcase was down, he looked over at Kagome, who was smiling at him, and he had no idea why.

"What has you so happy, mate?" He asked, genuinely curious. But, his curiosity grew wary when she began to walk towards him with a twinkle in her eyes, and Kaede quickly stood up and excused herself. Now he knew something was up. You couldn't tear Kaede away from the television when her talk shows were on.

Snuggling into his chest, Kagome grinned and casually said, "Oh, nothing. By the way, Jakotsu said that he could eat you up with a spoon, and that he knows that you love him."

Growling, Sesshomaru pulled back and asked, "And, when did you talk to that fool? Does he have a death wish?"

Laughing, Kagome shook her head and waved her hand in the air. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about Jakotsu, my love." She said, smirking. "He only said that after you called him a nuisance, on national television."

Sesshomaru's face froze. Wait, if Kagome knew what he called Jakotsu, then that meant that she had seen his taped message. The sissy-prissy was going to get his ass beat. He had told him not to air that tape.

However, all his anger melted away as Kagome snuggled even closer and whispered just what she thought of his taped interview. When she took his hand and began to lead him upstairs, he smirked and followed her lead, intent on beginning his vacation.

The living room was quiet for a couple of moments, but then Jakotsu's voice broke the silence.

"And now, we come to the part of the show, where I dish out some well thought out advice. People, be they youkai, hanyou, or human, are not perfect. We all make mistakes, and in one way or another, we pay for those mistakes. Many of those mistakes can be cleared up with open and honest communication. Just remember, if it isn't something nice to say about someone, then it isn't something to talk about.

Good bye, and hugs and kisses until next we meet."

The End