"We find the defendant guilty" the jurors voice echoed through his ears as he was lead away she sobbed into Tony's shoulder, holding on to him with all her might trying not to show how upset she was. His heart sank and all she could do is cry, for him, for her, for everything they were about to go through alone.


He woke suddenly in the tiny cell and stared at the ceiling above him, he sighed heavily as jumped down from the bed and looked at his cellmate. The one and only Johnny Cooper was lying sleeping on the bed below, it had been a shocked to say the least when he had found out. At first he thought that this was it, he was going to end up heading out a few years early in a coffin but then he realized that Johnny didn't want to kill him, he was going to make his life a living hell for killing or not killing Rocco. Either way Johnny was going to have his revenge on Summer Bay because the way he saw it was they took Rocco away from him and Ric was his easiest target.

He walked over to the dirty mirror to nurse his bruises he had received the day before when he saw Johnny standing behind him.

"Morning, pretty boy!" he boomed "Visiting day today, your girlfriend coming? What's her name? Ohhh, Rocco mentioned it so many times, the hot one" he said trying to agitate Ric "I got it, Mattie! Roc liked her, said she was one of the one who gave him a chance. Now with some one like that on the outside, you would want to protect them, you wouldn't want them to get hurt"

"You touch Mattie and I'll kill you!" Ric quickly turned round and pushed Johnny against the bed.

"Oh, now we're getting to see the real Dalby!" he shouted pushing Ric off "You better watch, with a temper like that she might end up getting…hurt" he whispered as the guards opened the door and he walked out.


Mattie sat quietly at the table playing with her food. Tony looked across the table at her and bit his lip.

"Mattie? Are you going to eat something?" he asked

"Ehhh…I need to go to Sal's. I said I'd go see Ric with her" she said quickly standing up from the table.

"Mattie?! Please eat something!" Tony said in distress

"I'll having something later!" she answered walking out


The metal door slammed behind them as they made their way out to the yard, Sally put her arm round Mattie's waist and smiled at her reassuringly. They were welcomed by the sunlight when the walked out of the door into the yard. She saw many men standing around idle, bored. One in particular stood out she smiled and began walking over to him. When she finally made it over to him he gave her a forced smile in return.

"Hey" he said touching her arm "How are you?"

"Good, what about you?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Hey Sal" he said quietly suddenly some one started wolf whistling at Matilda.

"Well, look who it is! Come on, give us a twirl!" Johnny shouted across the yard and began walking towards them " Wouldn't mind you visiting me, anytime"

"Leave her alone" Ric whispered biting his lip as Matilda began to get nervous.

"Oh come on, don't be like that. Roc used to say you were cool, what's wrong?" he asked walking past her and gently touching her waist.

"I said leave her alone!" Ric screamed ramming Johnny up against the mesh wiring and began punching him, the guards began pulling the two apart and Sally pulled Matilda away.

"You'll regret that Dalby!" Johnny shouted across the yard as Ric was pulled away.


Next time


Lucas and Cassie join forces to get Ric out of jail.

What does Johnny have planned?

Is Matilda putting herself in danger?