Matilda sat against the stone cold door while slowly picking at the scar on her arm. Her eyes were heavy and were slowly flickering open and closed, she didn't want to go to sleep, and she was scared to. Her head jerked quickly up when she heard someone near the door moving away from the door she heard the bolt unlock on the other side.

Looking up she saw him standing above her "Brought you some dinner" he smiled sitting on the bed.

"I'm not hungry"

"Oh come on, I got one of the boys to get it especially for you. It's a burger!" he smiled back enthusiastically unwrapping it, the sweet smell filled the room and Matilda quickly got up and moved towards him. "I like a girl who can eat!" getting up he walked across the room and lent against the wall.

"Roc thought you were great" he said looking at the ground "Matilda this…Matilda that! I think he had a crush on you; he used to always say how amazing you were after everything you went through! Always there for him to talk" he nearly shouted

"What do you mean what I went through?" she questioned naively

"With your ex? The one who drugged you, Callan!"

"How did Rocco know about that?"

"Ric told him…he told him a lot of things, didn't you know? The scars, bulimia, and your mum dying…what you went through with your dad" he listed

"I told Ric that in confidence!" she whispered

"Oh I never knew…" he answered bluntly "Anyways…Roc's dead now, no worries" he said coming close to her whispering in her ear; she could smell the smoke and the alcohol of off him and she almost choked…by the time she managed to catch her breath he was gone with a slam of the metal door.


Yabbie Creek police station was buzzing as many police officers came in and out on the search; Ash Nadar began to look very uneasily at the clock.

"He's late…" he hissed to himself

"Who is??" Lara asked

"Um….stationery delivery guy" he laughed "All my pen's have gone"

He sighed heavily and continued to stare at the clock, he saw the man he was waiting on and breathed a sigh of relief.

"How can I help you?" he asked

"I'm here to make a confession"


Ric was held at the back by his wrists as he was transported along the cold corridor towards the governor's office. He was shaking, the only news that he could get was bad news…they had found Mattie and she wasn't doing well. He took a deep breath as the guard opened the office door and pushed Ric inside.

"Have you heard any news?" Ric piped up "About Johnny?"

"You mean about your girlfriend?" the governor smiled back "Sorry mate, but we have got some good news. Someone came forward about the murder of Rocco Cooper, your names been cleared!"

"Excuse me?"

"Bloke said Johnny got him to do it…the guy must have some sort of conscience! You're free to go, your families waiting on you!" he answered happily, Ric smiled and began to leave.

"Dalby!" he shouted "They'll find her, apparently the guys at Yabbie Creek are going to get it out of the guy"

Ric nodded and made his way to freedom.


"I want to see him." Tony stated as he sat in the main reception to the police station with Ric, Sally, Jack and Alf, Ash nodded and directed him to the interview room "You have 5 minutes."

"Who the hell are you?" Jase said looking at Tony in confusion

"You're mate has my daughter…I want to know where she is"

"I told them I have no idea!" Jase shouted to which he received a firm push against the wall and a hand round his throat.

"Now you listen and you listen good. I'm not usually the violent type of guy, I like to talk things through rather than have a punch up but to be frank I'm done talking. I want to know where the hell my daughter is..."

"I told you I don't know" he answered breathlessly

" You will tell me where she is because if you don't and anything happens to her, and I mean that even one hair off of her head isn't in the right place or she has the slightest graze on her elbow, I will come back here and I won't be held responsible for my actions" Tony hissed through his teeth.

"She's…she's in an old…warehouse off Wallabies Way" Jase panted and fell to the floor once Tony had let him go and marched out the room, leaving Jase panting against the wall.

"You won't get there in time" he whispered smiling.