The convoy of police cars sped down the old abandoned road, Ric sat quietly in the back with Tony in Jack's squad car.

Jack quickly turned round "Listen both of you stay here! Do not come out of this car!" he nearly shouted to them like they were two year olds as the car quickly skidded to a stop.


Johnny swung open the door and stormed in to the small, dark room.

"Get up" he said, Matilda didn't move "Get the hell up!" she didn't move.

"What are you doing? Rocco wouldn't want this!" she said "We were trying to help him, we were trying to get him away from a life he didn't want, we were trying to protect him" she spat.

"From who?!" he shouted

"From you!" she screamed equally as loud. He slowly stepped back and pulled something from out of the back of his jeans, he pulled his hand back to reveal a gun. Matilda breathed heavily; this was it what he had been waiting for. She gulped as he brought the gun to the side and swung it across her face.

Her head swung to the side and she spat out the blood that had formed a pool in her mouth, holding her cheek in pain. He bent down beside her.

"Now, I get that at Daddy's palace you might always get what you want! But here, I make the rules, so you are going to stop being such a little bitch, get the hell up and put on a show for the lovely people! You got me?" he said, when a single tear ran down her face and she gave no answer he grasped her long hair roughly, she gasped in pain "You…got…me?!" he shouted in her ear prolonging the pain.

She cried, nodding slightly. He aggressively grabbed her arm and pushed her towards the door, through an almost reception like area and to a main door. He slowly pushed it open and the natural light that she hadn't seen for days began to hurt her eyes.


Jack placed his hand on his gun when he saw the front door of the warehouse swing open, he looked to Ric who he could tell wanted to move.

"Stay here! She's in more danger if he sees you"

"That's if she's not already gone." He gasped as he saw her come out the door her right arm behind her back, to which he realised, was being held by Johnny.

"She's okay" Tony whispered


Johnny stood in front of the squad cars, from which many police officer where pointing guns at him. He looked round when he saw a familiar face sitting in the back seat of one of the cop cars.

"There's your boyfriend" he whispered in her ear then he started shouting "Come on Ric! I thought you were a tough guy, I thought you could protect people!" he pestered; he smiled looking down at Matilda "So you wouldn't mind if I hurt her right?"

He began to push Matilda's arm down, she screamed as he held his grip letting her almost fall to the ground, quickly pulling her back up. He smiled at her painful screams, satisfied that he had successfully managed to dislocate her shoulder.

He knew that Ric wouldn't be able to cope with it, hearing her screams would make him come out of hiding. He watched the squad car, as the man in question came up out of the car.

"Hey Ricky Boy!" he shouted laughing, Matilda was sobbing and with one last gentle pull she was nearly on the ground in tears "Sorry about that, needed to get your attention" he watched as Ric walked towards them, a look of revenge on his face.

"Oh Ricky Boy! I wouldn't do that!" Johnny shouted pulling the gun from behind his back towards Matilda head.

"We wouldn't want things to get bloody" he whispered smiling.