Matilda let the warm shower water run down her back, she watched as the water that was running down the plug hole turn a light shade of pink, a wave of relief washed over her and she leant her forehead against the cold tiles.


"Johnny come on this is stupid!" Ric shouted frozen on the spot

"Oh really!" she heard the gun click; she exhaled loudly and let one single tear run down her cheek. He wouldn't do this, she wouldn't let him.

"I won't let you do this" she whispered gripping her teeth "Do you really think Rocco would want this? Why can't you just honour his memory instead of wanting revenge?"

"He died because of him and his happy little family" Johnny said back

"He died because of you! Because you wouldn't let him live the way he wanted to! He could have been anything he wanted; he was smart; he was an amazing person who would do anything for his friends! Why couldn't you have let him be him?"

"The gangs for life!" he hissed in her ear but she knew he was cracking.

"He was your brother, your baby brother! It's your fault he's gone, no one else's. Yours!" she felt his grip tighten around the gun "He's dead because of you!" she hissed.

Then the gun went off


She wrapped the fluffy red towel around her to cover her cold, shaking body. She slowly sunk to the floor and sat there.

Doing nothing.



His hand that had held her arm behind her back began to loosen its grip. She felt his body slide down her, almost in slow motion. She stood silently, shivering as she watched Ric run towards her and grab her. She wrapped her good arm around his neck and cried on his shoulder, he wrapped his muscular arms around her cold body and lifted her away from the scene that had just happened around her.

Her back she could feel was soaked in something, what…she did want to even start thinking about. She didn't know how long she was sobbing for but it felt like ages, he gently stroked her hair letting her know it was okay to cry.

She felt another hand touch her back and turned to see Tony. He clung onto her not wanting to let her go.

"Oh baby girl, you ever do something like this again I will lock you in your room" he cried, laughing slightly into her hair.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" she repeated


"Hey" she whispered wrapping the dressing gown around her tightly "Where Tony and Luc?"

"They went to get take out" he smiled and she nodded sitting down on the lounge, he knelt down in front of her so he was able to see her face. Her right cheek was bruised and cut, she had a few cuts on her arms and her chin was slightly grazed.

"I'm sorry. If I had known he would have done something like this I would've…."

"Would've what? Ric nobody knew he was do something this insane, but it doesn't matter. I'm okay, your okay…that's all that matters" she smiled sweetly

"You could've been killed. I could've lost you" he said almost silently a tear in his eye

"But I wasn't!"

"I love you" he whispered "You're the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing before I got to sleep. You're my life, my oxygen…you're my ecstasy!"

"Yeah I kind of like you too" she joked, they both laughed

"My new mission in life is to make you happy" he laughed

"Mission accomplished" she whispered kissing him passionately.


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