Chimera and the Tower

Chimera and the Tower

BG: Zelgadis's quest for a cure leads him to a tower where he finds more then he expected.

Zelgadis stood staring up at the incredibly tall tower and dreaded the stairs that would be inside. Lina rubbed her chin, frowning somewhat. "Xelloss! Are you sure there's any treasure in this place? It looks creepy!"

"Creepyness hasn't stopped you before, Lina," Zelgadis commented and she glared. He ignored her, simply walking toward the ornate double doors that lead into the tower. The doors looked to have once been wood, but were now so old they'd petrified with age and the frozen air of the snowy mountain top the tower sat upon.

Gourry and Amelia huddled together, shivering, "Xelloss! Are you SURE that there's a cure of Zelgadis here?!"

Xelloss smiled, lifting a finger, "Only one way to find out!" the Mysterious Priest said, disappearing.

Zelgadis heaved a sigh, muttering to himself, "This is probably another wild goose chase and whatever we find here will be useless or end up turning against us." He looked up once again at the immense height of the tower's stone walls. It was a simple thing really, a conical tower with a steep roof on the top. There were windows on some of the upper floors, though they were dark except where the sun caught the glass perfectly and reflected down upon the snow. Xelloss had regaled the group of a story of some strange book that resided in this tower, a book with spells so powerful they could possibly compete against Xelloss himself.

Zelgadis had to question what Xelloss's real motive was behind this. Perhaps he wanted the book himself but couldn't get in by himself? Zelgadis certainly could feel a magical force emanating from the doors. It was so strong he almost felt as if he were walking through water to approach the doors.

Lina frowned, "Hey Zel, do you feel....weird?"

Amelia gasped at Lina and started to say something but was interrupted by Zelgadis's reply, and Gourry simply gaped. Zelgadis nodded, "There's a magical barrier around this tower." Amelia and Gourry face-faulted. "Get your minds out of the gutter," Zelgadis said at the two.

Amelia blushed deeply, "I'm sorry, Mr. Zelgadis," she said.

"I can't help but wonder Xelloss's real motive behind this is..." Lina said, speaking Zelgadis's earlier thought. He simply nodded and placed his hands upon the door.

Know, those who enter, that thy soul be in great danger. Zelgadis removed his hands from the door and stared. He looked back at the others, then around the snowy slope. He came to the conclusion that none of them had heard it, for Lina was bashing Gourry's brains- what little he had- out and Amelia was attempting to get Lina to stop. The slope was empty of all other living creatures. The sheer walls of the tower gave no clue, neither did the few barren rocks of the small plateau atop the mountain. Off in the distance, clouds were rolling in, threatening a terrible snow storm for those left upon the rocky peak. The sun was nearing the horizon, casting shades of pink and amber across the snow that huddled in crevices where the wind did not blow it away.

Zelgadis turned again, placing his hands upon the door again, looking at it carefully. No further words of warning or wisdom came to him as he ran his hands over the stone. Carefully, he knocked, placing his ear against the door, listening for the echoes. Instead of echoes, the doors crept open when before they had been solidly shut.

"Wow Zel! What'd you do?!" Lina gushed.

"I- just knocked..." he replied, somewhat nervously. Amelia beamed.

"This place must KNOW that we have JUSTICE burning in our hearts and wishes to invite us in from the cold!" Amelia posed on top of Gourry- who was laying face first on the ground, Lina having given up on him.

Gourry spoke up, "Either that or its some Mazoku." Everyone sweatdropped.

"We'll just think about that when it happens," Lina said.

"'When' she says.. not IF..." Zelgadis muttered and stepped through the doors. Inside was a long hallway, it seemed long at any rate, the end was shrouded in the deepest shadows. The walls of the hallway were stone, just like the outside. Dark grey and unrevealing. Zelgadis felt somewhat nervous, the echoes of that strange warning still in his mind. "Lighting," Zelgadis spoke the word, holding up his hand, a ball of light forming in it. He walked forward a few steps.

"Where did Zelgadis go?!" Amelia gasped.

"What?" Lina spun around to look at the doors, her eyes wide. "H-he was just here!" She ran forward, "ZEL-" she called but her voice was cut off as her back disappeared into the darkness beyond the doors.

"Huh?!" Gourry was once again lost mentally. Amelia grabbed his arm, dragging him into the tower.

"They've disappeared! Mr. Gourry! We've got to find them!" Amelia was frightened, somehow they'd lost two of their members. Once inside the doors with Gourry, she looked over her shoulder, gasping as the doors slammed shut with a loud boom that echoed though out the halls. "We're trapped Mr. Gourry!" Amelia screamed, feeling frantic. She ran back over to the doors, trying to pry them open with her fingers. She turned to tell Gourry to help her but found herself alone. "Mr. Gourry? Mr. Zelgadis? Ms. Lina? Is anyone there? Somebody? Help me!!" Amelia sank to her knees, crying.